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21 Jindabaad Jindabaad

Jindabaad Rocks! I have seen them live and believe me they are EPIC. Rewind is the rock anthem of Nepal.

I mean seriously 17th? Jindabaad is undoubtedly much better then so many of them above. Maybe we don't have proper audiences. Pity!

Jindabaad deserve better than 26.

Best out of new ones. Young and experimental.

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22 Serpent Gaze

The best thing about this band is brutal vocals and lyrics.

Shrijan Bhai ko vocal variation is very brutal and awesome.
Lyrics is also very good the first original of this band Gates to Graveyard is amazing
Pure Old School Death Metal

Great Band with great taste of old school death metal

Best old school death metal band of Nepal

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23 Next U$

Sanish Kayastha, Tenish Shrestha, Khusiman Gurung, Boby G.c & Rupesh Goshali Together They Are Next U$. This Is A Small Band From Pokhara, NEPAL.

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You should listen the songs of gxsoul

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25 Ughrakarma

Godfathers od Metal in Nepal!

26 Yama Buddha

You are the top bro.

Poser rapper of Nepali hip hop. No good lyrics no good music

You r my hero

Yama Buddha is the best

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27 X Mantra
28 Atharva

Atharva is one of the best rock bend...

Best band in history of Nepali music

Wow sipahi by atharva band its very nice songs id like to. Hope you'd like to please don't forget to listen this songs...

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29 Mt. 8848

Why are they on this low position. Deserve much higher position

Keeping other bands forward than mt8848 is just like 2 consider stars 2 be brighter than sun... The top n rocking band of nepal-MT8848

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30 Karma Band

Karma at 28? Kidding me? They should be at least in top 5.

Haahaaa karma on 30. Karma band is also the great and best band. Karma should be on top5.

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31 Normal Acadamic

One of the greatest punk band.

32 Axis
33 Underside

One of the best live band of Nepal!

Best metal band from Nepal till date!

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34 The Unity

Unity is the number 1 band of all time

35 Chronic V 4 Comments
36 Dibya Subba N the Blue Acidz
37 Monkey Temple

I LOVE MONKEY TEMPLE! You guys rock!

Nepali Pearl Jam! Nepali Eddie Vedder!

I love it you guys are really awesome..

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38 Full Circle

Don't they deserve better position?
I bet you guys have listened their songs!

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39 The Seasons

One of the best band of Nepal... I am looking for the old album"S songs of this band...

40 Equals
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