Danny Phantom

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Danny Phantom is an American animated series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon. It was produced by Billionfold Studios and distributed in Canada by Nelvana, a Canadian animation company. The series follows a teenage boy who, after an accident with an unpredictable portal between the human world ...read more.


Danny Phantom was pretty much my childhood in a nutshell. I loved this show, and every time there was a new episode coming out, I had to watch it. I've been a fan of it since I was 5 years old. It shows you that being different (or really, unique) was a good thing. It was also very creative with excellent characters (and plenty of comic relief from characters such as the Box Ghost).

Also, I really relate to the character of Jazz. I'm a bit of an overprotective older sister, similar to how Jazz was to Danny. I loved her character and believe that there was so much about her that was never explained (and the same is true for many of the other characters. )

I hope that one day Nickelodeon realizes that they were a bunch of idiots for cancelling the best shows or turning them stupid. Things are starting to look up, but I don't know it that will continue. Danny Phantom should return; save the Phantom!

Should be among the top 10. It was action packed. Had great characters. And was such a unique superhero considering all the superman duplicates out there. Personally, I believe that this show was on par with Nick greats like Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents and Avatar. But to each their own, I guess.

Danny Phantom is like my other half! Throughout the years, I've been off and on with this show. I liked to watch it anytime it was on when I was little. I forgot it for about 3 years and then I saw a picture on Instagram and decided to look up episodes, and here I am today watching all the episodes over and over again. It's amazing with its hilarious comedy and the lessons are so relatable. I love this show and always will. I've heard rumors of it comin back, but you never know. All in all, this should be number 1. SAVE THE GHOST WE LOVE THE MOST! "Who cares what you were when you were younger. It's who you grew into that makes you who you are." -Danny Fenton. Thank you for your lessons, Danny. Thank you for the show, Butch Hartman. And now there is only one thing left to say. Dude, You are one seriously crazed-up fruit loop if you don't think this should be #1!

Danny Phantom came out when I was five years old. I was really young and I remember how much I loved and still love that show. It's been nine years and I'm still watching it on Nicktoons. Now that I'm older, the jokes are even funnier because I remember and understand them, and since I'm a teen, I can very easily relate to the show. The only show I liked other than Danny Phantom while it was running (2004-2007) was Spongebob, and now Spongebob is crammed with horrible writing that shouldn't be considered as humor. And yet, Danny Phantom is still my favorite show over Spongebob, and I can tell everyone confidently that it always will be. It was pretty much my childhood, and watching it helps me realize that as a teen, I'm not alone. Thank you, Butch Hartman.

This cartoon should be among the top 10! Heck, it should be in the top 3! Danny Phantom is my favorite cartoon ever! I watched it when it first came out and I still watch it! I watch it every time it is aired on NickToons! My friend and I tend to obsess over it and we always have Danny Phantom marathons, where we watch every episode. I wish that Butch Hartman would create another season. I know that there are tons of fans, me included, that wish to see Danny Phantom up on the air again.

Danny Phantom is one of the best shows of all time- it was very original with the plot. Come on? A half ghost kid? It's never been done before, AND it's a great idea! Little kids can watch the show and enjoy it, and so can teens and grownups! It's just plain out awesome, with great villains. Vlad Masters/Plasmius is one of the best cartoon villains of all time, people like Skulker haven't really been done before, and Dan? Dan is one of the most memorable characters, despite being in one episode. And Danny's allies like Clockwork and Frostbite? They are amazing, and it's a shock the show was cancelled- even with the drop in quality in Season 3.

I can't believe that some shows (not going to say which) are before this beautifully awesome show! This was my ultimate favorite show in the world on Nickelodeon! It was a favorite for both kids, and teens. It had many good qualities, morals, and was all around amazing. Awesome Idea for a show! Not really into toilet humor or stupid drama and so that's basically why I don't watch cartoon shows now a days, but this is one of the shows that basically draws me to watch the channels now.

