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41 Cowboys vs. Bills
42 Browns vs. Ravens

Isn't this pretty much original browns versus crappy new browns

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43 Texans vs. Colts

As a Houston native, it's clear that H-town hates the Colts more than anyone else - spody

No You're a Cowboys fan. Texans fans are bandwagons who like J.J Watt so he don't steel your girls

44 Cowboys vs Bears

Both teams are terrible

Excuse u go BEARSSS


45 Lions vs. Cowboys

Lions only playoff win in super bowl era (1991) emmit vs berry
Dez vs Calvin stafford vs romo etc etc they have a lot of good games including last years playoff game and the year before

46 Patriots vs Dolphins
47 Patriots vs. Colts
48 Steelers vs. Browns
49 Colts vs. Titans

Titans vs jags aren't nearly as much as a rivalry than between titans and colts

Titans hate the Colts. I know that for sure

50 Patriots vs. Giants

Who ever wrote that needs to be detained, never mind he is probably a little kid

This one is beast 18-1 oh well better luck next time... NOT

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51 Eagles vs. Patriots
52 Packers vs. Chiefs
53 Lions vs. Browns

They played a lot of titles in the fifties and ruled that decade and now are the only two teams not to win a super bowl who's been in the entire era

Two power house teams from the 50's, and two bottom feeders ever since..

54 Patriots vs Chargers
55 Chargers vs Miami
56 Redskins vs Panthers

What?! I'm a Cowboys fan so go Panthers?

Yeah panthers

57 Chargers vs Rams
58 Panthers vs. Buccaneers

Panthers always win

59 Ravens vs Bengals
60 Seahawks vs. Chiefs
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