Every Nicktoon Ranked From Worst to Best

MegaSoulhero I’ve loved Nickelodeon ever since I was a kid. I grew up watching many of the shows. It had some of the best cartoons. Also known as Nicktoons. So I decided to go through all of them, including the newer ones, and tell you my ranking of the Nicktoons from worst to best. These are only the ones that originally aired on Nickelodeon by the way.

48: Breadwinners - This is an absolute atrocity! I can’t believe someone out there thought it would be a good idea to make an entire cartoon with twerking ducks who sell bread to other ducks. Some people may not know this, but feeding ducks bread can actually kill them. It’s clear this show has no effort put into it. It’s hard to find a single redeemable quality in it. It’s nothing but fart jokes, butt jokes, and two characters trying WAY too hard to act cool to appeal to this generation. This is not a good show for adults or kids to watch. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. It so terrible and easily one of the worst cartoons of all time.

47: Sanjay and Craig - Similar to Breadwinners, it’s pretty much a show that consists of butt jokes and fart jokes. None of them get a laugh. There’s literally an entire episode centered around a butt transplant. I just find this show’s humor to be very irritating. The character designs look like trash and the characters themselves are absolutely unbearable. But the absolute worst thing this show ever did was have Snoop Dogg guest star in an episode. I feel bad for him.

46: Butt-Ugly Martians - Such a butt-ugly cartoon.

45: Rabbids Invasion - If you thought the Minions getting their own movie was a bad idea, how about an entire season about the most annoying video game characters ever created? Who even asked for this? The rabbids don’t have any actual dialogue and they just make noises. That’s all they do in the entire series. Make noises and cause trouble. There are human characters with actual dialogue, but most of the time they are very uninteresting. Such an annoying show.

44: Pig, Goat, Banana, Cricket - The title says it all.

43: Planet Sheen - I love Jimmy Neutron and Sheen is a fine character, but giving him his own show was a mistake. It’s the equivalent of giving Mater his own movie. Which they did. There were some clever ideas I will admit, but overall, it was just one big annoying mess. Although, I kind of wish there was some resolution involving Sheen going back to Earth.

42: The Adventures of Kid Danger - Not only did Henry Danger manage to get 4 seasons, but it somehow got its own cartoon. I don’t hate Dan Schneider, but all his shows after Victorious weren’t very good. Henry Danger is the worst one. So I don’t get why it got a cartoon. Especially since the sitcom is still airing new episodes. The animation is really bad. It looks like it was animated by a 5 year old. The dialogue is atrocious. Not a single joke is funny. Why is this a thing?

41: Bunsen is a Beast - I have nothing against Butch Hartman, or at least I didn’t until recent events, but this was his worst work. It’s like if they gave Jar Jar Binks his own show. It’s very annoying. It’s nothing but noise and lazy animation. I didn’t enjoy this at all.

40: Rugrats Pre-School Daze - So this was actually a thing. What was with the new designs for the characters? At least it only lasted 4 episodes.

39: Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Some people might disagree with me on this, and I know it’s still very new, but something about this just rubs me the wrong way. I’ve never been a fan of the Ninja Turtles, but the characters in this one are more annoying than the other versions. Maybe it will get better over time, but right now, it’s not very impressive. But the animation is nice.

38: Rocket Power - Even as a kid I hated this show. This is one of the first Nicktoons that seems to try too hard to be cool. They say a bunch of catchphrases that get old real quick. There are some nice visuals at times, but the writing is extremely awful. None of the characters are likeable and I found it hard to relate to any of them.

37: Monsters vs. Aliens - I only watched this show because Susan is kinda hot, but overall, it’s not a good show. This is coming from someone who actually enjoyed the movie. I find most of the humor to be childish at times, the idea of having the monsters team up with aliens was dumb considering this is called Monsters VS. Aliens, and I thought B.O.B. was absolutely obnoxious. So annoying.

36: Doug - Absolutely boring!

35: All Grown Up - This felt a lot like fan-fiction. There was one episode of Rugrats that pretty much lead to this series, but that one episode was enough to show us what the characters would do if they were teenagers. We didn’t need an entire spinoff about it.

