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1 Jaxson De Ville - Jacksonville Jaguars

That mascot looks weird I say he needs some better color

Best mascot ever, but he does need a bath!

This cats color is not right change his color to jaxsonville's green.

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2 Poe - Baltimore Ravens

Close up poes lower lip and give him a more intimidating look

3 Miles - Denver Broncos

Miles should have a shorter lower lip

4 Blitz - Seattle Seahawks

I don't like blitz I love blitz way better than the mascot that has a terrible name gumbo.

5 Sir Purr - Carolina Panthers
6 Gumbo - New Orleans Saints

Gumbo is a mascot that I say thumbs down

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7 Captain Fear - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
8 K.C. Wolf - Kansas City Chiefs

The chiefs should replace K. C with a native American mascot

They should have a native American mascot

9 T.D. - Miami Dolphins

Miami should change their mascots name

Miami should change their mascot name

10 Roary the Lion - Detroit Lions

Roary should have a more intimidating look.

Roary should have a more intimidating look

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11 Steely Mcbeam - Pittsburgh Steelers
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