SpongeBob SquarePants

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SpongeBob SquarePants is an American animated television series created by marine biologist and animator Stephen Hillenburg for Nickelodeon. SpongeBob is currently the most popular show on Nickelodeon, as well as the longest running show, running for 18 years, and is beginning its 11th season. The show ...read more.


This show WAS pretty much one of the best shows around and every episode before the Spongebob Movie was more than good. After that and before Atlantis Squarepantis, the episodes were still good, but not as good as before. Between this and Truth or Square, I'm sure the producers ran out of ideas because from there, the episodes were falling downhill and turning mediocre. After 2010, all episodes are just horrible. Let me tell you why: The point was for Patrick to be DUMBER than Spongebob at most times (like the one when he changed heads) but that changed a lot, I mean it. Not only that but the jokes are so cheesy their not funny anymore. They are starting to lack in creativity a lot, but that usually happens to longer-lasting shows. There should be more episodes like where they go to the future or past. I love Spongebob, it made my day every time there was a new episode. Very humorous back then, like "The hash-slinging! The bash-ringing! " Then, "THE HASH SLINGING SLASHER! " Jokes like ...more

I think spongebob is the best show ever. The people that hate spongebob suck. I love spongebob. - Andres

Stephen Hillenburg's Spongebob was amazing, but when he left, it all went to complete crap and I stopped watching it. Whenever I see an episode on that is from before 2006, I will always watch it. It used to be a show where both the children ad parents could sit down and have a laugh because there would always be jokes in there that the parents would get but the children wouldn't. When I watch the older episodes nowadays, I am always finding new jokes that I didn't used to get. The characters are now ruined. Patrick used to be the dumb but wise friend, but now he's full-on retarded. In fact, that's what all of the characters have become. Retarded. - Greedo

This is probably the best cartoon ever! Or, at least it was before the movie. Nowadays I don't really like it because of bad or boring episodes like "A Pal For Gary", "Waiting", and "Choir Boys". But still, I'll always love SpongeBob because of how funny, creative, and fun it was. Who could forget classic episodes like "Rock Bottom", "Band Geeks", "Chocolate With Nuts", "Survival of the Idiots", "Ripped Pants", "Nasty Patty", "The Krusty Krab Training Video", "Good Neighbors", "Club SpongeBob", and "Bubble Buddy"? There are a lot more good episodes but these are my all favorites. Even though most of the new episodes belong in the toilet, I'll always have a place in my heart for the old SpongeBob. Always.

People keep on saying how SpongeBob USED to b the best show in the early 2000s but. I have hope for the future... They can probably make SpongeBob really funny again right? I agree that a few episodes were a bit.. Well not funny.. But that doesn't mean that all of them will stink from now on.. I was one of the kids that was lucky enough to grow up with SpongeBob from beginning to end ( I was born in the late 90s) I hope SpongeBob can live on for many generations to come.

Not to seem too out there but it's been and still is nick's "Flagship" show even with the recent down turn. And has that dumb funny appeal that will stick around for any kid, throughout his life even as other more "creative" shows such as Avatar, fade away in our memories. You just can't escape it it's everywhere and its here to stay. It just has the "sticking" lasting memory that makes it deserve to be the number one show. It is of course the crown for "Best nick show of all time" which should refer to that long lasting impression it will have on all our lives. In short the memories created by this show make it number 1.

It has too be a pretty dang good show if it has run for 13 years already with more than 175 episodes with another 50 episodes already ordered through 2015. Generation after generation has grown up on this show. It can almost be called the Simpsons of children's television shows. It has content for kids, teens and adults. Avatar only ran for 3 seasons. SpongeBob has already gotten seasons 10 and 11 purchased by Nickeloden. With a movie that grossed $150 million worldwide and a crew that has shown that it won't run out of ideas anytime soon, SpongeBob should without a doubt be number one on this list.

Spongebob is the best show that has ever been on nickelodeon by far. A far second would be Drake and Josh, and third Avatar. I mean really, you don't hear kids saying, "Hey, lets watch some Invader Zim!. You hear them say, " Hey lets watch Spongebob. Spongebob is going to be the most favorite character ever on Nickelodeon, with the second as maybe Ang from Avatar.

Don't get me wrong, I love SpongeBob, but Nickelodeon has done an unforgivable thing to this show. It had its glory days (1999-2005) and it should have ended there. SpongeBob is dead, whether you admit it or not. They used to have the best plots and witty humor, but now this is just for little kids 10 and under. Their artwork has gotten pretty gross. For example, when SpongeBob drops the couch on Squidwards toenail and it gets ripped off with disgusting detail. It just has flat potty humor now, and it's getting ridiculous. I think SpongeBob is on its last legs, and it should have gone out on a high note right after The SpongeBob Movie was made. The show would have been much better remembered for me.