34: The Legend of Korra - While not the worst Nicktoon, it’s easily the most disappointing. This is the follow up to Avatar: The Last Airbender. So I had high expectations for it. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to those expectations. The villains were forgettable, the characters were irritating at times, there’s even a love triangle plot that feels very out of place in this kind of show. I’ve always hated that type of plot. I wish they hadn’t focused on it so much. Very disappointing.

33: Tak and the Power of Juju - Man, this had so much potential. It looked like it could be good, but they ruined it with a bunch of jokes that fell flat.

32: As Told By Ginger - I always forget this show existed. It’s just THAT forgettable.

31: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Like I said, I’m not a Ninja Turtles fan. At least this was better than the currently airing reboot.

30: Welcome to the Wayne - It’s basically an inferior version of Gravity Falls.

29: The Mighty B - I’ve stated before that I’m not a fan of Amy Poehler, and she can get quite annoying in this show, but I thought it was okay for the most part. A lot of the jokes made me laugh very hard. There’s this one reoccurring hippie character that I find very hilarious. It’s not great, but it’s watchable. WAIT A MINUTE! Amy Poehler plays a character who lives in San Francisco. The Pixar movie Inside Out takes place in San Francisco and Amy Poehler is in that movie. That’s a strange coincidence.

28: The X’s - It’s the Incredibles but with spies. At least they got their revenge in the sequel by doing what the X’s did. Putting in a bunch of seizure inducing scenes. I’m not even kidding. The X’s is full of scenes like that.

27: SpongeBob SquarePants - I didn’t know where to put this on the ranking. I loved the first 3 seasons, but everything after that was garbage. With a few good episodes once in a while. SpongeBob was a huge part of my childhood. I would constantly watch every day. It was really special to me and it would always put a smile on my face. Then after the first movie, the show went downhill and became a mean-spirited atrocity. So I put it here on the ranking because of that. It was once a great show, and now it’s a terrible show. So it balances out to just being okay overall.

26: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters - I remember watching this show as a kid. I love how creative the designs of the monsters are. It can get pretty clever at times with its humor, but the thing that bugged me the most about it is the voice acting. I feel like they’re trying too hard to speak in an unnatural way since they’re monsters to the point where it kind of doesn’t feel right. Despite the show being about monsters, it still does a good job at being watchable for kids and doesn’t get too creepy. Pixar did this a lot better years later, though.

25: The Wild Thornberrys - Tim Curry’s most underappreciated role. It’s about a girl that can talk to animals, but the best thing about it is they actually give an explanation as to how she can talk to animals. Meanwhile, Disney can’t figure out a way to tell us how Elsa got her ice powers in Frozen. I loved the adventures the characters go on and I really enjoyed Darwin the monkey, but it can get kind of boring and uninteresting at times. And of course there’s the most annoying character in the show! Debbie! She’s such a whiny teenager.

Warning: You’re gonna hate me forever for this next choice.

24: Fanboy and Chum Chum - Before you attack me, let me explain. The two main characters can get pretty annoying at times, but I still find it to be somewhat entertaining. The humor is very fast paced and it doesn’t focus too much on a single joke. The jokes can be pretty creative and clever at times. It often gets so ridiculous to the point where I just can’t help but laugh. It’s definitely not for everyone, but I still found it kinda enjoyable.

23: Robot and Monster - Have you noticed that this is kinda similar to Fanboy and Chum Chum? It’s about two characters, one purple and one orange, and... that’s pretty much it actually. I don’t know why people don’t talk about this show more. It has some pretty funny moments, although it’s pretty lazy how the two main characters are literally named Robot and Monster. Like, how is it even possible to be that lazy? Also, I absolutely hate the theme song. It’s honestly the worst theme song I’ve ever heard. Still, there’s a lot to enjoy about the show. Like Robot getting revenge on his brother is always nice to watch since he deserves it.

22: Harvey Beaks - Chowder was a great show, but this is nice too. Still, I absolutely miss Chowder!

