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21 49ers vs. Rams

Man, I hate the Rams so much. This rivalry has been cold as of late, but especially since the Rams are back in California, I think it may pick up some steam.

This is one of those forever rivalries that has no end.

It's northern vs southern California (ala Dodgers/Giants). This rivalry certainly lost steam when the Rams moved to St. Louis. But now that they're back in LA, it should be back on.

22 Steelers vs. Bengals

It isn't the oldest of rivalries but it's grown increasingly bitter since the 2005 wild card round in which former Bengals QB Carson Palmer tore his ACL leading to a Bengals loss. The Bengals and Steelers have never had much love for each other but with the events of the 2015 season in which there were altercations all throughout the 2nd regular season game and then the complete brutality that was the wild card playoff game resulting in numerous key injuries, personal foul calls, fines, and a suspension this rivalry has been pushed into greater prominence. It's not a traditional rivalry but there's plenty of bad blood to go around.

I broke up with a girl once because I found out she rooted for the Steelers. Never will I be associated with them. This rivalry is the most bitter in recent times, and deserves to be higher.

They try to kill each other

Are you kidding me, 49th, never isin history have two teams, and fan based hatred reach other so much.

23 Steelers vs. Packers
24 Patriots vs. Jets

Didn't really do anything on the field,just scandals,but who cares?

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25 Giants vs Eagles

Bird gang till I die

26 Steelers Vs Raiders

Didn't get more violent than the Steelers and the Raiders of the 70's

Silver and Black vs Black and Gold aw a classic

Two of the best, toughest teams from the greatest ever era in football (70~79) these two top the pile in a series of brutal games at a time that also featured the likes of the Dolphins greatest team, Fouts' Chargers, Chiefs and Colts. Halcyon days in the AFC. Still a great atmosphere when they play now.

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27 Lions vs. Bears

Well number one is bears and "cough cough" Green bay

Two of the most deadly animals going at each other.Not gonna be pretty.

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28 Dolphins vs. Patriots

The 85 AFC Championship, 94 Season Opener. Plenty of big games. As a Dolphins fan other than the Jets there's no team I hate more than the Patriots. Love to see them lose


29 Panthers vs. Falcons
30 Steelers vs. Cowboys

I can't stand the Dallas Cowboys that's coming straight from the black and go Express to the nation always on top

This should be no. 1 because they always play in the real matchup rather than divisional rivals

You will never find a steelers fan that doesn't hate the cowboys

Cowboys better
Even though one less sb

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31 Jaguars vs. Titans

The new fla./ TN. Rivalry, NFL style

32 Patriots vs Broncos
33 Ravens vs. Patriots
34 Lions vs Refs

The funny thing is that this isn't a joke. Detroit gets screwed over by the refs at least 5 times a season. Theyd be so much better looking because they'd have a ton more wins right now if it weren't for the refs always ruining it for them

Yeah the refs hate the lions, at least it seems that way..

35 Chiefs vs. Broncos

The Broncos vs Chiefs has gotten bigger than Chiefs-Raiders lately.

When the Chiefs played the Broncos,that's when they beat the world record for most decibels.

36 Broncos vs. Chargers
37 Lions vs. Packers

No number one is Chicago and "cough cough" Green bay but GO BEARS

True Rivalry, but the Detroit Lions are better.

Packers are the best NFL team ever!

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38 Raiders vs. 49ers

Gotta love the battle of the bay.

39 Packers vs Seahawks

They had to go to overtime in 2014-2015 season for the NFC championship but the seahawks won and went to the Superbowl but lost because they decided to throw it at the 1 yard line. The patriots intercepted it and won the Superbowl.

Dallas would of whooped Seattle

As a Packer fan I have a bitter hatred for the Seahawks. They have cocky fans, a dirty coach who left USC because he cheated, and overly rough and dirty players. Yet they're too arrogant to acknowledge the packers won on the worst call of all time in the intertouchdownception on MNF, along with the NFC Championship game the packers dominated on the road however every possible thing that could wrong in fact did.

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40 Panthers vs. Seahawks

I love panthers because they have a good offense.

I do hate the seahawks.

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