Top Ten Best NFL Head Coaches

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21 Dick Vermeil
22 Mike Shanahan
23 Andy Reid Andy Reid

Yes he has been a good coach of the chiefs, but come on he will always be remembered for the BIRDS! - RPD6478

Ever since Andy Reid went to the Chiefs he has been the best coach in the world.

24 Hank Stram
25 Marty Schottenheimer

Should be in the top 10. Has won everywhere he went. Fired after 1 14-2 season. Byner fumbled on the goal line in Championship game. Won lost record was outstanding.

26 Tony Dungy Tony Dungy Anthony Kevin "Tony" Dungy is a former professional American football player and coach in the National Football League.
27 Bill Cowher
28 Paul Brown

How is he this low he should be in the top 5 or even top 3, I mean #17! Come on! He has a regular season record of 213-104 (.672%) and he won 3 NFL championships! He dominated with the Browns in the 50s and 60s. If guys actually knew anything about nfl coaches you wouldn't have voted him at #17

Number 21 are you kidding me drop the 2 and there is your answer

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29 Bum Phillips
30 Marv Levy

Definitely should be in the top 10. Th bills were awful. 2-14 awful before he took over the team. Even though I know he didn't win, he still got there 4 times, consecutively no less. He deserves honorable mention. He was also a great communicator and made sure his players played their best. He deserves to be mentioned.

He is the only coach in history to go to 4 straight super Bowls, he had many wins and the only reason he doesn't have a ring on his finger is "Wide Right" - shabookie

31 Mike Holmgren
32 Earl Lambeau
33 Bud Grant

What is Grant doing here? He is better than 75% of who is currently ahead of him.

Took the Vikings to 4 superbowls and made a legendary defense called the purple people eaters

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34 Tom Flores
35 George Allen
36 Jay Gruden
37 Jon Gruden

He led the BUCCANEERS to a Super Bowl victory

38 Weeb Ewbank
39 Gary Kubiak Gary Kubiak
40 Ron Rivera Ron Rivera
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