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21 Somebody to Love
22 By My Side

Amazing song and Akon is featured too

23 Whatever U Like

I can't believe. This song is ranked 14. She has sung this is song superbly her humming... Wow rap is also good. Vote it

This is my favourite it's so sexy

Her voice in this song is so sexy!

24 Psycho

Amazing vocals! She needs to always sing like this...not that pop stuff...right there is number one on this list? How sad! Her most generic songs and the songs that don't even show her voice are at the top of the list! - NicoleJohnnyLutherBrianFan

25 I'll Be Your Love V 1 Comment
26 God of War
27 Scream
28 Phantom of the Opera

Best song to show her amazing vocal range and primadonna capacities. She is not like all that talentless pop stars, she is splendid!

Not a real song, just a live but her voice is so flawless and unexcepting that it is not possible it is not in the top and even n°1.

29 Girl With a Diamond Heart
30 Part of Me
31 If U Can't Dance (Slide)
32 Beautiful People

Nicole & Christina are fantastic!

33 Be My B****
34 Don't Ask Her That
35 Fire
36 Tomorrow Never Dies
37 Your Love

Newest song by Nicole Scherzinger.

38 Power's Out
39 Hush Hush; Hush Hush
40 Sexy Fresh V 1 Comment
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