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1 Toulouse

Ya that's the one for Nicky Romero

Legendary by Nicky Romero...!

Amazing song by an amazing artist!

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2 I Could Be the One

The music is so good... Great timing bass boost... Great timing electro mix... I think the name of this song it's should be... (Avicii and Nicky Romero:Addict to the music) it's cool right...

Song makes me so happy

Love beats and sound

This should be Nimber one actually -_-

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3 Iron

This should be second

4 Like Home

The vocals, the sudden uprise and the tune, it all finally makes sense!

What? Like Home must be at 4th or 3rd position! What is metropolis doing you there?

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5 Metropolis

David & Nicky's combo creates bom! Thumbs up!

The tunes just drill into your brain, it just doesn't get out! True nicky romero classic!

Metropolis should be at rank 1 and Toulouse should be in top 5

Greatness is reflected in this song

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6 Warriors

MASTERPIECE by Nicky... Great lyrics & vocals...

7 The Moment (Novell)
8 Legacy (Save My Life)

The beats are amazing and vocals by krewella. What more can you ask for?

Nyc video with nyc song...

This should have been number 1

Best ever

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9 Stay the Night (feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore) [Nicky Romero Remix]

Much better than the original version

Simply amazed after listening it...

10 Lighthouse

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11 F*** School / NickTim
12 Symphonica

Nicky is next generation dj for sure.
He has made this (song) to a high level.

I don't care if this is number 1 or 1000 or 1000000 for me this is the best song evah!

Symphonica hey just chill. I tel ya no1 song of master nicky to meri rah.

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13 Generation 303

Awesome song.. should be in top 5

14 Camorra
15 I Need Your Love
16 Let Me Feel

I really wish this song had more recognition. The lyrics are great, the drop feels so futuristic and When We Are Wild's vocals are just perfect. Probably Nicky's best song to date!

Love the drop so great by nicky romero it make me crazy

Very touching song with vicetone...

Best till date! 1
Vicetone rocks!

17 Human

ZEDD baby!
Crunchy drop
Feel-good vocals
Hypnotising melody

Come on let's get this into the top 10

18 Right Now

Thanks Nicky Romero & David Guetta 4 this song.. Its a club banger.. Vocals by Rihana...

19 Tension
20 Still the Same Man
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