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1 Better with the Lights Off

New Boyz with the combination of Chris Brown is just perfect! They are great future stars and Chris Brown is always great. The song is very calm and the beat and vocals are easy to listen too. GO NEW BOYZ BECOME STARS!

I liked new boyz than chris brown man!

New Boyz are the best In the world

Where's the "none" option? - RalphBob

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2 Backseat

It's the first song that I heard from them and its awesome. Catchy and fun and the chorus is pretty cool.

This song made me like New Boyz.. I love their flow

First song I ever heard from them

The beat is jammin'! - codyisland

3 I Like It Like That

The New Boyz part was terrible, but Hot Chelle Rae in it was awesome. Totally their best son g

Only voting for this because of Hot Chelle Rae! I love New Boyz but their part wasnt the best. The song however is amazing and that's why I'm voting for it. Better With The Lights Off is New Boyz's best performance.

4 Tie Me Down
5 You're a Jerk

I love this song I love the new boyz were is the new songs! Laugh out loud

6 Break My Bank

This song is awesome I love it it's so catchy

This soing is awesome I love it's so catchy

7 Crush on You
8 Tough Kids
9 I Don't Care

Can rave to this love it!

10 Cricketz

This song is d coolest I've herd them sing

Out of the songs on this list this is he best but where "colors" or "dot com" those definaetly need to make their way on to this list

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11 Tonight Tonight
12 FM$
13 Meet My Mom
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