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21 I'd Come For You I'd Come For You

Combined with the video, this song has real meaning. Too bad its not even in the top 10...

Whenever I listen this song... It's just melt my heart completely... The video is too good... Whatever our children do... We are always there to guide them and take them to the right path... NICKELBACK is just Marvelous...

This song should be the best song of Nickelback... I enjoy its every word and music... It is very touching... Please people vote for this song... - Newuser

The vocals the beat...I mean wow this is on top of my top ten

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22 Too Bad Too Bad

I think this is the best, most meaningful, and with great rhythm and powerful main riff, and it should be on a first place. How You Remind Me can be at second place, and third place must be for Hero

The first four tracks from Silver Side Up should be in the top ten. This is one of them.

The only song they have that doesn't represent the band they are and does represent the band they could have been. A great mix of punch and musical quality along with great vocals. The hook is alright I guess but it's the first and main rhythm section that is genius.

This is underrated, the rhythm, the lyrics, the tempo all hit the spot. It's not a number one spot, but it is certainly a top 10.

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23 Bottoms Up Bottoms Up

No comments for bottoms up... I reckon its even better than rockstar!

So cool and fast-paced... it's just awesome!

24 Just to Get High Just to Get High

Reminds me of myself when I was on drugs. Love you Chad. Everyone should listen to this song, I'm impressed it is actually on here.. :)

Lots of Love from New Zealand, Keep rocking' m/

Should be definitely in top 5... Great song... Incredible guitar solo. Doesn't sound like nickelback much. I was impressed when I first heard it

Not very known, but in my opinion it's a great song. - omarotiniano

I love this song it holds a lot of meaning to me

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25 Leader of Men Leader of Men

This song is seriously underrated. When I saw the music videos for this and Too Bad, they were the first songs I started liking more than How You Remind Me. They both deserve to be in the top 10 along with Never Again - Danielsun182

It's such a sweet song! Really shows off Chad's vocals and the harmonies and progression throughout the song are awesome

Leader of Men is a throwback to grunge days and features an awesome ramp up in the middle of the song. This is one of Nickelback's first and possibly best songs, but very few people have heard it b/c it was released in 1999.

This shows what Nickelback was capable of! - Curti2594

26 S.E.X. S.E.X.

Just listen to it. Insanely good chord progression and a really catchy chorus. Deserves a much higher spot than 35th. If this was released as a single, it would have been way higher up

Amazing song could listen to it all day!

To me that is one of the best of Nickelback's songs, I'm really shocked that it isn't in the top 10

That is fast and dynamic song. That is the best song

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27 Trying Not to Love You Trying Not to Love You

Man I just love its video and with this song in the background yeah the person commenting before me said the exact word deadly combination I just love the song the tune changes each time and each tune is unique and better than previous one please vote for this song guys it deserves something better!

Oh I just love this song the concept is awesome the video is super awesome and the song in its background is massive awesome the deadliest combination of music earth shattering song please vote for it guys this song rocks!

Serious 27th people?!? Have you even heard this song? The vocals are amazing as usual and it describes how a lot of peoples love lives are like. The lyrics are amazing and the band even more so. It definitely deserves at least within the top 10.

I can't belive it's in 22nd place! It's better than "How you remind me". Seriously

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28 Never Again Never Again

This, Woke Up This Morning and Too Bad should be WAY higher! They're some of Nickelback's best songs. Silver Side Up is the best album they did. Vote!

Are you people serious!? Listen to the intro, the guitar play is awesome. Should be in the top 10 at least along with Too Bad. Silver Side Up is the best album.

This is a great song it should definitely be in the top ten!

Their 3rd consecutive number 1 song. Easy to play in a band but still delivers a classic-hard rock sound to it. Epic song. Sounds beast in concert.

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29 Next Contestant Next Contestant

Probably the most hardcore nickelback song, and my favorite. This and this afternoon are the 2 best and should be in the top ten.

How is this not above Rockstar? This song is so much better.

My favorite nickelback song ever

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30 Edge of a Revolution

Nickelback is the worst rock band known due to some of their songs sounding lame, but this track is EPIC. (I don't think Nickelback is the worst band)

This new song is Superb!

The rocking Awesome song Edge Of A Revolution makes me Proud to be a Nickelback Die Hard Fan! - Curti2594

I feel like I have heard this song for years since if fits in so good with nickelback but sounds different at the same time

A very underrated Nickelback song

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31 Flat On the Floor Flat On the Floor

What is doing this song here? It should be so higher

Such an energizing and fast pace. Very catchy!

32 Shakin' Hands Shakin' Hands

This is my favorite song from all time. It should be at least #6. So fast-paced and awesome.

Best song ever should be at least fourth

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33 Feelin' Way Too Damn Good Feelin' Way Too Damn Good

This song is epic! So catchy and great lyrics. I don't know how so many people hate this band. This is definitely their best song though. Check it out!

Best song from Nickelback ever

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34 Breathe Breathe

Listened to this song over 400 times. Still awesome

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35 Into the Night

A very, very good instrumental part with decent vocals from Chad, along with good lyrics. This is definitely their best.

Good song for a lonely man.. Blooms hope inside you..

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36 Kiss It Goodbye Kiss It Goodbye

My all time favorite Nickelback song, the only one that could be better is shakin hands and I can't believe those two songs aren't in the top 10, too many people are going for their calm songs while I find songs with loud everything by Nickelback are way better!

One of the greatest I heard it's just great. Great and true lyrics and awesome guitar riff! - Marericmalone

Great song with a badass riff and pure energy!

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37 Gotta Get Me Some Gotta Get Me Some
38 Just Four Just Four

The old and the new version are both awesome! - Curti2594

39 Should've Listened Should've Listened

Maybe their most under appreciated song ever! It's so good! - Curti2594

Should be in at least the top 15...what

40 Detangler Detangler
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