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1 Tasmania

The only state that does'nt have a team - dragon13304

Complete no brainer. 5 home games a year in Hobart, 5 in Launceston and 1 in China vs Port Adelaide (I'm a Port supporter and there are great benefits for the other participating team) in order to get some extra money. I've never been to Tassie but it is obvious they love their footy and it would really be something for them to do - jaspyboy

2 Darwin

Have a Darwin/Central Australia combined team - jaspyboy

3 New Zealand

Play games there again. Maybe one day we could have a New Zealand team - jaspyboy

Maybe we can expand to New Zealand like the NRL - dragon13304

4 Perth
5 Hobart
6 Central Australia

Maybe an aboriginal team will be a good idea - dragon13304

7 Newcastle
8 Canberra

Its our capitol, why shouldn't it have a team? - dragon13304

9 Northern Territory
10 Illawarra

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11 South Australia
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