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Nigahiga is the most subscribed user of all time! Now we will find out what his greatest videos are. Please vote and comment on why you think yours should be number one.

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41 Skitzo - Introductions

This was the first of the Skitzo series, (which are all HILARIOUS) I love it when Regina says: Hi, my name is Regina, but you can call me Regina, and I like sunshine and rainbows and puppies, but I don't like their noses all wet, because when they're wet, what is that? Is it boogers or water, or what is that?

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42 Skitzo - The Halloween Story

This one is the best Skitzo video of the series on his channel.

This one is one of the funniest of the Skitzo videos... It starts with..
But I don't wanna ruin the video, but trust me it's so funny

My all time favorite video of his hanate "stay home cook rice" lol

43 How to Spot a Pothead

There's no host...

44 Youtube Apocalypse
45 Dear Ryan - What would you do for a Klondike bar?

My mom gets so annoyed when I sing this at the store

Its awesome! But what is the song he used?

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46 Most Annoying People On the Internet
47 Google Glass Human

The ending is especially hilarious. Also, I'm impressed that Sean withstood an entire video of Ryan's crotch right against his neck!

48 GTFO my room
49 Off the Pill - Dancing

It made me laugh so much! I was giggling so much at the Cat Daddy, Dougie, the Stanky Leg, the Break, Salsa Dancing,! !

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50 Skitzo - Reunited
51 Censorship Makes No Sense

This is his best video BY FAR

53 First World Problems

This one is so dramatic that it's entertaining!

54 Skitzo - Nose Scars
55 Lazy Halloween Costume Ideas

I like the halo reach idea!

56 Darude - Sandstorm (Cover)
57 How to be a Rapper
58 My Morning Routine (Skitzo)
59 Disney Movies in Real Life
60 Pranks Gone Too Far!
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