The Fairly Oddparents

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The Fairly OddParents is an American animated television series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon.


The first 8 seasons were OK. But then the show hit rock bottom on seasons 9 and 10. And here's why. When the show got revived in 2008, they added Poof, which in my personal opinion wasn't a bad idea and I actually liked him. But then Butch got this crazy idea that adding new characters would improve the ratings when in reality he's driving the show to the brink! Exhibit A: That's when he added Sparky: "The talking dog that was meant for comic relief but ultimately fails" (unquote).
Exhibit B: And when you thought it couldn't get any worse from here, we deal with the Mary Sue that we all know as CHLOE CARMICHAEL! The only upside with the Chloe season is that there is no Sparky presence. But the downsides I am going to point out is they wiped out most of the old minor characters from existence like Chester and AJ. Secondly, Chloe's lifestyle is to fortunate for her to even have fairy godparents! So in reality she doesn't even deserve them. And lastly, they just had to change the ...more

This show really needs more votes I'll see what I can do to get this show toward the top of the list like it needs to be not this low please people thank celestia this show is awesomer then SpongeBob

It WAS awesome until Sparky came into the picture. I mean, in the early 2000's it was my favorite show! Because Wanda wasn't a nag, Cosmo wasn't 100% moron, and Timmy was a likeable kid who wasn't a selfish jerk. Over the years this show got bad, and I hope they fix it soon. I vote for the ORIGINAL Fairly Oddparents, but not the current one.

It is hilarious it consists of great comedic plot lines that no other nick should could compare too. I think that the idea is definitely original. Like most nick shows it does not become less favorable throughout the years. To sum it up this show is awesome! It is composed of everything that a good show needs. One of the best shows ever.

The Fairy Oddparents is one of the best shows ever on Nick. The old e pisodes ar oe a little better, but it is one of the greatest shows of all time. This should be on the top ten at least.

Should be number one. This show is more awesome than SpongeBob. It is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. This show is my 1st place favorite. It is awesome. Love you Fairly Odd Parents. - cosmo

It was amazing until the new writers were hired, which put the show into rot, it's now repetitive, boring, mean spirited and not funny anymore, it needs the old writers back. - nelsonerica

A show so popular, it once surpassed SpongeBob in popularity for a short time, which is saying something. And it keeps getting better with each season, while SpongeBob is slowly being ripped apart by the writers (no offense). Yes, it always seems fresh, with adding charicters like poof and, my favorite, SPARKY! Nick, make shows more like this PLEASE?!

This show was so good and was one of the best until Timmy got a pet fairy dog, the dog's "talents" made the characters act crazy and weakened the plot, it's no longer as good as it used to be before then, but not as bad as SpongeBob ever got, but it's bad now.

This show is awesome! Well, anything before 2008. Sad to see it went the same path as SpongeBob, except later. But back to the point. When a show surpasses SpongeBob is popularity at some point (which this one did for about a year) it's bound for a good run. It's comedic and funny, but you can sympathize with the characters.

This cartoon was one of my 3rd favorite show other than rugrats
and catdog

The show went downhill starting with the debut of Sparky in season nine, the went down a more steeper hill with Chloe in season 10, AND CHLOE GOT RID OF POOF GIVE POOF BACK!

Poof isn't gone, he will return later in the series due to too many characters at the moment. - orangemo8

Um this is already on the list, but it is still the best show ever!

I wish this were number one on every list that involves best shows. This show is better than SpongeBob. I love this show. - cosmo

Norm the Genie, a Fairly OddParents character, is my favorite character of anything ever! And yeah, that probably makes my identity obvious. And wow, Top 10 cares about post quality? Kinda good, frustrating and shocking, all wrapped up into one!

This show has such a clever storyline and it's so fun and interesting. It makes you feel a little hopeful and like there is love in the world, that your fairy godparents can give you when no one else will. Not to forget this show is hilarious. A+

Fairly OddParents was my favorite show as a kid, hands down, and even today I still enjoy it. The comedy is gold, and I can't think of a single forgettable character. They all made me care about them in their own way.

GUYS, CALM DOWN! Look, the reason this isn't number 1 is because starting from Season 6, the show went down hill and then in early 2017 it moved to Nick Toons. So that is why The Fairly Oddparents isn't number 1 on this list.

It was incredible until Poof, and Sparky made it so cringey, I can't even watch it anymore. They should end the show now, before they ruin their reputation entirely.

I for one think the fairly odd parents was one of the best things that ever happened to Nickelodeon (asside from other good shows. ) I would do anything so I wouldn't have to watch it get canceled. I watched this show since I was one in 2001. Who in the right mind could ever stop making episodes! That is just compete junk I'm hearing from people!

Can't believe it's just 1%... Come on guys, this is epic! In fact, I'd not err in calling it the best Nick show EVER. Even after what happened in the last two seasons... And that's due to Butch not taking care of the show anymore.

This show was good until they added Chloe and Sparky

This used to be the best show on Nickelodeon: Cosmo was hilarious and Timmy was more rational, but now it sucks, especially with the additions of Sparky and Chloe Carmichael

I can't live without this show. It should be number. One of you said "In fact I'd not I calling it the best Nick show EVER! I Am in fact calling it the best Nick show ever.

When I was young I didn't even know how to pronounce the name even! But still for me it was the best! Now when I m old and can pronounce it correctly, none of the episodes r left! Love you nick

This show is amazing! They should get 10 Zillion HITS! Its fun and good to watch! Invite your friends to watch the show! Invite now