Best Nickelodeon Movies

The Top Ten Best Nickelodeon Movies

1 The Spongebob Squarepants Movie

This is by far the greatest SpongeBob ever. It's a little sad how the episodes went down hill after this movie was created, but still! To me every episode before this was amazing and the movie lived up to expectations.

Guess you can say this was the last of SpongeBob's great episodes. This movie was awesome in every way, from comedy to animation. It's also interesting that the whole movie happens to be being watched by pirates, in the movie you watch. MOVIECEPTION!
The fact that it's getting a sequel probably means that Nickelodeon will put as much effort in this one as the last one. The biggest question remains: Who will Nickelodeon choose to replace David Hasselhoff?

This movie has the best ending in the history of Nickelodeon. I'm a goofy goober!

Best move ever period. I can't wait for the sequel coming out in 2014 that's 10 years of waiting what the Heck.

2 Rugrats in Paris - The Movie

I love it and like it the show and make me laugh and made cry I love it I love wedding

This is my all-time FAVORITE movie. Nothing can pass it. It has a heartwarming, funny, and action-packed story-line. And also a strong sense of Japanese and French culture.

My favorite Rugrats movie out of all three - Mcgillacuddy

It has a good moral inside

3 Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius

My new favorite Nickelodeon movie. This, The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie, and The Rugrats Movie will remain my favorite Nickelodeon movies. Great plot and a great moral. You should never underestimate your parents. Every kid can relate to that. The plot was a mix of a drama, comedy, and action. The jokes were best coming from Sheen and Carl. The music was filled with awesome songs like I can count on you, Leave it up to me, AC's Alien Nation, and The Answer to Our Life. Jimmy's inventions were all very cool, and he even let my interest in science just a little bit! (Not like I'm becoming a scientist or anything, but he rose it a little! ) And this even went up for an Oscar, but of course lost to Shrek (Great movie as well).

I totally think that kids today need to see this movie and Shrek (When I mentioned him, I had to add him in too, even though it's about Jimmy, not him). I'm absolutely annoyed of Shrek and Jimmy Neutron being popular because of just stupid internet memes. ...more

Greatest nickelodeon movie ever. This movie could just stomp all over spongebobs movie. The plot for this movie was so great, and it got nominated for an Oscar, did that happen with Spongebobs movie? No. Spongebobs movie just had to may problems. But both movies took a stand and came out in real movie theaters instead of only airing on Nick. That is taking a big stand. If I was in that movie I would just take 2 pistols a rifle a rocket launcher a sword and grenades, then I would shoot the big chicken's head off with the RPG then mow the rest of the aliens down.

This movie is epic, This movie and the Spongebob movie will remain the only good original movies that Nick has ever made (because all of the other original movies they made like fun size or jinxed are utter crap) Nick has just been able to take any of their cartoons and make it a great movie (minus the terrible movie fairly odd parents grow up Timmy turner) I love this movie so much, it was just so well done. Nick should go back to only making stuff that's animated and only the old stuff cause new cartoons like Sajay and Craig suck a$$ I think this movie is awesome and it totally deserved to win an Oscar

Even though I did like the original SpongeBob Movie, this movie was way better. - Mcgillacuddy

4 Good Burger

I could watch this movie so many times. I love it so much. It is the funnies movie you can ever watch. I highly say you to watch it. It is amazing. I give it a 100.

This movie is AMAZING! It's so funny! My favorite character is Ed. Ed is a name that fits Eds personality: Dumb!

This is a really good movie and definitely the funniest nickelodeon movie!

I watched this with my cousin and I've memorized every line in the movie

5 The Rugrats Movie

This had laughing loads. Probably the funniest animated movie ever - Gangem

I love this movie thankou what's your face for inventing it lo and F off

I love this movei. iam 11 but a love the 90s. and T.V. does suck now. go 90s. plus bring back rugrats nickalodeon

6 Rags

Rags is an awesome movie. It's just like Cinderella. Except for"cinderella" being a boy and "prince charming" being a girl.

Just watched Rags, I love the gender-blender association with the classic tale of Cinderella. It hasn't been done before (not to my knowledge) though I recommencement it should be tried gain, perhaps with more classic tales...

