Best Nick Jonas & The Administration Songs

This lists the best songs by Nick Jonas & The Administration.

The Top Ten

1 Who I Am

"I want someone to love me for Who I Am, I want someone to need me... is that so bad? " - NicoleJonas

Amazing nicholas! Amazing song.. Amazing lyric! Such a inspiration song and treat me right way!

I had a big long dream about nick jonas for now I still have feels for him

Why you don't. Know

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2 Jealous

I am shocked to find it in 11th position... Undoubtedly, the best song! Make it first people!

Loved the song must be a little higher...

I still came you nick jonas

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3 Olive & an Arrow

"She leaves me hoping that my love wont show, cause I know she'll give me an Olive & An Arrow" - NicoleJonas

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4 Conspiracy Theory

"Conspiracy Theory, better keep it down cause the walls are thing and the word is out now" - NicoleJonas

5 State of Emergency - Nick Jonas and the Administration

If I had a dream about you right now a second to say I love you I am by your side no simple that is okay who someone do always thinking of you have a heart each day

"Run around with someone else. Satisfy yourself but don't fool me. Don't you let it be a State of Emergency" - NicoleJonas

6 Rose Garden

"In the Rose Garden, where the rain is falling and the thorns are sharpened. Rose Garden. " - NicoleJonas

I love nick jonas!

7 Stronger (Back on the Ground)

"I wanna know you'll be with me when everything around is falling down. When I finally get these feet Back on the Ground" - NicoleJonas

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8 In the End

"And you know it hurts the most when you don't have a friend. And now you don't know who you can trust and now you're stuck in the wrong side of the fence. Baby, it all comes back to haunt you In the End. - NicoleJonas

You lost laanat!

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9 Chains

I love your song is chains make me very
Sad alone in my rainbow park police got me
In the side

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10 Vesper's Goodbye

OH. MY. GOD how is this song not number 1? I mean this song deserves a grammy as does Nick the whole WHO I AM album is epic

"See it turning red like a bullet through the chest. Lay me down to rest, it's a lovers final breath. " - NicoleJonas

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The Contenders

11 Last Time Around

"Walk in the room, I'm a man on a mission. You're standing there and I feel that connection. I break the ice and I ask what you're name is. Then I recall that we already did this... somehow I missed it" - NicoleJonas

This song is amazing, I don't know what to say aboyt this song

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12 Tonight

I will eat pizza

There's no need to fight, we're just wasting time. We know we're in love so lets keep it alive. I'm starting to se the morning light, we finally worked this out" - NicoleJonas

good song

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13 Avalanche

I love this Avalanche I love it

14 Levels

I love this levels I have all your songs

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15 Stay

Stay is amazing. Its not on the album cause Nick wrote it after the WHO I AM album was released but it's so amazing

Stay is really the wonderful. It is so lovely, amazing and everything.. !

16 Inseparable

Inseparable was never officialy released but Nick and the administration sang it in many of their concerts and it was amazing

17 Area Code

I love you so much this song Area code

Song about Selena gomez

Great Song!

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