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21 Teenage Sounds
22 Love and Affection V 2 Comments
23 Still Young

Its in their new album, Picture Show. And it's one of their best songs. So is the rest of the album.

24 Moving in the Dark

This song is unbelievably underrated! Check it out!

25 Love In the 21st Century
26 Trust
27 The Death of You and Me
28 Some Kind of Monster

This is one of Neon Trees greatest songs. If you are a fan of them, or at least like everybody talks then you should check it out. You will not be disappointed. It is kin of dissapointing that this song is on the iron man 3 soundtrack. They should have made it a single from their next album. It's that good

The very best and very catchiest

29 Teenager In Love

Definitely one of their best songs

V 1 Comment
30 Girls and Boys in School

It is so brilliant and dark

31 Voices In the Halls

A beautiful and heartbreaking song... My favorite!

32 American Zero
33 Unavoidable
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2. Everybody Talks
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