21: Hey Arnold - I have an unpopular opinion. Hey Arnold is NOT that great. It’s good, but the characters at times can be pretty unlikeable and most of the adult characters aren’t interesting at all. However, I do find it pretty relatable. It reminds me of when I was in elementary school. Also, I absolutely LOVE the Jungle Movie. That was a really great finale.

20: Back at the Barnyard - You’re probably mad that I put Back at the Barnyard above Hey Arnold. I don’t care. This show is hilarious. Not every joke is a hit, but when it gets funny, it’s REALLY funny. Chris Hardwick is especially what makes it fun to watch. Although, I wish they had given an explanation as to how the animals can talk.

19: The Ren & Stimpy Show - I watched this a lot when I was a kid. Even though I didn’t get most of the adult jokes. I watched a few episodes again not too long ago and while it’s still good, it’s not AS good as I remember it. Probably because these days I find gross out humor to be hard to watch. That isn’t to say there aren’t still some very hilarious moments in it. I still got plenty of entertainment out of it. It’s a lot better than that Adult Party Cartoon garbage.

18: The Fairly OddParents - Yeah, I put it this high on the ranking because the only two seasons I hated were the last two. Everything else was pretty good. It’s a show that makes us wish (no pun intended) that we all had fairy god parents. Let’s face it, our lives can be pretty miserable. I can think of many things I would wish for. This was Butch Hartman’s first Nicktoon and it was a very well done one.

17: T.U.F.F. Puppy - Kitty Katswell is hot! Need I say more?

16: Penguins of Madagascar - This is an example of how you make an actual good series based on a DreamWorks film. There’s a much better example, but I’ll get to that later. Making a series based on supporting characters from a movie can be risky, but it works here. The missions that they go on are not only funny, but they are legitimately action packed. They’re basically the Elite Penguin Force. Wow, bad time for that joke.

15: El Tigre - A very action packed and funny show from the guy who would later give us Book of Life. Which was also great.

14: Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness - The thing this show does right is it explores the world and the characters more. While not quite as good as the movies, I still appreciate it for focusing on developing the characters. There are also new villains and I find them to be pretty enjoyable. Some of them are actually pretty intimidating. I was surprised by how much I liked this show.

13: The Angry Beavers - A better version of Angry Birds. Even though this came before Angry Birds.

12: KaBlam - I used to watch this CONSTANTLY! Action League Now, Prometheus and Bob, and Life With Loopy are all classics and I still love each of them to this day. I especially like the two animated hosts, Henry and June. They crack me up.

11: ChalkZone - What’s not to like about this show? The whole chalk world that they introduce to us in the show is just so amazing and creative. Easily one of the most creative Nicktoons.

10: The Loud House - This is the only good show on Nickelodeon right now. Making a show with a ton of main characters is difficult, but they manage to pull it off by focusing on each of the characters in individual episodes and giving us excellent morals. Too bad the creator got fired. He totally deserved it, though.

9: Rugrats - It’s a very cute show and I love that it shows us what the world is like through an infant’s perspective. Even by showing us what they’re imagining. Although, I have to ask. Do the babies actually talk or are they just letting us hear what they are saying so we can understand what’s going on? Also, why are they making a live action movie?

8: Catscratch - I usually hate cats, but these ones are exceptions. However, my favorite character is the butler. He’s so deadpan to the point where it’s hilarious. This show also has one of the best catchphrases of any cartoon. Splee!

7: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius - The movie was great and the show ended up being great as well. Jimmy is a smart kid and he always knows what to do in certain situations. The crossovers with the Fairly OddParent were some of my favorite episodes. I miss this show. However, I absolutely hate that sodium chloride meme.

6: CatDog - How do they go to the bathroom?

5: Rocko’s Modern Life - Someone told me I haven’t talked about Rocko’s Modern Life on this site, but now I’m going to. It’s a very hilarious show that gets creative with its comedy. There are some adult jokes included that went right over my head as a kid. As an adult, I laugh at them a lot now. It’s a wonderful show and I’m looking forward to the upcoming TV movie.

