Top Ten Best Cornerbacks in NFL History

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41 Jason Verrett V 1 Comment
42 Desmond Trufant Desmond Trufant Desmond Trufant is an American football cornerback for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League. V 2 Comments
43 Stephon Gilmore V 1 Comment
44 Sam Madison

Sam Madison was a beast 1997-2005 for the Dolphins 2006-2008 with the Giants he could catch he could tackle he could run he could really do it all he is an underdog in the footsteps of great players as in night train lane and Deion sanders and mostly LT

45 Aaron Glenn
46 Brent Grimes Brent Grimes Brent Omar Grimes is an American football cornerback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League.

Best coverage corner to me right now

Jonathan Joseph got in front of grimes what?

V 2 Comments
47 Leon Hall

So underrated during his prime

V 1 Comment
48 Orlando Scandrick

Bro I'm dieting here seeing these guys on the list this guy couldn't even get an elite card on madden don't get me wrong though ima cowboys fan

Who put this guy on here what a joke I'm weak

49 Ike Taylor

Ike Taylor never really puts up great stats but the reason he is number 10 is because he's clutch and a great teammate. He is probably one of the biggest reasons Pittsburgh made the super bowl in 2010. Great CB.

Go Steelers!

50 Chris Hope
51 Johnathan Joseph Johnathan Joseph Johnathan Lee Joseph is an American football cornerback for the Houston Texans of the National Football League.
52 Tracy Porter Tracy Porter Tracy O'Neil Porter is an American football cornerback for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League.
53 Prince Amukamara Prince Amukamara Prince Kelechi Amukamara is an American football cornerback for the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League.
54 Corey Webster
55 Patrick Surtain
56 Bryant Westbrook
57 Skip Thomas

I know just because he played for the Raiders he should not be up there

58 Larry Wilson

Wilson defined the cornerback position and was one of the toughest players ever. He once played a game with casts on two broken wrists.

59 Lito Sheppard

Not even close to the best but at least the best for Philadelphia. Their defense was lethal in their 2nd Superbowl year and was their best CB.When he's got a pick you better hope you are fast enough and tough enough to bring him down because he'll put 6 on the board getting at least 1 TD and at most 3 TD's a year in philidelphia

You said he got 3 touchdowns a year that means he didn't get that much picks

60 Eric Davis V 1 Comment
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