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Victorious is an American sitcom created by Dan Schneider that originally aired on Nickelodeon from March 27, 2010 through February 2, 2013 . The series revolves around aspiring singer Tori Vega, a teenager who attends a performing arts high school called Hollywood Arts High School, after taking her more.


Here is my opinion in VicTorious here is some of my most favorite characters- Elizabeth gillies Ariana grande and avan jogia and the most favorite character I should pick from victorious is ELIZABETH GILLIES and I think Liz gillies is pretty an the prettiest character on victorious and I think Liz gillies has amazing singing voice! And if you touch avan jogia I would tell Liz gillies on you girl fans that really love him so I'm just telling you victorious fans? And I will survive on my singing voice like Liz Gilles and. I think Liz gillies has amazing voice in winx club and let me tell you something Elizabeth gillies plays daphne in winx club and plays jade west on victorious and she guest stars on Big Time Rush

This show is the one of the best I ever seen like drake and josh and Icarly I love it. You all rock victorious.

Victorious is the greatest show ever! If you have not seen it go right now and watch the pilot, and then watch opposite date because that is my favorite episode EVER! Cat is hilarious and is my favorite character, but I love all of the main cast. Everyone on this show is extremely talented, and the singing is awesome. Victorious is the best show in the whole world and I was so sad when it got canceled. Watch Victorious NOW!

This show is awesome. Victoria Justice is very talented. I like how every character sings or dances at some point in the show. Jade and Beck are awesome together, their relationship is awesome and funny. Cat and Andre and Robbie are all great char years with awesome different personalities. Trina is really funny. Rex is critical but funny and sarcastic. Sinjin is just weird but a great addition to the show. Sikowitz is a good funny random character. He is awesome. And Tory is amazing. I love her voice and personality. If you think they don't have any talent, or that it is a stupid show or you are just a plain Victorious-hater, just look up 5 Fingaz to the Face. My Fave song ever. So yeah! Watch VICTORIOUS!

This show seemed okay, but it should not be in the top 15, let alone the top 10. Hey Arnold, for instance had way more character development, better plot, and something that could easily tug at your heart strings. This show really had no original plots. It was always about tween situations. Nothing exciting. The music was okay, but it's just a copy of all shows that focus on music/band/drama thing. Not my cup of tea.

I Love victorious! Dan Schneider has done a wonderful job in creating Victorious. My favourite characters are Cat Valentine and Jade West. My favourite episodes are Driving Tori Crazy and April Fools Blank. Dan Schneider also did and amazing job creating iCarly, Drake and Josh and the Amanda show.P. S If you DO NOT watch Victorious or any other Dan Schneider programs then a) YOu are missing out completely and b) I will smack you hard where it really hurts and force you to watch Dan Schneider programs until you get really really really really really really really really addicted to it!

The actors are actually good at acting and their performances aren't over the top, the music is good and they can actually sing, not to mention they are all so attractive! This is a show that is music to my eyes. I also do like the stories and humor, which is actually funny and not completely innocent like Disney channel. I love the characters except for Trina, but she's meant to be annoying so I'll give them a pass on her

I love Victorious because it really makes me laugh especially when Cat does her childish acts and her laugh, it's like she' really living the same role in the reality. And Jade West, that girl who loves scissors and scaring away nerds and the one who's very possessive of her boy friend, she makes the perfect girl-next door

Victorious is amazing because all the characters are really funny and creative. The story lines in the show are always very creative, and there are always more and more insane situations that they get into. I particularly like it when they sing a song because those episodes are usually very energetic.

