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Invader Zim is an American animated television series created by Jhonen Vasquez for Nickelodeon. The series centers on an extraterrestrial named Zim from the planet Irk, and his mission to conquer Earth and enslave the human race along with his malfunctioning robot servant GIR.


Invader zim will always be one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen. I know I'll get tons of downvotes for this but I don't think it can ever surpass spongebob and Avatar's popularity :( it just wasn't around long enough. But maybe it can be bumped up to 3rd :D
Anywho I have to say for a show that retains most of the same plotline ie. Zim trying to take over the world, pleasing the tallest, foiling Dibs plans, and basically living as stinking putrid human! It has done amazingly well at maintaining its audiences attention and keeping it funny. Jokes didn't grow old becasue they weren't strained, they were just natural to the characters. The theme song is just amazing and the characters are just so well constructed! The show has an amazing talent of being able to keep the ending somewhat surprising, such as when Dib manages to photograph Zim, "you had the lens cap on" "no I did no- GAHH! "
Oh and you just gotta love Gir, my favey next to Zim. Oh wow I ...more

Invader Zim has always been my favorite cartoon and show of all time. It's probably one of the best animated series ever made, even though the series was short lived. I'd like to see an ending to the series, but I don't see that happening sadly. I will accept no other ending than Jhonens. I've seen this show so many times, and I still enjoy watching it. It makes me happy when I see it come on Nick. I laugh when I see kids now getting into it, thinking it's something brand new. It's adorable to think something from when I was nine years old is still this popular, even with the newer generation. My feelings for this show will not change, least not for a good while! If you have never seen Invader Zim, or disregard it because if the fandom, I plead you do not. The fandom isn't exactly the greatest, but it's plot and characters just make the whole show great and very enjoyable. I'd imagine that Invader Zim's fandom is planning to stay, and for a good long time. It's almost been eleven ...more

This is the best show in cartoon history! Nickelodeon should BRING IT BACK! It is WAY better then any of the other cartoons you see here! Nick sucks for cancelling Invader ZIM!

%%Invader ROSE, EXTREMELY obsessed fangirl%%

Invader Zim was one of the greatest reasons why my childhood was perfect now that they said it isn't coming back, I am upset about cancelling it! It was very funny it had a lot of originality and it even had a good plot with good characters. When I was little this show always brought a smile on my face because it was a very good show. They planned to make a 3 part movie for the final episode but instead Nickelodeon decided to cancel THE SHOW BEFORE FINISHING THE SERIES! I loved it and I'm even doing my best to at least make the fandom remembered again. Only us Invader Zim fans have the ability to at least keep the cancelled series from being forgotten. I am still angry that they cancelled one of the greatest shows on Nickleodeon it had a HUGE impact to make it a popular channel but instead they decided to cancel the series before it was even completed. I just know that ONE DAY Nickelodeon will meet their doom from the Invader Zim fans for not keeping it on television as long as ...more

I really miss this show. Thankfully they show it on weekends and the fact that I bought the whole series on iTunes. For any uneducated filth pigs who don't know what the show is about, here is the lowdown so you can improve your pitiful lives! Zim is a naive Irken solider who nearly destroyed his entire civilization during the first attempt at universal conquest. However, when the second attempt is announced, Zim looks to prove himself to his leaders who are just taller than everyone else. In order to get him out of their hair, the Tallest send him on a "secret mission"/exile to a far away obscure planet. The also give him the adorably defective SIR unit, Gir to "assist" him. Flash forward 6 months, Zim and Gir arrive at their secret planet which is, of corse, Earth. There, they pose as a normal schoolboy and his dog, with robotic parents to match. While Zim's disguise is pretty corny ( contact lenses and a wig, you can still see his green skin which he says is a skin condision). ...more

It's insulting that iCarly is higher in the list. Invader Zim is, for me, the best show Nickelodeon ever broadcast. It introduced me to black humor for the very first time. All episodes are hilarious, with random moments of awesomeness and a peculiar way to show how stupid the world can be.

Only 27 episodes yet ten years later the show's cult hit status is comparable to Firefly's. It has an (expensive) comic book level of detail frame by frame, plenty of dark dystopian satire, and an underspoken but EXCELLENT host of background characters not to mention the unforgettable supporting cast.

That's a fancy way of calling this a Nicktoons masterpiece worthy of new episodes in a couple of years.