The movie is amazing. Not only does it have an awesome story-line and the big modern take on Cinderella, it has something that we (as teens) can relate to. We struggle to be who we are, over-thinking about how others will accept us if we show the real us. Or the fact of the never-ending thought of what we want to be, And I think that this movie portrys this effortlessly.

My favorite movie of all time. Max is amazing (I'm obsessed)
And he is so cute with Keke Palmer. Everyone makes a Cinderella story movie, but Rags has a twist that no one has thought of before. Vote Rags!

7 The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

Not the best but a improvement a step in the right direction

Before I saw this I thought that this won't be as good as the first one but it is better than the first

I love this movie!

This was actually good. - Therandom

8 Rango

I cannot believe this is not even in the top ten! It is, in my opinion, the best Nickelodeon movie ever made by a long shot. Johnny Depp is fantastic in this, it's great to see him play someone other than previous incarnations of Jack Sparrow

I didn't know Nickelodeon made this movie.

Easily the best Nickelodeon movie and one of the best animated movies ever made.

This movie won an Oscar!

9 Barnyard - The Original Party Animals

I like the scene where the cows name I don't remember I like the part where he said that's called boy tipping haha

*the Farmer walks in and sees all the animals acting like humans*

Otis: Uhh... moo?

*the Farmer gets kicked unconsious*

UMM the title looks weird

One of the greatest movies ever

10 The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

Wow wish I were a wolf serious wait and see me Sofia becoming a wolf serious love Nickelodeon

Love this movie! So interesting

Rocking movie! I can watch this all day

Epic movie love how epic it is

The Contenders

11 Hotel for Dogs

I Loved this movie so much. There is something for everyone and I can watch it over and over again. Love it

It was sweet, it was comedic, it had a villain, it had dogs, whats there not to love? It was an awesome movie, LOVED it! I like the chihuahua. It was a very entertaining movie.

Love the movie, so awesome and it doesn't hurt that I love animals. I hope this movie inspires people to love animals.

Great Movie. Might just be one of the best in all time. I especially love it when the dogs are being served food like humans. It made me laugh a lot!

12 Hey Arnold! The Movie

I love him. He is hilarious and the great part about this is Helga and him still going on. This movie is actually my second favorite because of it's true funniest moments and trying to save their neighborhood. It is action and adventure. Never judge a book by it's cover, this is a awesome Nickelodeon Hit. :) Enjoy this movie if you see it, or watch it on YouTube only HD

This is the most heart wrenching movie in the world of Nickelodeon movies. I only just finished watching it and I can really get the characterisation from Helga. Funny moments and heart wrenching scenes. I almost cried when Mr Green had to shut down his shop. Greatest Nickelodeon movie ever! The SpongeBob movie is good too but I prefer this

Underrated - AliciaMae

13 The Adventures of Tintin

Why isn't this number one. I love this movie, I love Steven Spielberg, and I love Peter Jackson (especially with the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings). - Kid_ethinederland

It is a really cool story and also creative.

I loved this its Awesome

To me, this is without a doubt #1.

14 Swindle

Great really enjoyed it and funny too. Nickelodeon make more movies and less cartoons but make lots of movie you will be amazed by the stock you will get. Princess Sofia here

Epic movie the cast is my favorite

Best movie ever awesome plot

Beast movie: Enough said

15 Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Awesome! Great adventure for the whole family! But it can get boring at sometimes. My only wish is that they will make another one! I would like to see the quagmires in the move so bad!

I can still remember its trailer. This is one of the best movies Nickelodeon has ever made, it's weird yet fun and a little scary from kids perspective. This film is really unique and I think should be watched.

I read almost every book and the last one (The End) is awesomely Cool!

This movie was AWESOME, great movie for the whole family. Can't wait to read the book, Sounds cool

16 Rugrats Go Wild
17 Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie

This should be higher - jameshoward

Really good - AliciaMae

Possibly one of the best animated movies of the year.
The characters are true to their original selves.
The environment is awesome
What else can I say? I could go on and on. - SharkBite

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the movie that got me into the Hey Arnold series.
While it's not a perfect film by any means there was still a lot I loved about this film.
The animation is colourful, clean and very smooth. The pacing was decent and the characters are very likeable.
There is a lot to say about this film but I'm going to save that for another time because that would mean way too much text to read so sorry if this comment comes off as lacking.
I'll try a lot harder next time, I promise.

