Best New Zealand Metal Singers


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1 Fabio Santos - Darklight Corporation

Go you little pinto... Love your work...

Catch up soon one day aye... Mark

This guy ROCK"S so hope my he gets #1

this rocks at singing metal! go fabio

He can really sing, aswell as scream!

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2 Slim - Tainted

Slim is true metal power, his roars go through you like a bomb's exploded outside, and his head-banging is insane! Every live performance he has the energy of a million energizer bunnies, amazing live talent.

He does his role onstage like a pro.
Involves the crowd, the band, everyone like one big, happy family.
That's what the brotherhood of metal is all about.

ALL HAIL! m/ O.o m/

Works the crowd like no one else... Loves to get right in amongst it.

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3 Mark Kelly - Fractured

Really awesome guy thats a bloody brutaly wicked vocalist who should be the winner!

The best metal front man in the country! watch that mad man get a pit going!

4 Riccardo Ball - Just One Fix

He's gotten better & better, mixes it up well between deathy & clean vocals.

5 Matt Sheppard - Sinate

Its definitely a toss up between Slimski, an Matt, I Pik Mat cause he's a super genuine non narcissistic caring Person. An Awesome creative Brutal Musician

6 Sean O'kane - In Dread Response

One of the most unique vocalists dominating the New Zealand heavy metal sence. Not only can he do an outstanding job fronting In Dread Response, but his lyrics have heavilly evoked emotions within the bands loyal fan base and possibly inspired others to write more intelligent and insightful lyrics.

Most insightful lyrics in Metal hands down.

7 Paul Kelland - Ulcerate
8 Andre - Upraw

Can sing, death growl, scream.. anything you want! Not a one tone man like others

9 Paul Martin - World War Four
10 James Robinson - Legacy of Disorder

Have had the pleasure of playing a couple of shows with the guys, a top bloke with a voice to match

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11 Justin "Jackhammer" Niessen - 8 Foot Sativa

The best metal singer in nz

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