VicTORIous is awesome because there is a lot of humour in it. The plot and cast are REALLY talented especially Liz Gillies (Jade West) and Ariana Grande (Cat Valentine). There are also lots of songs in the show and my favorite episode was Freak the Freak out when Jade and Cat competed in a singing competition. The second best would be Tori fixes Beck and Jade because there was so much drama. The next few episodes that top the list would be Ice cream for Ke$ha, Tori and Jade Play Date, The Breakfast Bunch and last bu certainly not least A Christmas Tori

I just like on this list how a brainless idiot because around telling people what shows they should like. I hope the guy who wrote those comps kills themselves. The one who's giving every show A bad review like he's a critic but he's not as easy idiot - BetterThanYou

Victorious is n one of my best show it is amazing show my favourite character from the show is jade west because in survival of the hottest she was funny and cute second is cat valentine because she makes everyone laugh with her laughing even me. Next is beck oliver the hot guy he s my favourite because when he goes to a girl and ask something then that girl tell her friends to go up to him and then they all freak out third is tori vega she s the star in victorious and sings hilariously and amazing and finally is andre harris who is always right there for you in any situations

Victorious is very cool, all of the characters play their own parts very goodly. We have Cat who is hilarious, Beck date's Jade and they are normally arguing and I think its the best T. V show ever! If I had to score their show out of ten it would definitely be a ten! I would love to meet them one day it would be the best day of my life!

Victorious is absolutely amazing, it very funny and the songs are so awesome, I am personally obsessed with the songs - Take a hint, give it up and you don't know me (all sang by Elizabeth Gillies - Jade West on the show I wish she had sang more on the show). I love Bade

This show has a great sense of originality, I found myself attached to it. I also love how all of the characters represent different personalities, and can relate to real life types of different people. they truly have talent in acting - and are all super creative with who they are and what they do that makes them really their character, and aren't like lots of other actors who think they're cool and major when really they're just being cringey disgusting freaks. This show better be number one - I've even asked several people if they remember it.. they looked at me and talked as if they've known me forever, after the show ended it was truly heartbreaking that such an amazing show had to come to a sudden end, the reasons people tattle-taled why the show ended were just irritating and cringey.. and I'm going to be completely honest here: this is the show with actual effort, and acting how they hope to portray their characters, they appeal to lots of people, and most of all it was and ...more

I am a huge fan of this show so here's my review of the cast Tori : a girl who's singing makes me sing a long. Andre : a talented musician who writes the best songs. Jade: a strict scissor loving girl who makes me crack up every time she impersonates Tori. Beck: a hot boy who is just so handsome. Cat: a childish teenager who still loves stuffed animals and BIBBLE. Robbie:a boy who wears male makeup and owns a crazy puppet. Trina: a girl who wants to become famous

I loved Victorious! I watch it on Netflix all the time now! I just wish that Jade and Beck weren't dating and that Tori and Beck would date instead. They would be a much better couple because Jade treats Beck rudely and Tori treats him really nicely. But Jade is still like my favorite character of all times!

This is the best show in the world. It should be like third instead of spongebob. Tss. Anyway this show is like awesome. The people like tori is really hot and awesome singers.

Victorious rocks I love cat I'm a 10 year old girl and cat has a great voice

Being 6-9 when this aired, I got to appreciate the beauty of this show as a child, I loved it. I loved everything about Victorious. And unlike iCarly (which I equally love), I saw it all when it aired (early iCarly was before my time) so this show gives me the most nostalgia - Yaboistingy

Victorious is awesome... Trina is such a annoying funny sister to tori and beck is such a good actor and jade is always so funny cat is just hilarious and Andre is a good musician and most of all TORI she is funny kind and a awesome singer

This show had the best cast, the script was written well, and was over all very funny. Even now, watching reruns I still enjoy it a lot. It never gets old.

Thanks to Victorious, I have an idol (Ariana Grande). Victorious was amazing in Season 2&3 mainly, season 1 was a little weak and 4 they run out of ideas, but it was still amazing

Cat is hilarious and Tori who am I kidding they all are, they all play a special role in the movie. I think it is hilarious and interesting. I am always waiting for a new episode to come out! Please continue to create new episodes!

I love to watch victorious I love all the cast on it I like Jude she is nice girl I love her on that
Show I love to meet her for one day I want her to be my friend every day I watch it show
You are my favorite girl