All that I could say has pretty much already been said in the other comments. Invader ZIM was awesome, funny, original, and NOT STUPID. How many Nickelodeon shows TODAY can say that? Sure, they're nice to look at, and you'll be entertained for a minute or so, but after a while this wears off and gets old. Invader ZIM was never like that. It never got old. It's been TEN YEARS and it STILL hasn't gotten old. In fact I think it's gotten even more popular. HOW could this still not be on air with new episodes? If it were revived now, Nick would get all the ratings it wants and MORE! T.V. Is getting worse bit by bit (it's noticeable on CN and Disney too). We have a MIGHTY NEED for some classic entertainment. BRING IT BACK!

Invader Zim is THE BEST THING that ever happened to nickelodeon. Its dark themes, cute characters, clever comedy, and lack of constant bathroom humor makes invader Zim overly appealing to all ages. Spongebob will never compare to the awesomeness of invader Zim. The cast and creator are brilliant as well! And you know a show was god when it only lasted 2 seasons yet it had a convention and another in the making by popular demand. Th invader Zim fan-dom will never die!

How. In the world. Is Invader Zim seventh.

This is completely unacceptable. Zim is the most incredible show I've ever seen, and the only one I ever care to take time out of my day to watch.

Zim should be number one by far. It's so ridiculously detailed in every aspect that the humor isn't even close to the best part, unlike virtually every other show- especially ones on cartoon networks such as Nick, Disney, and... Cartoon Network.

Why the hell is Spongebob Squarepants number 1?! And Invader Zim is number 6?!

Just because Spongebob is the most iconic Nickelodeon show doesn't mean it is the best. Mickey Mouse is almost nobody's favorite Disney character. There are much better story based shows and there are shows with much better comedy.

To Invader Zim, the show is luckily gaining much more popularity thanks to the internet.

Invader Zim has the best characters, including the main four characters. There is the mastermind invader Zim, the hilarious robot GIR, the big headed Dib and the revengeful awesome Gaz. Even the minor character are awesome, including the Tallest, Ms. Bitters, Tak, Membrane, Skoodge, Computer, and the Robot parents.

The plots are intense. They ranged from Zim trying to be use the Robot Parents so nobody realizes something is odd to Zim hijacking his leader's ship to show them his plans to Dib fighting a ship with his memories.

Invader Zim is the best cartoon, ...more

Okay so I was't totally clear on my earlier description of the show so here it is again. After ruining the first try at universal conquest, little Irken Zim tries to prove to his leaders that he can be an invader. In order to get him out of their hair, they send him, along with the defective yet lovable robot Gir, to some obscure planet called Earth ( like, whose heard of that? ) Once their they pose as a schoolboy and his dog with robotic parents to match. Everyone appears to be tricked, except paranormal expert and Zim's classmate, Dib. While his scary sister Gaz knows Zim's identity, she really doesn't care. Throughout the show Dib tries to expose Zim for what he really is. while he finds a few believers, everyone else, including his famous scientist father, thinks he is crazy and that Zim is just a normal kid (in one episode, dib's dad askes him what country Zim is from). The show is mostly Zim's attempts to destroy Earth and Dib, with him usually being stopped by Dib or some ...more

The only reason I ever watch Nick or Nicktoons is because of Invader Zim. Invader Zim is and always will be my favorite show. Sure, Spongebob is okay. But Invader Zim is so much better! Invader Zim is going to be the thing I remember most about my childhood when I'm older. Just look at all the merchandise they have! Apparently people love Invader Zim (namely: Gir) so much that they have dedicated a whole wall of Hot Topic to him in my little town. You can count on me to buy most of that merch ;). I've watched every single Invader Zim episode at least twice. And yes, I'm proud to say that it is *my obsession*.
Invader Zim

Awesome characters. Neat animation. Funny as can be. Truly a unique show that is different from the dye cast by other shows.
Invader Zim may have been a dark-natured show, but handled well it can be as good as SpongeBob.
It indeed has its own convention, more to be said than any other Nick show. Most people I know can recall Invader Zim along with SpongeBob in terms of Nick shows because it was just so unique visually and entertaining. Showing the pilot episode on Nicktoons will hopefully be a process in reviving the show.
Two words: Bring it back.

Invader Zim is that rare show that manages to pull off it's own comedy. Nowadays, every cartoon show tries to pull off the "random and loud humor" but never works. Zim, however, is the one show that pulls it off well! I can't believed they cancelled this show! Sure back then it may have gotten a few thousand, but make new episodes and millions would see it. Seriously, Nick will remake Power Rangers and Speed Racer?! But not make new episodes of Zim. This needs to change, I bought Operation Doom DVD to help bring Zim back and I'll buy a hundred if that's what it takes! BRING THIS SHOW BACK, HE IS ZIM!

