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21 I Just Laugh I Just Laugh
22 What Is Love? What Is Love?

This song is very cool I think that it sort of describes my life and the things I'm going through thanks man for helping me out

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23 Losing It Losing It

True story about Christofer Drew losing his virginity to a girl who didn't actually love him. Great song. - Ames8329

How is this such at a low rating! This song is so sweet and cute with a catchy tune and I can never stop listening to it! OHMYGOD

24 Time Travel Time Travel
25 Hummingbird Hummingbird

I cannot believe this amazing song was not even added already. Its the sweetest, truthful song that I've heard. The guy I like told me to listen to it because its exactly how he felt. I loved it. - Ames8329

Are you serious? This song the reason why I started listening to NeverShoutNever! The lyrics and vocals are amazing! This song deserves to be higher up on the list!

I can listen to this forever. It's absolute perfection. Boys, wanna make the girl swoon? Tell her to listen to a couple of Chris' songs. You're welcome.

I can't believe I had to scroll this far down to find this song, it deserves to be in the top 3! This is definitely the cutest song ever

26 Jane Doe Jane Doe

Second best to Trouble. Catchy and cute... Should be pushed up from 11 to 10. Love it been listening to Christofer Drew all day my seven favorite songs on shuffle but this one rocks

Vocals in it are completely amazing. He is truly talented. This song make me smile.

27 The Past The Past

Its based on his life at home before he left. It made me cry when I first heard it. You can hear the emotion in his voice. Truly excellent. - Ames8329

It's so sad. I cry my eyes out whenever I hear it TT. TT. His voice is great at provoking emotions

28 Robot Robot

This song is way too good to be this far down.

29 Damn This S*** Getz Old

This song is absolutely amazing. I listen to it on repeat all the time because I love it so much! It's also been my alarm for the past two months. If you haven't heard it yet, go look it up!

This songs just really describes me.
I really think about the world and why it is the way it is. I think this one of my favorites by them!

30 Lovesick Lovesick

The lyrics are extremely relatable for anyone going through a break up. Plus, it has a really catchy tune that hooks you as soon as the song begins.

ARE YOU SERIOUS!? I love this song! It's awesome, It's really catchy and just I dunno makes you wanna sing along and do awesome ballerina spins.

31 California California


32 Fifteen Fifteen
33 Sellout V 1 Comment
34 Love Is Our Weapon Love Is Our Weapon
35 Sacrilegious Sacrilegious
36 Trampoline Trampoline

This is my favorite song by NeverShoutNever. It's so sweet and innocent and it makes me wish I had this in my life

37 Over the Years
38 Red Balloon Red Balloon
39 Did It Hurt?
40 New Sound New Sound
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