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41 Holding on to Heaven

This song is just to Romantic to keep out of the top 10 this should be moved up higher

Great song why so low? Top 10..

I will vote for Home when someone adds it on the list.

42 Next Go Round
43 Because of You

This song makes you feel emotions! Really cool sound as well - Curti2594

One of Nickelback's heavier songs and in my opinion, one of their better ones.

The intro is just way too damn good...
Memories from MX vs ATV Unleashed

44 Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

They took a chance and did it well - Curti2594

45 Fight for All the Wrong Reasons

I love the entire song but The last half of the song is my fave part! When it builds up to the final big chorus! - Curti2594

46 Slow Motion

It's understandable that this song is low but that's only because it's only part of one of the Punisher Movie!

This song though is a hidden gem! - Curti2594

47 Feed the Machine

This song went for a heavier tone, and I loved every minute of it. The first intro with the drums brought me in and the band intro blew me away with some damn good guitar riffs and a nice drum beat to boot. The solo was a bit on the short side, but I am not really complaining, it was still a good solo. The lyrics were nice, as they were not about drugs, sex, etc. Probably one of the best Nickelback songs I have heard in a while.

This song was a good song Nickelback went with a much more heavier sound with this song one of the best Nickelback songs - christangrant

Yep, this has got to be #1!


48 Fly

Nickelback's 1st Big Hit Off of there 1st ever album Curb! Still sounds cool even in 2013! - Curti2594

What this song has:
-Strong songwriting. Despite not explicitely stating anything, the key words given and questions asked hint at something tragic.
-Some great vocal delivery by Kroeger. Especially the bridge, it sounds so desperate.
-Simply great music. It is not as heavy as later Nickelback songs, but still as powerful, simply because its overall production sounds rough and honest. - Martin_Canine

49 Do This Anymore

This has amazing lyrics, and I'm sure a lot of people can relate to the words as I can!

This song rocks.

50 She Keeps Me Up

Are you kidding me? 47? This should be top ten any day.

This should be toward the top and a great vidio


51 We Will Rock You

What this is the best

52 Everything I Wanna Do

Best nickelback song ever
Good lyrics and makes me listen to it everyday because this song simply makes you go crazy, (In a rock way) Every thing I wanna do if it was on T.V. or ever in a magazine she could take the fantasy and make it a reality. She delivers every dirty thoughts.

This is one of my favorite songs

53 Midnight Queen

55? Should be way higher. This song has everything to make this a hard-hitting rock song!

Awesome song! Imagen if the words could actually happen in real life! Would be awesome!

Not as bad as I thought it'd be, considering it's so low. Just listen to it- it's awesome. - Grayson

54 Where?
55 Curb
56 Follow You Home

This is one of the worst songs ever. The stalker pedophile music works terrible with the music

This song is awesoms! It has the best melody in the horus and awesome lyrics! Chads voice is awesome!

You might break my heart... But you will comeout on the worst end of the deal!

What the hell is this doing all the way down here, easily 4th

57 Must Be Nice

Great song this one, one of their most powerful.

58 Satellite

I Love this song

59 Good Times Gone

One of my favorites by them, just couldn't stand it not being on this list! Truly an under appreciated song. It is unique with good lyrics and music! - jMag220

This track goes on repeat every time I hear it. The pedal steel guitar raises the bar on this. It should really be much higher up the list!

60 Where Do I Hide

Have you forgotten this Great song? One of their Best!
Of course a top ten song.

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