18 Big Time Movie

Great show and great movies enjoyed all there songs

The best movie ever of the best band ever. Big Time Rush always be the best.

Wonderful movie I love their rock and roll band

The best movie ever, I love Big Time Rush.

19 Drake & Josh Go Hollywood

One of my all time favorite movies amazing favorite drake and josh movies go 1. drake and josh go to Hollywood 2. drake and josh really big shrimp 3. drake and josh Christmas - rybread28

20 Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh

A hilarious movie the best Christmas film ever.

Best Christmas movie ever!


Top 5

21 Charlotte's Web
22 Jinxed

This is an okay movie.

I think that this it a great film

Really good movie and it is so romantic and funny

Amazing film

23 Best Player

WHAT?! This was the only Nickelodeon movie which I thought didn't suck!

Best movie in history

Nice cause I like all Jennette movies

Jennette McCurdy seems like she went into a catfight with Vanessa Hudgens after geting beat up by Nat Wolff. Curse Nickelodeon.

24 Yours, Mine & Ours

I watched it 1000 times and I can't get enough of it!

Awesome movie

Very good, shows the difficulties between joining two familys me and my family have watched it over 100+ times

25 The Wild Thornberrys Movie

How are Monster Trucks and a Fairly Odd Movie higher than this? - 445956

This movie was great and somehow The Last Airbender is higher - 445956

26 Nacho Libre

Not a very good movie loz

HIGHER please

27 Harriet the Spy

This is a classic

28 Nick Picks, Vol. 1

That's not a movie, it's a DVD. - FasterThanSonic

This isn’t a movie - AliciaMae

29 Fun Size

This movie was hilarious and just amazingly perfect


30 Channel Chasers

A special that should have we to theatres

31 Angus, Thongs, & Perfect Snogging

It never was never released in the cinemas in America it was a television movie. How pathetic.

This show everyone a slice of life when your not a fake prissy. And the boys in this movie are HOT! But the books are better. This movie is great for sleepovers.

32 The Spiderwick Chronicles

Possibly one of the freakiest kids fantasy movie made. The creatures except for the one that looked like a Hippogriff where all freaky. I wouldn't watch it ever again. No offense to any fans.

I can watch that movie 1,000 times

i like it!

This movie is sp underrated its crminal

33 House of Anubis: Touchstone of Ra
34 A Fairly OddParents Movie: Grow Up Timmy Turner
35 A Series of Unfortunate Events

Um isn't this the same as no.16 - Wolfpelt

36 Spectacular!

I'm not sure if I like this movie or if I don't like it but I am sure that this movie has some of the best singing scenes in a movie ever and this movie has one of the all time greatest soundtracks ever - rybread28

This is honestly the best movie I've ever seen in my life. The songs were amazing, the acting was amazing, and nolan gerard funk, I have no words. This movie was Spectacular!

37 Nick Picks, Vol. 2
38 All Growed Up
39 Splitting Adam

It wasn't that bad.

i like it


It was intresting because jace norman and isabella normar acted inthe movie with jack griffo

40 Monster Trucks

This movie is awesome

The 3D Animation Is Amazing. This Is The Latest Nickelodeon Movie I Watched.

This movie is amazing! Should be #1! Its got everything a movie should need! Creech is adorable! The CGI is beautiful, the monster truck scenes are breathtaking, and it's so emotional how creech finds a new family! 😂 childhood movie! Highly recommend! -trollsfan536

41 The Last Day of Summer
42 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Yeah, does anyone notice that Mikey looks like a rapper?

He does look like a rapper.

Really nice no dislikes

43 Nicky Deuce
44 Terry the Tomboy

I remember this


Such a great movie


46 A Fairly Odd Christmas
47 A Fairly Odd Summer
48 Tiny Christmas

Very interesting

50 The Last Airbender

Take this off the list. NOW.

This movie is an insult to the source material hell its not just an insult it gives the series a wedgie. - egnomac

Wha...? Why is this on this list?! - 906389

The best movie ever, I love the cartoon too.

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