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Drake & Josh is an American television sitcom created by Dan Schneider for Nickelodeon. The series follows the lives of two teenage boys with opposite personalities, Drake Parker (Drake Bell) and Josh Nichols (Josh Peck), who become stepbrothers. Both actors previously appeared in The Amanda Show along ...read more.


Drake & Josh was an awesome show when you think about it's humor and emotions, but when you think about everything else on this show, it's boring and lame, Do you guys even know what's missing on this show? The stuff that kids enjoy, entertainment effects, cool music, real and big adventures in every episode, many futuristic elements, and HD (during the latest seasons), While comedy and morals were useful in Drake & Josh, it didn't have any of those other things in it, and since it was the day that laugh tracks were annoying and stupid, Nick should've replaced the laugh tracks with those things as mentioned above, and it had stupid antics such as two brothers yelling at each other and slapping each other, WHAT ARE THEY REALLY TRYING TO DO, and the characters use god's name in vain, such as Oh My God, which is against God's rules and upsets Christians, If Nickelodeon replaced the laugh tracks and stupid antics with those cool elements as mentioned above, then it would've really been ...more

I know that Drake and Josh was awesome in terms of comedy, but it didn't have enough components like the rest of the good Nickelodeon shows. - nelsonerica

It was great, but it needed to be more like Ned's Declassified, but with funnier jokes and two boys to center the show on. - nelsonerica

Drake and Josh was not the best show on Nick, but it was the best live-action show that mainly relied on silly jokes. - nelsonerica

Drake and Josh was not as good as Avatar: The Last Airbender or the first 3 seasons of SpongeBob SquarePants, it was like most of the live-action sitcoms except that it had outstanding jokes, which was what made it so popular, but popular doesn't always mean the best, It had the best jokes, but not the best plot, background music or writing, just the best jokes, Some of the other shows on Nick have the best plot except for most of the modern shows, but not the best jokes, and it wasn't a kids show like the rest of the Nickelodeon shows except for Ren and Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, Fred: The Show, Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners, it was a tween show because it had some graphic violence and innuendo, although Jamie Lynn's pregnancy was the biggest innuendo ever, there were even some "oh my god" moments, which is totally inappropriate since that's saying God's name in vain and that's a bad influence for children, so therefore Drake and Josh wasn't the best show on Nick, but it did ...more - nelsonerica

Drake and Josh in my opinion is one of the best shows on Nickelodeon. I used to love it when I was younger and watched it regularly. Sometimes I would watch it everyday, especially on weekends with my older brother and sister. And unlike other shows, you could watch it with grown-ups and they would love it too. And the movies are really good to, and it's not so cheesy as the shows from nowadays. And the plot is great, the character's are funny, and to me, there's nothing to hate about it. Nick now is not doing so good, so bringing it back would be amazing! And it would get a lot of viewers. And maybe better shows would start coming out. Those two men who played Drake and Josh are just outstanding, and they are the ones who make it great. Without them, the show would be complete garbage, and the show would go down hill really fast. And they are great at acting, and Dan Schneider made it all happen. He created iCarly, which is number 2 in my book. Thanks a million! And if you can, bring ...more

Drake and Josh is the best nickelodeon show in history. When you compare Drake and Josh with kid shows it's the BEST. I like Miranda on Drake and Josh then iCarly. My favorite prank of hers is when she made Drake and Josh fall though their room floor in to the garage (Megan's Revenge) I have a lot of favorite quotes for each of them:one of my favorite Josh quote is (Driver's license) Drake:Come on! Just give me a ride Josh:No! I will not drive into the night on some Mexican adventure! My favorite Drake quote is (Vicious Tiberous) Drake:Josh! Josh! Help! I'm dangling and rotating! (Josh runs back into Mrs. Hayfer's House and into the kitchen) Drake:Josh! Josh where are you!? Josh:In the Kitchen! Drake:Oh, There is no time for snacking! My favorite Meagan quote is (Little Diva) Josh:Why was your bucket on top of our door? Meagan:Why was your door doing under my bucket! Again BEST SHOW EVER!

