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1 Warning '07 - Playtime Is Over

Best mixtape song in my opinion. Sampled Biggie's song, and did it so well. - WAWL1234

I just love this song.

2 Still I Rise - Beam Me Up Scotty

Her flow is SICK! She talks about herself in the perspective of a hater in the first verse, which is so unique and amazing. - WAWL1234

This one always lifts my spirit up, it's a definite pick me up song when you feeling down...

She said what needed to be said, & her delivery was on point

Love the song.. So awesome

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3 Autobiography - Sucka Free

This song is PERFECTION. If you haven't heard it you need to! Sad song but tells a tale of young Nicki and her struggles as a kid, teenager, and a young pregnant woman. - WAWL1234

4 Envy - Beam Me Up Scotty

Song is incredible. Flow is top-notch. She talks about how someone left her for dirt while she came up mainstream. - WAWL1234

5 Letter To Lil' Wayne - Pink Friday: The Lost Tapes

She talks about how Lil' Wayne abounded her while telling everyone he signed her. It's about her waiting months and months to hear back from Wayne about the record deal. It's truly amazing. - WAWL1234

I really love this track, so perfectly crafted

6 Itty Bitty Piggy - Beam Me Up Scotty

Of course I had to put this song on the list. This song single-handily brought her up mainstream. - WAWL1234

This is the craziest, whackest, dopest, sickest song, who would think of doing a diss sound so convincing to LiL' kim, there's a reason why she's 'lil kim', she's minnie minaj

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7 Who's Ya Best MC? (Freestyle) - Sucka Free

Whoever says Nicki Minaj can't rap or freestyle needs to hear this song. - WAWL1234

8 Click Clack - Playtime Is Over

AMAZING flow and delivery. Perfect in every way. Definitely top 10 worthy. - WAWL1234

9 Can Anybody Hear Me? - Beam Me Up Scotty

Outstanding, sad song. Talks about everything from her fans ("I love you too. I just wish your mother would've hugged you too. ") to her struggling to find a record deal ("definitely Jam said I'm no Lauryn Hill") Amazing. - WAWL1234

BEAM ME UP SCOTTY my favourite mixtape I love this song " dear God I'm only what you made me" I love Nicki

I just appreciate the fact that she knows that her fans can relate to her music on so many levels

A very heart warming song. Nicki minaj raps about her struggles of being compared to amazing female rappers like Lauren hill and just being in the business itself. With quotable lines such as "dear god I am only what you made me and appreciate everything you gave me" 👌

10 Jump Off '07 - Playtime Is Over

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11 Curious George - Sucka Free

Great, funny song. If you haven't heard it, you need to take a listen. - WAWL1234

12 Dreams '07 - Playtime Is Over
13 Go Hard - Beam Me Up Scotty
14 Encore - Playtime Is Over
15 I Feel Free - Beam Me Up Scotty
16 Best I Ever Had - Beam Me Up Scotty
17 Sweetest Girl - Sucka Free
18 I Get Crazy - Beam Me Up Scotty
19 Letcha Go - Playtime Is Over
20 Dominoes - This Summer Is Mine
21 N.I.**.A.S - Playtime is Over
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