Best Nicolas Cage Movies of the '90s


The Top Ten

1 It Could Happen To You It Could Happen To You
2 Wild at Heart Wild at Heart
3 The Rock The Rock
4 Con Air Con Air
5 Red Rock West Red Rock West
6 Honeymoon in Vegas Honeymoon in Vegas
7 Guarding Tess Guarding Tess
8 Face/Off Face/Off
9 Bringing Out the Dead Bringing Out the Dead
10 Leaving Las Vegas Leaving Las Vegas

The Contenders

11 Trapped in Paradise Trapped in Paradise
12 Kiss of Death Kiss of Death
13 City of Angels City of Angels
14 Snake Eyes Snake Eyes
15 Fire Birds Fire Birds
16 8mm
17 Amos and Andrew Amos and Andrew
18 Zandalee Zandalee
19 Deadfall Deadfall
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