I disagree, Drake and Josh was good, but it should've had more components, like action, some romance and suspense, it had comedy, but it needed more components than that, and it was like most sitcoms, except that it had awesome jokes rather than stupid jokes. - nelsonerica

Drake & Josh was one of the best shows, but Ned's Declassified and the others in the other comment are better except for the little kids shows. - nelsonerico

! I LOVED DRAKE & JOSH FROM THE PAST BUT I FORGOT ABOUT THEM NOW! Now I'm watching it right now and I'm thinking that the old shows from this channel was like the best shows ever! Drake & josh has to be like the best show ever. It's my number one in my favorite T.V. list. Great acting, funny storyline, I love how josh and drake became best buddies and brothers from strangers to just friends. One of the best Dan Schneider shows ever! ICarly is nothing compared to this. Miranda Cosgrove was awesome as Megan as an evil little girl. And she was so cute! But now since she;s a nice girl and she's big now, I don't like the character she has and how she acts for it. I love Drake and Josh not only the show but the actual people. Drake & josh has to be like the best show ever in my opinion and it HAS TO BE NUMBER 1 ON THE LIST! Keep on liking people! And if you don't know that Drake & Josh is amazing, just watch an episode of it, whatever episode, and you'll surely fall in love with it!

One of the best comedies until Ned's Declassified, the more entertaining show, that has everything good and nothing bad, Drake & Josh is just jokes, fighting and laugh tracks, along with saying God's name in vain, which didn't happen in Ned's Declassified at all, iCarly also had God's name in vain, and that's so inappropriate for kids, Drake & Josh and iCarly aren't really kids shows, they're tween shows and iCarly is worse in comparison to Drake & Josh and Ned's Declassified, yet Ned's Declassified was completely clean, flirting and kissing isn't inappropriate if it's for the right reason, and it's not a problem. - nelsonerico

It's hard comparing this show to a bunch of cartoons, which is what Nickelodeon is really known for, but I still consider it the best. Shows like iCarly and Zoey 101 were like the first episode of this show throughout their entire run- cheesy. With Drake and Josh, it didn't start out extremely well, but it elevated VERY quickly and became an incredible show that just had "it". You could just tell that the scripts weren't written in 5 seconds, as the humor was excellent with endless quotable lines. Another great thing about this show was that it practically never got all touchy and emotional. There were no lessons or anything like that. It was a pure sitcom.

Except for the lack of common special effects and the stuff that defies the laws of nature, Ned's Declassified had a mix of defying laws of nature, good plot, special effects, hilarious jokes, lack of an annoying laugh track that turns T.V. shows into talent shows, good story and not too emotional, yet it still had quotable lines and elevated even faster than Drake & Josh because of all that, so Ned's Declassified was like the entertaining and special effect version of Drake & Josh. - nelsonerico

Lots of shows on Nickelodeon except for the lackluster ones are good, Drake & Josh seems lackluster compared to SpongeBob SquarePants Season 1-4, The Fairly OddParents, Invader Zim, Ned's Declassified, Hey Arnold, Rugrats and Every Witch Way. - nelsonerico

Very good show and Ned's Declassified was like the cool version. - nelsonerico

This is my favourite Nick sitcom. I'm watching Drake & Josh right now & they are like the King of Nick shows. No other show will be like it. Not even Ned's Declassified. Do other Nick shows have memorable quotes? Do other Nick shows 2 hit movies? NO.
I agree there may be sexual content BUT that's not what it's known for. It's known for being the best because of two strangers who became best friends & did things together. This is from 2004 & even other 90's shows aren't remembered that much. I have an 8 year old cousin who likes this show! Even kids who aren't from the 90's like it! The whole point of me writing thesis cease all is Drake & Josh should be proud of our position! Yes we're 3rd but the top 2 are animated! This isn't! This is the first sitcom to be on titis list! Kenan & Kel I wasn't a big fan of but it seemed cool. I didn't like Zoey 101 nor Ned's declassified because I wasn't interested in drama or sitcoms that don't have any comedy! But that's my opinion! Al I'm ...more

Drake & Josh was such a hilarious show, but Ned's Declassified is just as funny, except there's no laugh track, there's special effects, and there's cool stuff going on, like when there are dreams, there are cool unnatural dreams that kids and adults love so much, if Drake & Josh was like that, plus with higher quality, then it would've been the best sitcom ever, but Drake & Josh was nothing but jokes and laugh tracks and crazy emotions, and everyone hates laugh tracks so much since they interrupt scenes and turn them into talent shows, Ned's Declassified was the flavored twin to Drake & Josh. - nelsonerico