Aww... I'm a bit sad that this isn't in the top 10.. :( I really loved this show... And whats up with avatar being number one? I mean I do love avatar as much as the next person but come on... Did it ever even air on nick? I thought it was only on nicktoons right? Ah yeah but I remember when I was like 6 or 7 and Danny Phantom came on for the first time.. I loved it :)before then, I was into only really girly princessy things and then bam... I started getting into different things and since then, I've found great shows that I really enjoy (Yep I'm obsessed with cartoons and I really don't care how old I am )

Seriously? How come this is not higher on the list? Sure, Avatar and it's successor are great shows. And Spongebob, well asides my personal opinion, I do recognize it's a very popular show. But Danny Phantom really defined what made Nickelodeon so great. Along Jimmy Neutron, this show gave the channel a major spotlight. Butch Hartman did a good job with Fairly OddParents, but Danny Phantom extended to a much more mature audience, while at the same time children could enjoy it. The action and pace was really well done, and the premise is simply one of the most creative ones there is. Ghost hunting was something that was done before, but the way this show did it was simply too amazing!

Sence it came out in 2004 Danny Phantom has changed fans life by viewing the things that we all face in our lifes even after its cancelation in 2007 fans still haven't giving up on this beloved show by making up storys for the continuation of the fans that have created fan art and fan clubs to keep this great show alive, this shows how important it is for them, this should mean some thing for nick that It should return for the new generation In nicktoons, if Butch Hartman can bring this show back do to the many questions it has left In the fan community by canceling this great show. I hope it comes back for just one season we would be ok if you did that for the fans nick studios.

Let's face it. This is the best show Nickelodeon had ever offered. It had a fair share of episodes with a strong finale, a very original story and some very heavy character development, not to mention that you could identify with many of them. It had some very good animation as well, and it's one of the few series where every episode is enjoyable in it's own way. It had some amazing villains and great storytelling. And let's not forget that it could be funny, but pretty dark as well. Although SpongeBob and Fairly OddParents are much more popular, this show doesn't stop from being the best just because if it's unique approach.

Such a great, great show. Really wish it hadn't been ended so soon. If it were brought back, I'd totally watch and hope that it continued to be as great as it was. Watched the whole series probably three or four times now, and still love it. Thinking about watching it all again soon. It has everything I like: comedy/humor, secrets, drama, action, adventure, friendship, family, and a little (but not too much) romance. It was clever and had great characters and some good character development. I admit that it could have done better in spots, but it still managed to be great. One of my favorite shows ever. 8.5/10

Danny Phantom is THE best show I have ever seen! I used to be terrified of ghost when I was a lot younger. Now, I try to hunt them like Danny! (I don't like Ghost hunters) Not only that it taught me valuable lessons. And mom said cartoons don't teach you anything! I hope Danny Phantom makes a remarkable comeback with 2, 3, even 4 more seasons! PLEASE COME BACK DANNY! VOTE FOR DANNY PHANTOM! Nick's first teen superhero!

Danny Phantom is the reason I am who I am. This show inspired me through art, writing and intellect! Growing up with a super hero who is just a normal boy with ghost powers is brilliant! Not only did he have to put up with bullies, crazy parents and bad grades... But he fell in love a few times. To me this is more then a cartoon, it's a part of me. Please continue the show Nickelodeon! We want Danny Phantom back more then any other program out there. You cancelled Danny Phantom over cost right?! Well I'm pretty sure you have enough to make a season 4. Please consider doing what your Phans want for a change. That's my 2 cents. Taco!

