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41 Prophecy
42 The Law
43 SSS
44 Lost Society Lost Society Lost Society is a thrash metal band from Finland, formed in 2010. Lost Society released their debut album in 2013 when band members were teens aged 17, 18, 19, 19 .

I have never, ever written a comment for anything on this website, but I felt I had to for this band. They are the best. I listened to their most recent album after seeing them on this list and was blown away. These guys kick more ass than Havok, Warbringer, and Evile combined. More than any other band on this list that I've heard, these guys remind me of the big four. Except they kick more ass than the big four have in the 21st century. Their newest album (Braindead), the only one I've listened to, is apparently a little slower and more deliberate than their other two. And it kicks SERIOUS ASS. Some of the songs remind me of Slayer, some remind me of Death Angel, and some remind me a little of Morbid Angel. And this guy can actually sing! Listen to the first two songs on Braindead. I am the Antidote is a heavier song, where the dude demonstrates he's absolute kickass growl, and his amazing singing voice, both in the same song. The next one, Riot, was my favorite song as soon as I ...more - fishplay

Listen to thrash all over you and terror hungry

My fave song is "Kill (Those who oppose me)" - it's insanely fast, one of the fastest thrash songs, if not the fastest! Very cool video, too.
"Thrash All Over You" is also remarkable. - Metal_Treasure

All their albums are amazing

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45 Blackened

Brazilian underground thrash band. Listen to their first EP, caled "Underground Attack"

46 Crucified Mortals
47 4ARM

Australian thrash masters with the influence of legendary thrash masters like Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer. Not only that, but also have their own unique, modern thrash style as well. Fantastic guitarist, vocalist and drummer especially. Everyone needs some sort of a break but it seems as if their drummer never gets tired from his massive speed and technicality! These guys need more support. They surely deserve it.

48 Possessor
49 Mutiny Within

Check out their debut, plus the iTunes-only follow-up 'Synchronicity' before you remove my post.

50 In Malice's Wake
51 Austrian Death Machine
52 Destroyer 666 Destroyer 666 Deströyer 666 is a blackened thrash/death metal band formed in 1994 by guitarist K. K. Warslut. The group originated in Melbourne, Australia and by 2001 had relocated to Europe.
53 Strike Master
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