Listen, Guys, this is an IMPORTANT message. We need Drake and josh at number one. SO many people wanted full house to be back on air and its coming back. So if we get this to number one, and we leave long comments stating how we feel about Drake and Josh, It may come back on air. Who wants that? I can't promise you that will happen, but if we work hard enough, it could be a possibility. Dan Schnieder COMPLETELY lost his mind trying to make "Henry Danger" and "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn." Also, find a paper and pen. because here is the plan:

1. Come up with ideas and post them on Drake and Josh videos stating new episodes they could make if it comes back on air

2. Subscribe to Drake.

3. Get a hold of Dan any way you can, and then, tell them your opinion.

Don't do this if you hate this show or to not want it to come back. Because I know I do.

I know and agree that Drake and Josh was one of the best shows, but that's in terms of humor, not the other parts, the other parts hardly ever had any entertaining stuff on it to keep people interested, it was like taking away all the awesomeness and just keeping the jokes, it should have had all the components, but it looks like Dan Schneider had the options to do that, even the background music on some of the other shows was better than it was on this show and the other Dan Schneider shows. - nelsonerica

Drake and Josh was one of the best shows in terms of humor, but not in anything else, The other shows have a real plot with stuff that makes sense and are mixed with funny humor, This show is just funny humor with nonsense behavior and laugh tracks, the use of Oh My God is on it, and that's saying God's name in vain, which upsets Christians as well as God, Drake and Josh was only good for it's jokes, but not anything else, Also the age target is not kids like Nickelodeon is or was. - nelsonerica

One of the best comedies nick has made, no wait, THE BEST comedy they have ever made spongebob is cool and quirky and all but you can never really see much conflicting feelings other than squidward and spongebob, but it got old really fast but conflicts between drake and josh never get old and the Christmas specials are what I feel between the two, merry Christmas drake and josh did more than make us laugh I mean, it had EVERYTHING, a young girl, a scrooge, a neutral menace (megan) and two people right between the mess drake and josh NEEDS and DESERVES to be #1

Not even the best show on Nick, but the best live-action comedy that involves laugh tracks, It didn't have very much interesting things except for it's hilarious jokes, but it takes more than that component to make a great show. - nelsonerica

Drake and Josh was Dan Schneider's best show ever! The jokes were awesome and just the chemistry that Drake Bell and Josh Peck had together was awesome! Just put Drake and Josh in a room and I will guarantee that they will make you laugh!

Also, props to Miranda Cosgrove! She really made the character of Megan awesome! ICarly, the Dan Schneider show after Drake and Josh where Miranda plays the lead role, is absolutely nothing compared the Drake and Josh.

Dan Schneider's shows are mainly for jokes, which is not much stuff for an entertaining show, and Drake and Josh kinda had the wrong target audience for a Nickelodeon show, it was for 10 and up, while most Nickelodeon shows start at a younger age. - nelsonerica

Drake & Josh is one of the best shows in terms of comedy humor such as funny jokes that never get old, but the rest of the plot is boring, just two guys telling jokes and fighting over each other with a laugh track added in, and there's no special effects or cool music to spice it up, nothing like you would see on, for example: Ned's Declassified. - nelsonerico

They also say God's name in vain, unlike Ned's Declassified, which doesn't have God's name in vain, Drake and Josh didn't have the right target audience like the rest of the shows on Nick. - nelsonerica

I agree, Drake & Josh was good for it's jokes while Ned's Declassified was good for everything. - nelsonerico

Ned's Declassified is more interesting in terms of everything than Drake & Josh except for it's jokes. - nelsonerico

Drake and Josh ROCK! I don't know why it was ever cancelled from Nick but I guess they got a bit too old. I wonder what the characters look like now - I saw that Miranda Cosgrove was going off to college! I'm gonna go look up pics of Drake and Josh now. (If you're wondering why I'm writing so much its because I want to get a GOOD on the score that they rate you...

Drake and Josh combines the genres of comedy, drama, action, and family to create a spectacular show with all types of characters. No show will have a geek like Josh. A hotty like Drake. And a devious little girl like Megan. Oh Megan. All of her techno stuff that hurt Drake and Josh really made me laugh. This is definitely the show for you.