WHAT!?! Danny Phantom was the best show Nick had Created, it was the only cartoon on Nick where all of the episodes were awesome unlike some good shows (Fairly Odd Parents does way better in newer episodes because EVERY SINGLE VOICE in the old episodes were horrible, Timmy's voice was so raspy, Wanda sounded too sophisticated, and Cosmo's voice was to dark and serious) But Danny Phantom did good with every episode. I wish it would air this show more often. I love Danny Pantom

Danny Phantom is from the time when Nickelodeon had GOOD cartoons. Seriously, after season two, suddenly Nick was getting rid of all their decent shows, and now we're stuck with really ridiculous or outright dumb cartoons. If they'd not pushed season three out so quick and instead allowed time for the scripts to be better written, it could've had a fantastic finish. I want this show back SO BAD, but please bring back the season one and two writers!

I love Danny phantom! And I wish it went on for longer. I own every episode on iTunes and never get tired of watching it. However, I'm not sure if I would want to see Nick bring it back. I feel that they would ruin what we all loved. The beauty of Danny Phantom was that in the first season, it was purely entertainment and no noticeable lesson to be learned. That's what made it so great. And in the later seasons the lessons were disguised. I don't want to see Nick ruin the image and good name of Danny phantom like Cartoon Network did to Teen Titans.

This has everything that I could wish for. A deep meaning for everyone, even for kids and adults, a little bit of everything, realistic personalities, and more. It has a dark, yet deep meaning for teenagers and young adults and teaches a lesson towards the younger ones. Why isn't this on the top ten list? Scratch out iCarly and Victorious. This is the best show ever!

This was my favorite show as a kid and I loved it. But being a teenager, I think it's better than ever! It relates so much to issues you face during adolescents, has tons of action and adventure, some romance, and awesome characters! The villains are some of the best Nickelodeon ever had, the side characters are interesting, and I LOVE all of them! I wish they would've continued this show instead of the fairly oddparents since this show could've had more character development, and the story was never finished in my opinion. - BeanBag343

Danny Phantom, I've gotta say is one of my favourite nick shows next to avatar. Though its completely fictional, you can always relate to the show and its characters. Most of the characters are very well developed, along with storylines and plots that both intrigue you and spark your imagination and leaves a withe room for analysis and interpretation (hence so many fanfics ehemehem). I don't understand why Nick would cancel a show with such a large fanbase after all these years! After all these years, I'm still staying up till 12am everyday to watch it. - Pamikoh

Danny Phantom was (and still is) The best Nickelodeon cartoon. The characters were very relatable, the plot was very unique, and the animation was amazing. The show also taught lessons and had romance in it. Ugh, why did the budget have to be so high? Then they wouldn't have cancelled it! Hey, but thank god they began playing reruns on Nicktoons, but they're either during school hours during the week or at 4 am Sunday Morning...

Just like someone else on here said, this was one of the last good Nick shows. Bring back Danny Phantom!

Dude, Danny Phantom is insanely awesome. Why would they cancel it, I have no idea. The puns are hilarious in a very un-hilarious way and Danny is a pretty relatable and likeable character. No fair. Nickelodeon ought to be punished for such crime. It's the only show on nick where there's actually paranormal-ness and humor, romance and all that action and drama and family things all merged together.

I watched it just a few times and I loved it! It should replace Spiderman, it's a lot better! Why don't they stop wasting time and money on new Spongebob episodes and do some other episode of Danny Phantom? And, don't forget, if they stop producing Spongebob, nobody would notice (even 'cause there are tonns of episodes, they should only repeat the older ones), instead I've read of someone that it's been the image of the sadness when they stop producing Danny Phantom not my case (I "discovered" it just a few weeks ago)

I absolutley believe that danny phantom is one of the best shows I have watched in all of my 18 yrs. It goes right up there with avatar the last airbender. I definitely believe that it is much better in every category than spongebob or ned's de classified. And we need more seasons I'm left here with an empty feeling that needs to be filled. And only more seasons of this amazing show can fill that void inside me. All fans of danny phantom would certainly agree that WE NEED MORE DP!

I watched this show back when I was 13 - 15. I could really relate to the characters back then. I went back and watched it now that I'm in college and I gotta say, it's still one of the most original shows I've seen. And It was still hilarious, even though I thought I would have grown out of it by now.