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21 Daily Life of NinjaHinja
22 BEST CREW - The Audition

How can this not be #1?!?! This is one of my favorite videos on YouTube besides skitzo: nose scar which I don't understand why it isn't on here!

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23 Off The Pill - Bieber Fever

"Sorry guys I'm a little sick today I think I'm coming down with a fever... BIEBER FEVER! " haha this video always makes me laugh at that very bit because his face is so cute!

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24 Word of the Day - Bromance

Very funny episode and the most I have ever laughed on his videos. Well thought out and was a very underrated video compared to his others. In my opinion this video is better than the music video.

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25 iPod Human

This was one of his videos, they classic ones that are bad quality, but still really funny.. It's a whole different type from his newer ones, but they are all good

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26 Bromance (Official Music Video)

I don't really like this one. But all the other ones are great

I have memorized the song it's so good

This song is awesome

The song is amazing

27 Sham Woohoo!

Another one of his classics. It's actually interesting that almost none of the classics are already up there

This was one of the originals that got Ryan to where he is now. So funny!


I LOVE Poreotics and it was amazing that my fave YouTuber and dancers were together making a video! My life is now complete!

29 Candy Crush Saga Trailer

All these videos are so good I had a hard time choosing. I voted this ad the trailer really does feel real and it makes me wanna watch the movie than many other real movie trailers. The sound effects and all animation and special effects are put together nicely and it's just perfect!

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30 how to be emo

Finish yourself! Ha ha the punch line!

31 How to be Nerd
32 Skitzo: Morning Routine

I thought the video was really funny, but it's really accurate. We all know that most people just wake up cook rice

This hilarious video is one of Ryan's bests, and portrays all of his comedy skills such as cleverness.

This is so funny

Awesomely AWESOME!

33 Skitzo: The Last Skitzo

The best Skitzo by far.
It's Ryan's longest video and features many new characters and has a very big twist at the end!
Even though it is about 30 minutes long it never got boring. It was scary/dramatic and funny all the way to the end!

Its okay, but it is pretty long, he could have split it up into multiple videos so more people would watch whole thing more.

I love this video definitely my all time favorite but I would rather stay home cook rice

This is the best Skitzo

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34 The Portobello Mushroom Burger
35 Brane Games

I think this one is funny because it does not make sense but it is still very funny

Wrong, the answer is A. - naFrovivuS

36 YouTube ReRyan

Unlike the actual Rewind, this one can dedicate enough time to all the trends on YouTube, and not just devote time to a few trends. - naFrovivuS

37 Naruto (Official Fake Trailer)
38 The Big Bouncing Inflatable Green Ball

This video is just so plain funny. It's one of Ryan's old videos. But in my opinion I think it's hilarious.

39 Skitzo News Live!

Every skitzo is awesome definitely top ten

So hilarious!
I don't understand why this is so far back?
I just watched it and it is hilarious!

40 Hard and Black Realistic But Not Real Gun

Vastly underrated. Maybe not the best but higher than this.

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