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21 Barricade RV-10

The fact that I have to completely release the trigger makes this gun extremely annoying to fire.

It has a ten bullets in its chamber, is portable and has a quick rate of fire. However, it can take a while to reload and fixing jams is horrible. In addition, it makes quite a bit of noise, but that can be easily fixed with a basic deadspace filling mod.

Jams a ton and bad range and not accurate at all

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22 Vortex Praxis

One of my favorites: lightweight, moderate capacity, reliable and good-looking. This is my main arm with a 20 disk mag.

Love this gun when I use it I can get extremely accurate and precise shots from 20 feet but if I had a scope I bet it would be even better

It is AWESOME Better then any other guns! Ex. Mega Centurion

It's easy to carry and once again it is just pain AWESOME!

This gun is AMAZING for confined spaces as you get ricochet

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23 Nerf Longstrike CS-6 (Whiteout Edition) V 2 Comments
24 N-Strike Elite Stockade Blaster

What does this do? Mows down enemies in five seconds. Sure it takes long to reload. But if I have a choice between a heavy Vulcan and a Stockade, I would choose the Stockade.

Awesome gun. Semi automatic battery powered 10 bullets

Might I note the Vulcan has more ammo AND Has a kickstand. That makes The stockade the bad batch of the two.

I must agree with the last commenter. I would take this over the Vulcan for sure.

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25 Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire
26 N-Strike Secret Strike

Time to agree it messes up if you try to make it shoot farther

Worst gun ever it old and mae to be a keychain but nerf made it a gun, a BAD one

Bleagh, secret strike? What kind of name is that? It doesn't even shoot well.

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27 Nerf Recon CS-6

I have the cs6 and it has been a great gun for boys and girls, it is yet an older model at the turn of the decade but it is definitely not the best.

28 Nerf Raider CS-35

I am in love with this gun much much much much much much better then the rampage it shoots 35 darts but a lot of darts means a lot of reloading overall I would give 9/10

29 Nerf Vulcan CS-25

It has helped beat raider stampede

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30 N-Strike Recon CS-6 Dart Blaster

Lots of issues about it and people complaining for it jamming, but it looks amazing and who cares about the sight it is not supposed to be perfect is a damn toy gun! Still it is pretty versatile and you have to find the right way to use it!

I think it's the best. it can work for all missions. you just have to take care of the darts so it wont jam

Its a good gun in hands of an good player

31 N-Strike Nite Finder EX-3

It"s super powerful, the light is really sweet, and yet it is super small. It looks great too. It's got a holder for two more bullets, and if not the best, it's the best pistol style nerf out there. You can even dual wield it by tying two gun's plunger tubes together.

Super easy to mod and shoots farther than most other modded guns! Great in a pinch, and you can carry two and go all Duke Nukem on your opponents.

So little yet so powerful an epic gun!

They might look weak, but they HURT. I shot my little brother with one and he keeled over and started crying.

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32 Demolisher 2 in 1

I like the gun the rocket in the gun is so fun to use the problem with the gun is that it jammed 99.9999999% of the time and it is annoying when it jammed overall it is a good gun

From Ronan Burgess

Beast of a Blaster. Ramp up the voltage. Remove the missile launcher for the most comfortable blaster ever.

I relay like its rocket, and its semi-automatic firing, great gun!

By far my favorite gun. Duct tape 2 18 dart mags together or get the n strike flip clip thing and go to town. Jams a bit too often though.

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33 Nerf Maverick CS-6

Decent gun doesn't cost much and easy to modify its alright

The worst nerf gun rarely gets good ranges and it only has 6 bullets in the chamber

It is cheap, it's a classic, and I overall love it.

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34 N-Strike Elite Firestrike

It may be a cheap gun but goes really fast

Nice bright light shoots 75 feet sometimes farther, jams rarely not heavy very very accurate cheap holds two extra bullets P.S. better than triad.

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35 Maverick CS-8

Uh, its REV-6, not CS-8. CS-8 doesn't even exist, so get your facts right.

This gun never jams. It is a very trusty side arm in a Nerf battle.

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36 Nerf Firefly CS-8

It's a really great rapid fire gun. It may jam a lot, but it makes up for that with it's ability to be so quickly reloaded.

The jamming is always a concern. Otherwise, a excellent primary and can fire up to 48 feet.

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37 Nerf Cam ECS-12

Stick a 35 dart drum on, two 3.7 volt rechargeable batteries in with two normal rechargeable batteries and you have a 45 metre range at 6/8 darts per second in semi auto mode, a true beast of a blaster with a camera... Take my word for it as I own 300 blasters in the Mega Blaster Arena, Kent

I have it and I shot through a tiny hole with it (you may think that is lame.). The accuracy is extreme and the power is awesome. it also has good rapid fire and does not jam too easily. FYI that the gun can hold up to 12 darts, and could possibly have a bit slow reload time. But it is still elite and powerful. It could take down almost any other nerf gun plus you don't need a good aim with this awesome gun.

This is an amazing blaster. Just stick a 35 dart drum in it and have a long lasting Nerf war you can film!

I like Its good for snipping and stuff yeah I had a great nerf fight it won the nerf cam ECS-12

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38 Nerf Rival Apollo

Accurate and powerful. Should be at the top of the list

It shoots the hardest of any blaster.

Should be ranked all the way at one


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39 Elite Alpha Trooper

When I opened he box up, it blew my mind. It has a very nice paint job and a very consistent 55 feet flat.

The sad thing is that they almost stop selling it

Awesome blaster

40 Mega Centurion

This gun is amazing the bullets are huge a regular bullet can fit in these bullets

Totally epic! Has an awesome range. It's huge and looks like a garret 50cal.

This gun is awesome. It would be higher on the list if people actually still voted but no one does. It can shoot up to 100 ft as advertised. This will always be the best nerf gun EVER!

Awesome gun its accuracy is perfect!

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