I was the BIGGEST sponge bob nerd ever. You people may remember watching sponge bob in 2010 and they were running this competition. The winner got an iPod nano. What you had to do was answer questions about episodes. Whoever got them right one the iPod. Anyway, I won that iPod, and I still have it. You may think that those comps are rigged, and I think they do, but I proved myself wrong by winning that damn iPod. I owned it. I still watch sponge bob every now and again for a good laugh, but really it just seems like a way to waste time if you are REALLY into it.

Spongebob is the best show in the world and I have been watching it for as long as I can remember. He is the coolest in the world and you can't forget patrick and squidward because they are also super funny. Every episode I have ever seen made meen lauph ma socks off and it is so knarly.


This show was the best until after the movie in 2004 it was still not bad until about 3009 when it got pretty bad. The episodes were just not very good or funny anymore, then I just watched sponge out of water and I actually like it a lot. I don't think the episodes after it will be good though but it was nice to see something good out of SpongeBob for once.

To be honest nickelodeon sucks now so do the new episodes of SpongeBob as well as the newer nickelodeon shows except for one but forget its name anyways the old SpongeBob episodes were amazing and use to be my childhood favorite Show and use to be pretty funny I wish I the new episodes still had the good old funny characters instead they Patrick is kind of mean to SpongeBob and SpongeBob himself is pretty annoying Squidward is never happy and when he is it doesn't stay that way for five minutes and is depressing and those were my three most favorite characters I the show just not right shm.

Used to. I liked it's first three seasons and the first movie, but after the movie, it tumbled downhill. The characters, the animation, the plots just collapsed. Especially Patrick. He was my favorite character. Before, he wasn't that smart, but he was just slow. Now, he's completely brain dead.

The animation wasn't a problem, except for the CGI, but it still sucked when it went downhill, but it's getting better, Yet strong colors fit with animation. - nelsonerica

This is the best show in the history of Nick. He's been out ever since 1999. Most shows on Nick ended after 2-5 years of their showings, but SpongeBob has been out for almost 15 years! Do you know why? Because everyone loves him. He's been the Kids Choice Awards winner for best cartoon for 9-11 times! He is clearly the best. He's the crowned king of Nick cartoons.

I'm glad the original writers are back to working on the show. The episodes are actually getting better than the ones that were made from 2004-early 2015 (even though there were "some" good ones in those years). I wouldn't say that they're as good as the classic episodes from Season 1-3, but they're still good episodes. In other words, I'm glad SpongeBob is finally reverting back into its original self (which is more than I can say for Fairly Odd Parents).

IT still should be the most watched, its funny and its funny people just watch the new shows because the commercials look funny, but that marvin marvin show GIVE ME A BREAK, get that show on americas weirdest shows a alien got to be kidding me. And SpongeBob and drake and josh are the best no matter what anybody says. GO SpongeBob!

This show is still my favorite show and always be my favorite show! My favorite episode is Squid on Strike. The episode is all about Squidward trying to get SpongeBob to thinking Mr. Karan's is not being fair to them and they fight for revenge. The part I like a lot about SpongeBob is that he is always having a good attitude and loves to work at his best. You know SpongeBob is not like um... SQUIDWARD. This is just my opinion of SpongeBob. The funniest character in SpongeBob is Patrick. He always does the most ridiculous stuff. So if you liked this explanation give it a thumbs up!

OH YEAH! This is the best T.V. show ever invented. It has great humor and it is way better then the new shows that try too hard to make you laugh because SpongeBob is just naturally funny. Some of the old episodes are just so good like the pizza delivery episode. GOOD JOB Nickelodeon

I can't believe Avatar is number one, SpongeBob has been one of the most watched and most loved cartoons in the world for over 10 years, it has brought Nickelodeon 8 billion and revenue, and it has stood the test of time to become a staple in most childhoods. Sure the new stuff may not be as good, but the first few seasons were unparalleled.

Even though some of the newer episodes aren't so good, they always have their episodes. The top three are the only nick shows that deserve all the glory they're getting, but SpongeBob definitely deserves to be above avatar. I really like avatar, but It seems like the only episode they really play is sokkas master. SpongeBob, on the other hand, has about 3 or 5 episodes playing daily.

This show was legendary up until after the movie. Season 4 was pretty good, and the first half of season 5 was alright for the most part but after "Atlantis Squarepantis" the show started to go down hill and I stopped watching it after that. I've watched some season 9 episodes though and it looks like the show is starting to return to it's glory days.

This show isn't being cancelled it was just a rumor which is good it's the only 90s show left on Nickelodeon I wasn't born in the 90s but I think a lot of your fans that were would be really mad if you took away the last piece of their childhood this is a part of my childhood too so if you took it off I would just stop watching Nickelodeon because in my opinion it's the only good show on nick today

It's a humorous, charming show with a humorous, charming cast of characters to match. The humor is so unpredictable(yet clever) that it impresses even the critics. It was AMAZING for seasons 1-4 and the first movie, but things went down after that. However, Sponge Out Of Water proved to be excellent and the newest episode (Yeti Krabs) is good as well. They might be picking back up lately, but only time will tell. Regardless, those first 4 seasons and both movies remain my personal favorite show of all time. - Garythesnail