4: Avatar: The Last Airbender - It’s pretty much impossible to hate this show. It has excellent storytelling, excellent animation, excellent characters, excellent music, excellent everything. It pretty much does everything right. Well, if there was one thing I had to nitpick, it would be the humor. It does get funny at times, but most of the time it’s kind hard to watch. Like there’s a scene where Sokka drinks cactus juice and starts acting weird. I didn’t find that to be very funny. It was just downright disturbing. Everything else is absolutely amazing. WAY better than the live action movie. And they’re apparently making a live action series. I hope they don’t mess it up.

3: Danny Phantom - This is awesome! It’s about an average teen who becomes half human and half ghost. The concept alone is just genius. There’s a lot of great action involving Danny fighting the ghosts and the interactions are very believable. This is due to top notch voice acting and beautiful animation. It can also get pretty emotional and serious at times. Even though people didn’t like the last season, I still found some enjoyment in it. It’s easily Butch Hartman’s best show.

2: My Life as a Teenage Robot - I’m sure we all watched this show just because of how attractive Jenny is. Seriously though, this is a really great cartoon. I’m pretty sure anyone who is a teenage or has ever been a teenager can find this to be pretty relatable. It perfectly captures how teens would normally act. Even though Jenny is a robot, she still has so much emotion to the point where she acts like a human. Something that Robot Jones wasn’t able to do. I absolutely adore My Life as a Teenage Robot.

1: Invader Zim - Yep. There was no other choice. Invader Zim is easily the best Nicktoon of all time. I watched this all the time when I was a kid. There are so many quotable moments. The jokes are just insanely funny. They never get old. Even the animation still holds up. There are no words to describe how great it is. It is absolutely phenomenal. I’m very excited for the TV movie.

So that’s my ranking of the Nicktoons. If you don’t agree with it, that’s fine. We all have different opinions. Feel free to let me know what your ranking is. Also, let me know if I forgot to include any.


Since you enjoy Back at the Barnyard, did you enjoy the movie? - nicolasb5194

Yes - MegaSoulhero

My opinions on all of these shows.
48-40: Awful.
39. Meh, it's okay, not as good as the 2012 series, but still funny.
38-36: Boring.
35. Completely unnecessary
34. Haven't seen it yet.
33. Bleh,
32. Mediocre
31. It's pretty entertaining at times, but it can get uninteresting.
30. I've a few episodes and it's not that interesting.
29. I really like the animation style, but I hate the show itself.
28. I have forgotten about this show.
27. First 3 seasons were good, season 4 was average, 5-9 were awful, and 10 and 11 were okay for the most part.
26. I honestly like this show. It has good humor.
25. I've yet to watch this show.
24. Horrible
23. Haven't seen it.
22. In my opinion, this is the best Modern Nicktoon. I like TLH, but this show has less bad episodes, more likable characters, and it isn't as repeating. It's a shame that Nick treated it like crap.
21. It is a pretty good Nicktoon.
20. Meh, don't hate it, but never liked it either.
19. One of my favorites.
18. It was good until Poof came. And then Foop. And then Sparky. And then Chloe. I just watch the first 5 seasons and pretend that seasons 6-10 never happened.
17. Not as good as DP or FOP, but it's okay.
16. I used to be obsessed with this show. I like it.
15-14. Sadly, I haven't seen it.
13. A very funny cartoon. I really like the humor.
12. VERY entertaining! A shame Nick shuns this cartoon.
11. I REALLY want to watch this one.
10. The best show that is airing right now, but I think it's too high. It can get repetitive sometimes, but that's improving with season 3.
9. This will be one of the best Nicktoons ever,
8. Haven't seen it yet.
7. I love it. Better than Planet Sheen.
6. A trip to nostalgia land.
5. One of my all-time favorite Nicktoons. But it tries too hard to be edgy sometimes.
4. Possibly the best Nicktoon.
3. Good humor, good plot, good show.
2. I think it's too high, but the show is a really good show.
1. While Avatar is the best Nicktoon, this would be my favorite. I really like the show, it's one the most creative Nicktoons out there. Too bad I can't watch it that much because my sister is scared of it. - Drawbox