Invader Zim is my life. Yes, they cancelled Invader Zim long ago, but fans kept it alive! When a show has been cancelled for ten years and still has fans, why keep it off the air? THis is the best show ever.

This show is funny, not coated in caramel, and isn't about which one of the shallow girls gets the guy they just met. I don't see why Nick was dumb enough to cancel such a masterpiece, and neither does the rest of the fanbase. Oh, and WHOO, NO LAUGH TRACK! Those things annoy me to no end.

Two conventions, lots of merchandise, thousands upon thousands of fans.. My God, Nick, how high ARE your standards? Ya keep making new shows that are forgotten about within the month, and still play SpongeBob to this day. Cash cows.

If you're going to continuously waste the money so, just REVIVE THE SHOW ALREADY, AND MAYBE WE'LL LEAVE YOU ALONE.

My business here is done.

Invader Zim is an amazing show that should not have been cancelled! It has a very creative plot, comedy, characters, and art style (that should receive more praise then it should). It certainly takes the idea of alien invasion and alien races to a whole new level. The show has great action scenes and great character development and is unique in almost all aspects of it. It certainly deserves to come back on T.V. to give it an appropriate ending and the #1 spot of Nick's greatest shows, no matter how short the series was.

BEST. SHOW. EVER! Thank you, Nick, for giving it life, but curse you for prematurely canceling it!

My God. I'm nineteen years old and still watching Nicktoons. But you know what? I'M PROUD. I've seen the greatest of them come and go. I remember watching Doug, Hey Arnold, the Rugrats from the very beginning. And although I love them all (I so do), my favorite has always been Invader Zim. Even as a young kid, it made me fall off my chair laughing. It scared the poop out of me at times, but that's kind of why I fell in love with it. I wish they were still crankin' out episodes. I'd watch them religiously.


Invader Zim is the best Nick show ever in my opinion. It's funny, full of hilarious quotes, and the characters. Where to even begin! There's Zim, which is the hilarious main character alien who's terrible at his job, and is self centered but amazing. Dib, the ONLY person who notices Zim is an alien and looks crazy trying to explain it people. Gaz, is... Well, Gaz. And GIR, THE MOST ADORABLE THING I'VE EVER SEEN ON T.V.. And the Doom song? Don't even get me started. The tallest are the funniest rulers I've ever seen, the teacher is amazing, even Tak is hilarious with the "NO MY BACE! " sceen. Also... Who else can make a T.V. show where the main character is literally eating waffles for 11 minutes strait, and make it funny? This is by far my favorite show of all time, though, Avitar and SpongeBob were destined to be above it. Victorious, though, really? I know this show was canceled early, but REALLY? Invader Zim is a hilarious show, and I'm glad it's being continued in comic form. This ...more

My 8 year old son has loved this show since he was just a tiny boy watching bright colored moving objects on the screen. He has the shirts (which I had to by in small womens size since I can't find them in kids sizes) I am getting him the hat and I almost bought him the headphones for Christmas. I made him a Gir robot costume for last Halloween after he begged me for 2 months. If they had new episodes of this show on the air I would finally have a reason to get cable again.

Invader Zim is what you would call THE BEST SHOW EVER! If people don't agree with me, they probably haven't even watched Invader Zim. So, why don't you haters go and actually read about the show, and watch it. Because I am tired of people saying, "Oh, I hate Invader Zim. ", or "I love GIR! " because the show needs real fans if it is to be revived. And, I always have to say, Operation Head Pigeons 2.0 on Facebook is the best way to revive Invader Zim. So, JOIN OPERATION HEAD PIGEONS 2.0! - aleyaferguson

Although I like Victoriuos and iCarly, this show deserves to be higher. So much better than the crap they air now. A show of just pure insanity and comedy it is a wonder why nick decided to cancel it. They only made like one and a half seasons of it and it makes me mad. I read somewhere that when they decided to end the show, there were still like 10-14 episodes that they started but never finished, as well as a T.V. movie supposedly titled "Invader Dib" I really hope the Nick people pull their heads out of there butts, bring back the original cast and crew, keep it the same animation, and put the series back on the air. This show was awesome and didn't deserve to be canceled. So until they put the show back on (if they ever) I will continue to refer to the nick people today as FILTHY EARTH CREATURES!

Zim was so fantastic for so many reasons. It was this beautiful brand of silly that every child craves while still being a genuinely funny. It just caters to the part of you that wants to laugh at "dookie" while inspiring you with it's light hearted spirit and gorgeous art work. Zim has been gone for a solid ten years but the love for it is still strong and everlasting. Avatar is amazing, and SpongeBob... used to be amazing, but Zim... Zim just has this special place in my heart.