The two take their acting from The Amanda Show (which is third behind Rugrats and Drake and Josh in my list) and take off! Funny from start to finish of series unlike Sponge Bob which clearly started to veer after the episode where they back in time. It doesn't look like the millennial kids will ever get to see exceptional cartoons. Peace out 90's kids (adults).

Nickelodeon gold. It's full of hilarious moments, it has a great cast, and it's the most quotable show on this network since SpongeBob SquarePants. And by the way, it's nothing like Dan's other shows.
Favorite dialogue
Josh: "Please excuse Drake from doing his homework. He twisted his liver and is unable to read, write, or bathe. Yours truly, the doctor."
Drake: "Wrote it myself."
Josh: "Shouldn't the doctor have a name? "
Drake: "Oh, yeah umm... Bob the doctor. Sound good? "
Josh: (sarcastically) "Oh yeah, now it's perfect! " - PeterG99

Here's a good twin to Drake & Josh except that it's from a different creator, Ned's Declassified, I'm not saying Drake & Josh is bad, it's just that Ned's Declassified has cool stuff like special effects, dreams about weird entertaining things like different worlds or different time periods, it had cool music while Drake & Josh had random guitar music, which is overused and boring, the jokes on Ned's Declassified match those on Drake & Josh in terms of hilarity, the stuff on Ned's Declassified was kinda futuristic and cool compared to anything on Drake & Josh, Ned's Declassified had everything you need on a sitcom, while Drake & Josh seemed pretty random for one. - nelsonerico

You need more than just jokes, Jokes are good, but you need more than just that, mix it with events and mishaps, yet an all age audience. - nelsonerico

Drake and Josh also needs suspense, which it never had, and that's one reason why it was boring. - nelsonerica

Drake and Josh makes me laugh every time even if I watched the episode a thousand times! How is this on 4?! It should at least be up to 3. How is Invader Zim and Avatar in front of Drake and Josh?! They're stupid cartoon shows! Spongebob is normal to be in front though. But still, Drake and Josh 4?! Victorious 8?! Neds Declassified School Survival Guide 10?! ICarly 11?! Zoey101 13?! You guys have no brains! - Cupcakecookieluv

The two main leads of the show, Drake Bell and Josh Peck work incredibly well together as a comedy pair. They're naturals at it and have been since their Amanda Show days. Josh Peck's facial expressions makes me crack up every time. I laughed at it when I was eight and I laugh at it now

Drake and Josh was one of the best shows on Nick when you think about the humor, But the laugh track, which people hate nowadays, is distracting and made it feel like a talent show recorded on cameras, while it was supposed to be a T.V. series, The visuals were stale, the plot was bland, and it was mainly about two guys yelling and slapping each other telling jokes as a laugh track played, very boring compared to some shows that played during that era, there were no good effects that would've been mindblowing, the background music was very boring, they even said God's name in vain, which kids shouldn't get into because that's breaking one of the 10 Commandments, If you saw a show with good music, good plot, good dialogue, good special effects, good jokes, no breaking God's rules and good morals all at once at that time, it would be Ned's Declassified, Drake and Josh was stale compared to that show, except for it's jokes and morals, In Fact, Ned's Declassified was closer to resembling ...more - nelsonerico6

Nick had always given us great shows and memories! Feel pity for kids these days that they can't enjoy the shows which we did. I used to watch drake and josh when I was 7-8 and now I m 15.. Still remember the show :) this show was by far the best! And one of my favorite cartoons --SpongeBob!

For me you cannot compare any T.V. show to drake and Josh it had me laughing all the time and it's the one show that I still watch today. I started watching drake and Josh when I was around 4 years old now that I'm 15 I'm still watching it and will keep watching it because I love it

It is way more funny than iCarly because iCarly is funny but some of the things are stupid. No offense, but I like Miranda Cosgrove's evil character in Drake & Josh. Also Drake Bell and Josh Peck are awesome they so funny. It should have continued.

Drake and Josh has been the best nickelodeon show ever. Since I was a child I finished my home works as fast as I can for watching Drake and Josh. Drake is a very fun guy in this show I loved his attitude about girls and as he played guitar. Josh was my favorite character because he was always a funny guy who was the opposite of Drake and when he was angry he was VERY funny.
Best Show Ever, thanks Drake Bell, Josh Peck, Nickelodeon, Dan Schenider

Nothing but jokes and fighting and having meltdowns, not the best trend for Nick, but good for a plain sitcom. - nelsonerica