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Invader Zim is an American animated television series created by Jhonen Vasquez for Nickelodeon. The series centers on an extraterrestrial named Zim from the planet Irk, and his mission to conquer Earth and enslave the human race along with his malfunctioning robot servant GIR.


GIR! That is all I should have to say to make it clear this deserves number. This show made me laugh so much I felt like my brother died when it was canceled

Invader ZIM is by far the bets cartoon I have ever seen on any channel. It has always made me laugh. The characters are so memorable, and the show itself is just so creative and humorous. Dib has always been my favorite character, but I also love Zim, the tallests (They are just too funny), and Gir. The animation is beautiful. All the other shows on Nickelodeon are terrible, and even SpongeBob is losing its spark. The first 1-3 seasons of SpongeBob were great, and the movie was amazing, but after the movie, it all went slowly downhill. Invader Zim never loses it's spark.

This show is my life. It has such a huge fanbase, even though it's been cancelled for YEARS! I think this show absolutely deserves an ending (they left us hanging at the Christmas episode! JERKS! ) You gotta love this show. It's the best. Period.

Zim is pure awesome and gir is so cute I really hope that zim wins in the end and not stupid SpongeBob SquarePants because everybody know that invader zim owns the nicktoons universe and SpongeBob should be at the bottom of the voting list INVADER ZIM forever!

Invader Zim is definitely the best cartoon ever. It's funny and cute, it's origiinal, and it is surprisingly cynical for a cartoon. Somehow Zim and Dib always end up in a lose/lose situation despite the facts that they are mortal enemies. I love this show, it's definitely the best, not just on nick but on every channel. Go Invader Zim!

Invader Zim says :Obey! I listen to him. Gir is so cute! Dib is funny and sometimes weird. And Gaz is cool and doesn't care about Zim being an alien. Just can't choose my favorite character! I was so sad when it was canceled so I keep watching old episodes over and over again. They never get boring.

Best show ever, it has a HUGE fan base. Nickelodeon are so stupid not to bring it back, why don't they just make ONE last one to rap up the series? This is why I hate nick...

This should be number 1! Not number 4, or any number under! SpongeBob, Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Rocket Power, Rocko's modern Life, Ren And Stimpy, Animaniacs, The Wild Thornberrys, and Tiny Toon Adventures suck! INVADER ZIM SHALL RULE!

This show should be #1! It's the greatest show I have ever watched nick made the greatest mistake for canceling it! I miss it so much and it's my favorite cartoon of all time. Gir just lights up the entire show and makes you laugh histarically but with Zims laughs and stupidity you can't stop watching the show and eventually you will watch it so much you will quote every line of the show every episode at a time.

Invader zim was awesome I don't know why they banned it it was so cool better than that SpongeBob crap

This was one of the first shows I ever watched into cartoons. This show is hilarious and the development spreads freely. This should be higher

We all know this show was ten times better then the crap they put on today, even Spongebob (who I've lost all faith in)

It's unbelievable how creative and fresh this cartoon was and still is. Horror, comedy and sci-fi all rolled up into a dark little bundle tied up with an amazing soundtrack. This is absolutely the best cartoon ever shown on Nick and possibly any other channel!

This show is so original and it had lovely animations. Nearly every episode was great!

Even after ten years with no new episodes, this fan base keeps growing and growing. That has to mean something.

Invader Zim should be way higher.

This show was the best thing nick ever put out after the 90s. It was dark, psychotic, and funny nick made a huge mistake cancelling the series. This show still has loyal fans even 12 years after it was taken off the air! Id like to see another nicktoon have that.

What a shame there's no more IZ, Nickelodeon sure could use it now that all they have is shows that stink to high heaven.

Zim should be higher on the list best show ever Nick should have never let it go it is awesome

Me loves invader zim! It deserves to be brought back! And it has played a big part in my life too.

Just bought the whole series on iTunes, finally. Worth every penny. - eventer51314

Wow this has really moved it used to be like 20th good for humanity

I miss this show so much I wish they would make new episodes

Invader zim is simply amazing. epic, hilarious, has gir. who doesn't like zim?

Invander Zim should so be #1! GIR ROCKS YOUR RAINBOW SOCK RIGHT OFF YOUR FEET! - black0kitty