Best Nickelback Solos

This is the Top ten list of Nickelback solos in their songs, vote so we can see in which song is the greatest solo.

The Top Ten

1 Side of a Bullet Side of a Bullet

One of the greatest, so awesome that I can't tell you how much I love it! - Marericmalone

2 Just to Get High Just to Get High

This song is the greatest song Nickelback has ever made the solo is amazing and nothing against Side of a bullet but the solo is by Dimebag not Chad or Ryan so this is truly the best Nickelback solo. This is the song that made me want to learn guitar and is amazing in every which way and form.

Side of a Bullet's solo isn't by Nickelback, it's by Dimebag Darrel. Plus I like this solo better anyway.

Also one of greatest solos of Nickelback. The song is also great, it's sad story that it's not single. - Marericmalone

3 Bottoms Up Bottoms Up

An killer solo, so mad and perfectly fits into this party anthem! - Marericmalone

4 Next Go Round Next Go Round

Great solo, and in song great chorus. - Marericmalone

5 Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)

Great song that Nickelback did with Kid Rock, the solo is awesome. - Marericmalone

6 Shakin' Hands Shakin' Hands

I love this one, it's cool... - Marericmalone

7 Hollywood Hollywood

One of unknown solos that should be one of greatest. - Marericmalone

8 Midnight Queen Midnight Queen

Super solo for this dirty little song that I love. Lyrics are awesome! - Marericmalone

9 Everything I Wanna Do Everything I Wanna Do

Yeah I love this one, but it's a shame that I think no one will ever no that this song has a great solo. - Marericmalone

10 How You Remind Me How You Remind Me

The Contenders

11 Savin' Me Savin' Me
12 Rockstar Rockstar
13 Burn It to the Ground Burn It to the Ground
14 Left Left

Greatest solo from the OLD SCHOOL Nickelback. - Marericmalone

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