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1 All the Right Reasons

It isn't that often you listen to an album where you like every song on the entire album. There are only a few bands that I know can do that. 2008 Dark Horse is also right up there with every song being very good. 2001 Silver Side Up album with How You Remind Me made them very popular. 2011 Here And Now is a decent album mainly Lullaby. 2014 No Fixed Address has Miss You, the other songs on the album are decent. I've tried to listen to a few songs on the 2017 Feed The Machine album, but nothing too special in my opinion.

The best songs are here! Rockstar, Animals, Side of a bullet, Savin me, Photograph, Follow you home, Fight for all wrong reasons, Next contestant, Someone with you, If everyone cared, Far away! This is the best album I ever heard in my hole life!

Just perfect

Rockstar, Photograph, Far Away, Savin’ Me, Animals, need I say more?

2 Dark Horse

The best all round album they've got. Like others say there are better songs scattered amongst other albums but this is the best all round. We're voting the best album not the best song!

Purely because I can never bring my self to skip a song, prefer songs off of the state though but this is the perfect all round album

This album was made in the prime of their career, and it shows. It is also a lot darker than the others (pun not intended).

A great album that you can't stop listening too, my favourite of theirs

3 Here & Now

Dark horse was a decent album, but this blows it away! This has everything a Nickelback album needs, drinking ("Bottoms up") sex ("Midnight Queen" which is one of their most quotable songs to date, "Gotta Get Me Some" and "Everything I wanna do") some love ("Trying not to love you" "Don't ever let it end" and "holding onto heaven") some political junk ("when we stand together") and some good ol' fashioned hard rock ("kiss it goodbye" and "this means war") and of course "Lullaby" which is honestly one of the most beautiful songs ever written in my opinion.

My favourite album of nickelback. It Rocks. Should be much higher

This was All The Right Reasons and Dark Horse having a baby, which is good. And then the tour.

I love kiss it goodbye it is one of my favourite nickel back songs

4 Silver Side Up

I don't hate everything that was released after All the Right Reasons, but it definitely wasn't as good. Silver Side Up was the peak of Nickelback's career, no doubt about it. It has the perfect mix of raw hard rock (ex. Woke Up This Morning; Hangnail) and heartfelt ballads (ex. Too Bad; How You Remind Me). I feel like it's definitely Nickelback's best album.

Woke Up This Morning is so dam underrated! If it was released as a single maybe you guys would take more notice of it! This is obviously the best album, 2nd is between Dark Horse and All The Right Reasons.

Listen to the song "Never Again", it's the best song they ever did along with How You Remind Me. "Too Bad" ain't too bad either. Best album, this is Hard Rock, All The Right Reasons is more like Pop Rock.

Never Again, Woke Up This Morning, Too Bad, How You Remind Me and Hero (depending on your country) were ALL in this album. Easily the best.

5 The Long Road

Dark Horse and All The Right.. Have some of their best songs ever, but as an entire album I think this is the best.

Someday and Do this anymore is one of the best songs I've ever heard
This has the best tune of all the albums.

Their last great album. They should have stuck to this style instead of turning to pop music. Every song on it is solid and it's the perfect thing to listen to on a road trip.

Best nickelback song on this album, Someday

6 Feed the Machine

I didn't know for what album I should vote for, but then I saw this album so low down. I think a lot of people gave up on Nickel back after No Fixed Address, but deep down I still had faith that they'd release an awesome album, and I wasn't dissappinted, this album is awesome. It has a lot of amazing songs like: Home, After The Rain, Song On Fire, Coin For The Ferryman and Must Be Nice (those are my favorites). I'm looking forward to their next album for sure, and this album is the reason why.

This is definitely top four not in order or anything but in my opinion the best albums are here and now dark horse all the right reasons and feed the machine. This album blew no fixed address out of the water. MOVE THIS ALBUM UP TO TOP FOUR!

I listened to this entire album and I thought it was great. In my opinion it was better than No Fixed Address.

Children, calm down. The album hasn't come out yet.

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7 The State

By far their best album nothing even comes close to topping this album except maybe curb which would be second but besides that everything else suck in one way or another

This was the only album by them I didn't own until today... turns out it's their best. It's rough and grungy like "Curb" but it sounds more thought-out and varied, and has more power and the overall sound is the most gripping of all Nickelback albums, not as polished as their later work, but more than their debut album. I know Nirvana fans will hate me for this, but it feels like Nickelback's Nevermind. It has that certain pop earworm appeal but it still sounds dirty and rough in a grunge kind of way (and not yet as big and blockbuster-ish and what comes after this one), much like Nirvana's biggest album hit. Full of energy and a certain middlefinger-to-the-world attitude, and very catchy and immediately appealing. - Martin_Canine

Awful list, this is nickelback’s highest critically acclaimed album and rightfully so. This album blends grunge, post-grunge, and southern rock perfectly. This is Nickelback’s My Own Prison

Honestly, this is the best album Nickelback has ever made. I love the style of this one. It's pure rock, and the writing doesn't suck. While I do like some of their newer stuff, they can't hold a candle to this gem.

8 Curb

Shows a grungy sound, unlike all the other albums

Their only good album.


9 No Fixed Address

This album is awesome! She Keeps Me Up is cool, and Edge of a Revolution is awesome!

My favourite Nickelback album so far. I love the new approach that they had by going down a notch and not doing die hard rock. Keep up the good work Nickelback!

I bought this album at a very low price, practically without any risk. Of course, I knew the Santana-song before, but this album made me a massive Nickelback fan.

Love EVERY SINGLE SONG! 10yearoldgamer

10 The Best of Nickelback, Volume 1

I like it a lot. 19 of nickelback's greatest hits are here! Awesome! - courier28

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11 Three Sided Coin

The song leader of men from The State should be number 3 in the top

12 Hesher

First and best I wish I owned it

Yeah it is, it was their EP

This is a great Nickleback album 10/10.


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