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iCarly is an American teen sitcom that ran on Nickelodeon from September 8, 2007 until November 23, 2012. The series, created by Dan Schneider, focuses on teenager Carly Shay, who creates her own web show called iCarly with her best friends Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson.


ICarly was not your average show, nor was it good, in fact, it was possibly the first show that took place in Nickelodeon's dark age, the show featured idiotic characters who acted like they took at least a gallon of coffee and Sam was so mean and Freddie was almost always constantly tortured by his psychic mother, yet the moment when fat elephant Gibby took his shirt off in public is so gross and crude, and while Spencer's fire accidents were somewhat funny, they could have made parents worried about what their kids could do when touching objects, and the "jokes" were old and not funny, they were just copied off of various sources and not original ones they made up on their own, yet Drake and Josh, as well as Ned's Declassified had the best jokes for live action nickcoms on Nickelodeon, and iCarly also had too much sexual content not safe for children, they talk about, and one time showed, female breasts, and many times showed and mentioned bras, which kids shouldn't get ...more

That comment was completely inaccurate. One of the worst comments on this site - Gamecubesarecool193

Before I say anything else, haters of this show you can hate this show but don't act like a total smug and say everything I say is wrong cause you think this show isn't good. Anyways, iCarly is my favorite Nickelodeon sitcom cause it feels realistic, but not over the top, so the episodes are still fun and watchable. And, the jokes go all over cause all the characters have different traits that give different outputs. Anyways, this show is entertaining and funny, and no surprise this show went on for 5 years, iCarly may not be liked by some people, but in my opinion this show is amazing! - tacoperson

I loved this show! It was way better than Victorious. Also, would you believe me if I told you that I saw iCarly before Drake and Josh? I obviously loved Drake and Josh more but I saw iCarly first. It had great characters, hilarious episodes and sometimes good messages. Yes, it was definitely shallow a few times, dumb and some episodes didn't makes sense, not to mention that a lot of jokes were not even funny and just extremely lame. But like they say, not everything is perfect. I adore this show. It hits number 10 in my favourite T.V. shows of all time. - Daviddv0601

I love this show, basically for every reason everyone else gave and more. The jokes cracked me up and I will really miss it. My fave character was Sam because she was just so real. An exaggerated version of real, but still. I am proud (yet slightly embarrassed to say that I loved this show so much that after it ended I started reading fanfiction about because I missed it so much. The seddie fics are so much better written the creddie one or any other shipping. That's good for me since I liked them best together anyways. Opposite couples are the best. Stay strong! The show will stay in my heart forever.

ICarly is a unique show. It has made more then 100 episode, so it has to be great. It can't be bad. Most of Dan Schneider's shows are funny, so is iCarly. Miranda, Jennette, Nathan, Jerry, Noah can also act very well.


ICarly is really popular in a lot of countries like in Philippines and in US. ICarly should be in the Top 1. It's too bad they are going to stop filming this June 2012. I hope there will be another show like iCarly or just for it to come back. Will you say goodbye to the new and really good episodes in iCarly?


When I was younger, I watched icarly ALL THE TIME! But after it ended, I stopped watching it for a wile. Then I watched just one episode one day, and BAM! Now I watch it again! I'm telling you that show just catch your attention! I love it! The characters are just so good! Thumbs up!

Why is this on top 10 NO this must be the first best show in nick you gotta be kidding me JUST VOTE THIS SHOW and I'm going to be happy if this is the first SPONGEBOB doesn't deserve that 1st place this show is the BEST OF THE BEST. This is the best show THIS THIS ICARLY IS THE BEST

This show was my CHILDHOOD... Then when it was over I moved on to Victorious, but it still wasn't the same, then they did "Sam and Cat"... let me just say that was one of Nickelodeon's WORST IDEAS EVER! - gabgriffinfcs

It's finished now (THANK THE LORD! ), but I could see why a lot people loved this show because of creativity and imagination. They like the set of characters on the show, they love ideas for episodes. I guess what was really great about this show is that it didn't outstay its welcome.

Icarly is the best show on earth and its really funny. I really love sam because she is mainly the girl that makes everything interesting

I think icarly has been the best show ever created! It's funny and Miranda is so good at acting in that show! I wish Miranda did another show! I am so sad icarly isn't on anymore but I love the replays! I love you icarly!

I have watched icarly for 5 years and I still LOVE IT I got my cousins and my sister to watch it and they loved it even my grama thinks it's funny so I think icarly is a good show for any age old young or middle age my mum and dad like icarly to I LOVE THIS SHOW

Icarly is like the best show ever I used to watch it all the time it was a huge part of my childhood. Just like victorious and I also really like sam and cat. Sam's my favorite character. Miranda, Jennette, Jerry, Nathan and Noah are all really good actors

Anyone who likes Dan Schneider shows other than Drake & Josh Zoey 101, Victorious are high idiots, those shows besides Drake & Josh, Zoey 101 and Victorious are crap.

I love ICarly and I watch it like nearly every single day and if not on T.V. then I Watch it on my laptop it is so awesome, cool and I just LOVE. I just LOVE baby spencer it is so funny especially when he spits out his food, it's so hilarious

This show is amazing! All of them did there best and the cast said that they might do a movie of what happened to them after icarly stopped! Thank you to all those people who worked on icarly, especially Dan Schneider who did an AMAZING job. Icarly is the best!

I'm surprised about how many people dislike this show. It seems like everyone really loves it or really hates it. Personally, I think it is hilarious, the acting is very good, and the characters are likable.

BEST KIDS COMEDY SHOW EVER. Better than all the other Nickelodeon shows and even victorious which was also done by the same producers. Way to go, Dan. I just wish it would never end.

I LOVE ICARLY! HOW IS THIS NUMBER SEVEN ON THE LIST?! It cracks me up and actually makes me happy! Everything about this show makes me laugh! IT SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE!

It was so sad when they canceled it I was crying my god it was a good show what kind of stupid T.V. network shuts down a hit sob sob cry cry - TheBLAZE

Icarly is a fantastic show. Everything about it is so creative and unique! Carly's web show is great! The idea of Carly's older brother Spencer being a sculptor is very cool. Miranda Cosgrove is also a great role model for girls.

Whenever I watch icarly it always makes my day. ALWAYS. It is that funny it could make up Tiger Woods day if it wanted too. It's really random to, but I guess lots of people like random. I'm one of those people.

This show is the most memorable nick show of my childhood and I think it should be a little higher in the list but definitely deserves to be here.

ICarly's one of the best shows I've ever seen. The actors are great, the story is great, the characters are great, the show is just GREAT! I love iCarly more than anyone could imagine. I hope for another reunion this year.