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1 Vince Lombardi

It isn't called the Lombardi trophy for nothing.

He was a great coach. He really new how to get his players to play at their best. He did not settle for anything other than putting out your best effort all the time - practice, games and every day of your life, he did not want his players to settle for mediocrity.

He has a trophy named after him he of course is the best

He must be the best if the trophy named after him! 😀

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2 Bill Belichick Bill Belichick William Stephen Belichick is an American football coach and the long-time head coach of the New England Patriots of the National Football League.

I hate the patriots, but he can coach

Lombardi Trophy is called like that because Belichick was still not there, otherwise the name would be different

Made tom brady look like the best qb all time, no question a great coach

May need to rename the Super Bowl Trophy, but Bill wouldn't want that.

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3 Bill Walsh

Lombardi won in a very depleted league. Walsh won in a better league and changed the game. There are no lasting legacies from Lombardi other than winning. (Remember his most lasting legacy was "blocking and tackling." Walsh was first to script plays, constructed the west coast offense, first to pay attention to managing the salary cap, first to draft on offense, defense and special teams, and was better than most in drafting and managing a roster. Lombardi had no legacy coaches. Walsh had Seifert (2 rings) Shanahan (2 rings), Holmgren (1 ring), Green, Gruden (1 ring), Billick (1 ring), and Reid. Ten rings! No other coach in NFL history has changed and influenced the game the way Walsh did. The best textbook on football (Finding the Winning Edge) was written by Walsh.

He changed the game completely

Around 1980 He changed the game, along with Montana put San Francisco on the "map."

He invented the west coast with the browns - Danmarino4

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4 Don Shula

How is Don Shula no number one he coached the only team that went undefeated

He coached the only perfect team to win it all including the super bowl in nfl history something the patriots couldn't do with tom brady throwing 50 tds and randy moss having 23 tds

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5 Mike Shanahan

Broncos never should have fired him.

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6 Tony Dungy Tony Dungy Anthony Kevin "Tony" Dungy is a former professional American football player and coach in the National Football League. V 1 Comment
7 John Madden

Really? Second most winning coach in NFL History and Super Bowl champion coach and he's not even in the Top 3! Vote for this legend!

Madden nfl isn't named after him for nothing

He should be no. 1

Best O All time, as my man said, Madden isn't named after him fo nuttin.

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8 Tom Landry

Not only did he go to 5 super bowls and win 2, but he was within a touchdown or field goal of several other nfc championships. Also, the super bowls he lost were by less than a touchdown, and each included a controversial play that was the difference in the game.

9 Bill Parcells

Great coach but never won a ring without a Belichick coached defense.

10 Chuck Noll

Only NFL Head Coach to own four Super Bowl Rings, drafted the greatest class ever in 1974, only coach to win 4 Super Bowls in 6 years! Should be #1,

He is the Phil Jackson of the NFL.

Noll is not higher cause he coached the greatest team ever, so it had to e easy. In the NFL, coaching is also managing egos. Can you imagine managing 8 hall of famers? Not so easy!

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? Mike Tomlin Mike Tomlin

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11 Joe Gibbs

3 Super Bowls 3 quarterbacks

12 Jimmy Johnson

Jimmy built thar super cowboys team from scratch. Predicted a win over a super strong 49ers team publicly for nfc championship game. Ballsy move and took no bologna from players..

13 George Halas George Halas

Halas has to be put in the top 10 you guys don't know what your voting for, plus he made the NFL happen.

Not only a grate coach.. The NFL would not have been.

He helped found the nfl, and he retired as the all time winningest coach in NFL history! At least top 5

14 Andy Reid Andy Reid

Best coach ever because what he did with the Chiefs. Good job Reid - schulm13

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15 Tom Coughlin

He led the giants to two Super Bowls and not only did he win he beat the patriots BOTH times - PatGreene12

16 Paul Brown

Just ask belichick who is the best coach of all time

Just ask Belichick who the best coach of all time is

17 John Gruden

Really? How did this idiot ever get a coaching job. How did he make it in the top 50?


18 Sean Payton
19 Bud Grant

He may not be the best but he's still better then Sean Payton most other coachs

20 Steve Mariucci
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1. Vince Lombardi
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