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41 Bobby Wagner Bobby Wagner Bobby Joseph Wagner is an American football linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League.

He is so good at both pass and run stoping

One of the best MLBs of all time.
He is the best defensive captain you could ask for

42 Paul Posluszny Paul Posluszny Paul Michael Posluszny is an American football middle linebacker for the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League.

My Idol, my cousin in law. I'll never stop believing in him.

43 Dave Robinson

When I don't see his name included something's wrong

44 Sam Mills

Was heart and soul in Carolina and has created the famous saying in Carolina keep pounding and is the only player who has a statue in Carolina's hall of honer

Sam Played on Some struggling NewOrleans Saints Teams early. But look at the old films and watch, then learn why he may be a easy top 10 Linebacker.

45 Landon Johnson
46 K.J. Wright
47 Dannell Ellerbe
48 Willie McGinest
49 Zach Thomas

Awesome all around player only 5'10 like London flecther

50 Lance Briggs Lance Briggs

He's a hall of famer

51 Kevin Greene Kevin Greene Kevin Darwin Greene is a former American football linebacker who played in the National Football League for 15 years.

Kevin Greene should be way higher he was unstoppable he is in the hall of fame

Kevin green was a great complement to Greg Lloyd together they were unstoppable...should have a superbowl if not for O'Donnell's dum ass interceptions...

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52 Reggie White Reggie White

He's not a linebacker he's like the best defensive end

He great but he the best defensive end

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