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It looks awesome - MegaSoulhero

Why don't you like Ninja Turtles? - iliekpiez

48. Garbage
47. Trash, but there are worse
46. Ew
45. Annoying
44. Stupid
43. My least favourite
42. Henry Danger automatically equal bad
41. I like it fine
40. Trash
39. I really like it
38. Bad
37. Was this based off the movie?
36. Hate it
35. Fan Fiction
34. Never seen
33. ^
32. Eh
31. I love it
30. Bad
29. Eh
28. ^
27. I love the eariler seasons, and while dislike the newer, I like the latest seasons
26. Eh
25. Decent
24. Awful
23. Never seen
22. Very good
21. Amazing
20. Bad
19. Adore it
18. I liked it until Poof ruined everything
17. Bad
16. Good
15. Eh
14. Great show
13. Eh
12. Eh
11. ^
10. Top 5 worthy
9. Great
8. Good
7. Phenomenal
6. Underrated
5. Never seen
4. Never seen
3. Phenomenal
2. Underrated
1. Never seen - iliekpiez

I'll rearrange in my view...

48: Fanboy and Chum Chum - Push back halfway down, and that looks much MUCH better. There's no defense for this one the show Nick picks up and they go in a downward spiral for the next six years.

47: Breadwinners - Yeah... terrible!

46: Sanjay and Craig - Also terrible, but pretty wrong to even think about as well.

45: Butt-Ugly Martians - Well is the most ugly animation I have ever seen?

44: Rabbids Invasion - Why Ubisoft?

43: Pig, Goat, Banana, Cricket - Ugh... sure

42: Planet Sheen - I like Sheen and all, but to give him a whole show is like being high in the process.

41: The Mighty B - Amy Poehler had reached her height, and with this show her character just felt extremely annoying I fought couldn't stand it.

40: Tak and the Power of Juju - The video games were pretty good, the show itself was very disappointing.

39: The Adventures of Kid Danger - Never heard of it

38: Welcome to the Wayne - What exactly does that even mean?

37: Rugrats Pre-School Daze - Awe yes the infamous show the exists in other countries with few episodes, but can't fully say I have seen this myself though.

36: Bunsen is a Beast - Its between mediocre to sub-par okay.

35: Monsters vs. Aliens - The movie is much better type ideal for me. This was what started it all technically.

34: T.U.F.F. Puppy - Its okay, but never got what was good about it.

33: Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Never seen it

32: TMNT (2012) - From what I have heard its good, but never saw a single episode.

31: All Grown Up - I've seen a little bit of it not as good as rugrats, but an underrated spinoff.

30: Robot and Monster - I can't say I have seen this this, but from how it looks it might not be that bad.

29: The Legend of Korra - Not nearly as epic as Aibender as people suggest, I felt they tried way too hard to recapture that old school audience.

28: Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness - Based on the first two films pretty much its alright for what it did it could of been for better or worse, but one of the better shows of that lineup.

27: The Loud House - The show that brought Nick back to life in 2016 after many dark years of failure, but for such a rapid fanbase still growing I have yet to see a single episode lol.

26: Harvey Beaks - People keep saying its good, and it has some elements from Chowder, but I got nothing to say.

25: The X's - A vastly underrated, and forgotten Nick show never really gave a chance on a show that remind me of Incredibles, but in a more secret agent vibe to it a talking computer in the house I forget his name as well as Randy Savage being Sasquatch being on the show that's pretty rare I loved this show too bad it died just like that.

24: Back at the Barnyard - Many hated it, but I liked the show it was funny when they did it right a wacky filled adventures with the crew at Barnyard based on the film which I'll admit is dated, but very good for its time.

23: As Told By Ginger - Truth be told I liked the show for A. the theme song, and B. The side characters are pretty good character development. The animation reminds of the next one...

22: Rocket Power - That's right Rocket Power, I liked it at the time mixed reception for the most part. Seem to get no love on here. The characters are good sure there personalities otherwise no, but there's just something to them.

