Best NFL Wide Receivers of All Time

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141 Sidney Rice
142 Johnny Knox
143 Otis Taylor

During the time that he played, I would not have traded him for any other wide receiver. He was a real go-to man. Big, fast, good hands, hard to tackle, and a very good blocker.

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144 Al Toon

Great speed, quality guy. Career cut short by injuries, sadly, but Toon was a joy to behold.

145 Braylon Edwards

He has great potential to be one of the all time best if he keeps it up go browns

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146 DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean William Jackson, nicknamed "D-Jax", is an American football wide receiver and return specialist for the Washington Redskins of the National Football League.

Bull he should be in the top ten he's alway getting so many yards each play they throw it to him he gets touchdown like crazy. And personally I think it doesn't matter about records or touchdowns I think it matters about pride and courage I mean the guy works his but off trying to get into the hall in fame he's always is trying to achieve his goal to the top and all those other receivers from top 15 going up except desean jackson is just trying get money and be rich he's actually trying very very very hard just like jerry rice so in my opinion I think he should be the top7. - beastmode80

He is so fast. he burns everyone down the field. led the team in fifty plus yard touchdowns this year. that includes Recieving, Rushing, and returning -

He is great breaking people's ankles for the deep ball but that's all he could do and dude hade Michael Vick throwing to him a Bad thrower he could throw it deep but not accurate

He was great on the Philadelphia Eagles

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147 Sidny Rice
148 Austin Collie
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