Best Nick Lachey Songs

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1 This I Swear

I have always loved this song... Been trying to remember it... Forgot it for a long long time but it has captured every emotion, that I ever thought it has... If you play it for your new bride... Or a bride you have had for years, she will never forget it, and always remember the time you dedicated it to her... This I swear!

Hey this song hits you right in the heart and this is one of my favorite singers and boy bands of the time

Very touching,when I firsy listened to it I cried.this one is propably the best love song I've ever heard.

<3 <3.. Love nick lachey

2 Whats Left Of Me

In this song he won Best male pop songs back in 2006... And his a solo artist here... Good job Nick!

By far my favorite song by him. Should be #1 in my opinion.

3 I Do (Cherish You)

The song which he is part of the boy band 98 degrees.. This song is suitable in all wedding events... And I also like the music video.

4 My Everything

Jessica Simpson was in the video...

5 Because of You

Probably so far this song make them popular back in 1998... Really love the words and lyrics of the song.. It will make you fall in love again and again

6 The Hardest Thing

I love the lyrics especially the chorus of the song...

7 A Whole New World

In this song, Nick and Jessica is so perfect and have a soulful voice... I wish they were team up or do a duet again this year..

8 All In My Head

Its a really nice song.. Its fun

Love this song.. very catchy

9 Invisible Man

98 degrees first song /single...

10 Thank God I Found You

... Duet with awesome and talented MARIAH CAREY! ..

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11 Give Me Just One Night
12 I Can't Hate You Anymore
13 Patience

Covered by many bands and artists. This one is the most beautiful.

14 Where You Are
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