21: El Tigre - Another great underrated show that never got a legitimate chance on Nick. I love the premise, and the characters of this show as well as the voicing is well done very original one of the more sabby ones the channel got wrong when they killed it off all together.

20: The Wild Thornberrys - I did like it at the time, but its more less another great pieces by Tim Curry mostly what he could carry in a cartoon. I'll admit it is boring when it comes to adventure I expected something outta Tarzan like a Zoo of animals to talk too.

19: Aaahh! Real Monsters - I caught the show here, and there on Nicktoons, and it was brilliant when I did catch it its one I haven't caught enough to have a hard time where to put it exactly.

18: Doug - Okay yes it was boring I'll say that much, but for what it did accomplish being technically the first cartoon on air, and have a wickedly addicting theme on Nick it wasn't bad it better on there than it was Disney I'll say that much.

17: Catscratch - Finally the last show to have a little life in its infancy that was actually a very fun, and cool show was Catscratch it may not be Garfield territory, but for what it did I'm shocked it didn't even last too long for a hidden gem on Rob Paulsen's part.

16: Penguins of Madagascar - A nice continuation of the spirit the first film brought and why it was a hit was some say the Penguins stole the show.

15: CatDog - A mean spirited cartoon with a great theme song to boot.

14: ChalkZone - Underrated show that survived numerous years with very creative ways what they do in each and every episode. Oh and do I need to mention the guitar theme awesome stuff in this show.

13: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy - ''Jimmy Neutron was for the most a relatable show to watch a boy genius whose gotta blast his way to finding a resolution each and every show.''

12: The Fairly OddParents - The show has gotten much MUCH worse over the years yet I still put high up, well its defiantly a memorable work by Butch Hartman, but I gotta be honest not his best work though.

11: My Life as a Teenage Robot - ''Captures the spirit of being a teen in robot form, and also fight villains on the way the show isn't too dark, but there are times it can be found.''

10: KaBlam - ''A variety cartoon type show showcasing many different elements of animation and for the most part excellent show.''

9: The Angry Beavers - ''The animation can at times be outdated, but overall it hold up well, and a very underrated cartoon from that time span.''

8: SpongeBob SquarePants - Seasons 1-3 legendary comedy gold, the first movie brilliant, but all the other seasons after what happened? You have an icon on a pedestal, and his quality of seasons are being tarnished.

7: Rocko’s Modern Life - There are times they do too many movie cliches like Nostalgia critic puts it, but I do love the show a lot more than the last one. The insanely edgy humor here is not as dark, and disturbing as another show higher up, but doesn't do too much of that and has an amazing voice cast. This was also a stepping stone for Camp Lazo to come later on.

6: Danny Phantom - ''Yeah I definitely love this show, it hasn't been touched since, and maybe that's for the best Danny Phantom is an amazing cartoon from the mid 2000's. It was something like no other a super hero ghost fighting other ghost each and every episode.''

5: Hey Arnold - I like the setting, the characters are all original and unique in their own way and Helga steals the whole show with how complex she is throughout the show.

4: Rugrats - A great quality Nick show with very good, and at times weird ideas of what these babies would do. Also one of the few animated shows to that's right ''get a name recognition into the Hollywood walk of fame well done indeed.''

3: Invader Zim - ''Invader Zim was one that never should of cancelled even back than the popularity rose in a snap of a finger. This show one I personally love it.'' The dark humor is actually very funny, and its ashame it died so quickly as everybody saw the next great cartoon before their eyes in the early 2000's.

2: Avatar: The Last Airbender - ''Top to bottom I enjoyed this series its successor not nearly as good as this, but tried to recapture the spirit this had overall.'' No, but seriously this show was awesome the film was a travesty to what it achieved.

1: The Ren & Stimpy Show - For me the best show is the most risk taking cartoon on the channel in history. Some of the things you'd see on this show would have to be played at night. While the animation may not look too well now, but than it was something very colorful of its time. - htoutlaws2012

€I only watched this show because Susan is kinda hot”

Sir... - Not_A_Weeaboo