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61 What Are You Waiting For

This should be number 2 with if today was your last day as 1 by far these two are there best songs there deep meaningful and have a good message I love them

This is a new song but wow does this song have an outstanding meaning! Not too bad of a song at all! Everyone could take the lyrics from this song and ask yourself the same question What Are you waiting for?
Nickelback is great! - Curti2594

Song has a positive vibe. Good lyrics, nice overall song. Should be higher...

62 Favorite Damn Disease
63 See You at the Show

How the hell happened that this song isn't on the list! It's EPIC!

A really Cool Song and I love singing along to it - Curti2594

64 Song on Fire

Its very good song

The first time I heard this song it was amazing... that feeling was crazy... you can't take away that moment when I first heard the song and fell in love.

i am a fan of this song a lot from the melody to the lyrics to the whole work of art! - Curti2594

65 Old Enough
66 Just For
67 Million Miles an Hour

Amazing song, very nice guitar work.

1st song on the album and really sets the tone for a good CD, my favorite song aside from Just to get high

This song is awesome I when I hear it I think of some new sci fi movie amd expect to hear it on there!

68 Hollywood
69 Sharp Dressed Man

Their version is kick ass! - Curti2594

70 Cowboy Hat

This song sounds awesome! - Curti2594

71 Truck
72 Little Friend
73 Hold Out Your Hand
74 Deep
75 Yanking Out My Heart
76 Why Don't You and I
77 Get Em Up
78 The Hammer's Coming Down

Why is this on 77? This is the best. Along with Holding On To Heaven and Song On Fire. And maybe a few others. But this is the best.

79 Sister Sin

Has a cool Western feel to it. - Grayson

80 Miss You

My favorite song from their new album

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