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41 N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire

By far the best 50 dart capacity, semi auto, double barrels make it the boss!

It just needs batteries but other than that I think it should be #1

i just got it it is awesome!

Jams a lot and has a slow fire rate hard to move around

50 darts monster

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42 Zombie Strike Sling Fire

The priming is a lot easier and much more comfortable then most other manual guns, and the fact it is a clip system weapon only makes it better for me and my plethora of 12 dart mags just lying about.

This thing hurts like heck and is amazing, I love the shell reload.

Best gun ever shoots like a beast! Super supper fun!

The best

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43 Nerf Triad EX-3

I got two of these as my very first Nerf guns...won 5 Nerf wars and got exactly 24 shots on people, IN MY FIRST MONTH HAVING THEM. I have them still, just I don't use them very much anymore.

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44 Nerf Stampede ECS-50

Good but I like demolisher better

45 Triad EX-3

Much better than the jolt in my humble opinion because it can hold 3 darts and jolt only 1

I have two. They never let me down. Also, it's impossible to jam!

Easy to carry and conceal

Love it it my favorite!

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46 Nerf N-Strike Raven V 2 Comments
47 Magstrike AS-20

One of the best nerf guns, shorts very fast and has ridiculous spread. The only negative to this amazing gun is that it is inaccurate. I would recommend it to someone who wants a fast firing nerf gun.

One of the best. Helps me win many of the battle I face. The only ba thing is that you have to pump it, this takes up a lot of time.

I have thirty-seven Nerf guns and I have one of these...I always use it in only one game: King of the Hill.

Great gun nerf has ever made

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48 Nerf Spectre Rev-5

Great looking stealth blaster with recon like accessories and good range and amazing accuracy

49 Dart Tag Sharp Shot

It can fire up to 102 feet and also has an light body it's awesome!

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50 Nerf N-Strike Mega Mastodon

Best gun ever, shoots so far

Shoots 24 darts and is the best option you will choose between a rhinofire and this

51 N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18

The alpha trooper is a great great great gun to buy. Why? Well its easy to say why its a great gun.

Firstly, its a clip fed gun. Which is great for you to buy when you need more clips as they are easy to be found.

Secondly, it comes with a 18 drum clip which is epic. Its great for you to get into small spaces when in battles dyue to its smaller length.

These are the great reasons I think the alpha trooper is so great and did I also mention it james like never it also has slam fire just like the raider and rampage.

P.S. I think it should be number 9 not number 10, that's my opinion

The alpha Trooper is AMAZING! It is not very accurate but fires very fast and NEVER JAMS! I just needed a few attatchments from the recon and I felt like I could take on the whole world.

This gun has slam fire and never jams for me.

A good gun too bad they don't sell it anymore

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52 Rayven CS-18

- A bull-pup style gun giving it aesthetic beauty
- Semi-automatic flywheel system giving it one of the best firing rates
- Quite compact and can easily be used as a secondary or primary
- Great range and simple to modify
- Can be customized with some accessories such as the retaliator barrel extension
- Holds 18 rounds in the clip that it comes with
- Highly durable with no jams
Overall this gun has the greatest versatility with highest of all performances.

Doesn't jam! Great for night battles! When the darts glow, it's easier to find your darts in the dark

The Rayven has always been good to me. It can shoot fast if you don't pull the trigger to quick, it has a nice clip size, is small an very compact, and it looks beast. His is a great gun and on my top 10.

It is a good gun. In a nerf you can use it as an assault rifle but with a few modifications you can use it as a sniper rifle.

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53 Nerf Modulus

This should be at least top five because of its expand ability you can do almost anything it's just over all epic

Its known for how many attachments it have. Though the stock sucks (like the recon)

Just buy the raider and modulus so you can switch loads and the modulus has great accuracy so move to #4

Much quieter than the Stryfe, and comes with more attachments. It is so comfortable, It has a carry handle, it has everything someone needs in a blaster. Adults could hold this comfortably, and so could children 6 and up.

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54 N-Strike Elite Mega Magnus Blaster

Has everything the centurion has but jams a lot less and is more portable

I got my brother this it looks cool but it jams too much

It has an inner mag and uses mega darts

One of the best guns in the world.

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55 N-Strike Barrel Break Blaster

It really resembles a shotgun, design, reloading. The resemblance made it cool. In my experience, it never jams. We even can shoot two bullets at the same time! I really love the reloading part. And it has a rail too.

Even if your'e good at reloading this thing it takes to long to shoot two darts

56 N-Strike Firefly REV-8

Great gun. I have one and I use it Nerf battles about 3.9174% Of the time. In hunger Games I always go right for this and a strong arm. by the way we do Hunger Games match every month with my thirty-seven Nerf guns.

Crazy awesome gun that has glow in the dark darts.

A true classic, Reccomend for those who want an improved maveric

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57 Side Strike
58 Swarmfire

It never jams and has good range up to 50 feet

The swarmfires rate of fire makes it crush in a nerf war. The weight isn't that bad. All around in my opinion this is the coolest machine gun nerd has made

59 Nerf Tommy-20 V 2 Comments
60 Nerf N-Strike Modulus

Love it best nerf gun want one with all attachments

Yeah, Its to big for a 8 or 9 How about 11,12, or 13

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