Best Nigerian Rappers

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1 Olamide

He is a very good rapper with the way he changes he's raps from one language to a different on, he is a genius

He is a great rapper, I love him so much

The way he raps is fantastic and how changes the language and the rhymes he is my best he can't be compared

He's a good one at that with his youruba ascent.

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2 M.I.

Mr incredible the one and only the best I believe that there is no rapper like him he has seriously changed the game in naija music. you're the best man God bless

Best rapper yet in Nigeria, I love his rap because it's a lot like Lil Wayne's two meanings to what he's saying, MI best ever in Nigeria

He brought the revolution to hiphop/rap in Nigeria. We got o back broda keep it up!

My boss you're the best #BELIVE

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3 Ice Prince

He great, I don't see any rapper better than him

Mi is a good rapper but ice is d man. dan baba road is clear keep. N keep it up. God bless

He z super naturally fantastic he gat his raps in any tune... He z my mentor

He is unique and outstanding in his lines and flows

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4 Phyno

PHONE, you got what it takes to be what you are

Phyno is the total package... Sick flow, dope beats, major swagger, and easy on the eyes. Truly the man of the year.

This guy invokes the spirit of rap. He is lyrically gifted and should be nos 1.

I will one day be like him. I am eya emmanuel. Phyno please call dis number 08109287569.l will like u to feature me in of my song

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5 Dagrin

Dagrin is the greatest rapper that Africa has ever produce

It a lie dagrin should be the no1

Dagrin is a very good rapper during his life time but since he is dead olamide is d best because the street is showing him a lot of love

This countdown is Dagrin is a Rap God...who is olamde where there is reminise not to talk of barrack o green...this countdown is a big time

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6 Neato C

NATO C is just there he does not really rap much I will place vector ahead of him vector has lycrism and 9CE punch lines

7 Ikechukwu
8 Sauce Kid

Sauce Kid is the best because he speak the real ich, his rap persona lyrics are on point he is truly an king of rap music if you doubt me go and listen to AIRPLANE by Sauce Kid joor

9 Jesse Jags

Listen to his album "The Royal Niger Company" and it would put you to rest on why he's an astounding rapper

Lord jager I de hail

Just get his album and you'll know y I voted

Jesse is so cool
i hope he does not lack longetivity

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10 N**** Raw

Ya raw you d man

The Contenders

11 Vector

This guy is the killer with the flows. Vector we love you

He is just too good and his lines are clearly heard

Vector is also a good rapper

Lord of punchline,king of freestyle and rapper with the flows.if vector is not the best,then who else gat perfection?

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12 Lil Kesh

He is a very good rapper, with an extreme knowledge of hip hop music

He's very good better than vector

Is so talented, club banger

I love dis guy

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13 Young Tizzy

U are the best ever

14 Reminsce

Thumb Up, for now you're of the best 5.

Very nice guy

Why na,hw,this is not possible,he suppose to be amongst the top rappers..its nt fair na

Baba hafusa...alaga ibile..he is a good rapper

15 D'Prince

Are you kidding me,this guy is not a rapper na

16 Chinko Ekun

Chinko Ekun is a beat Murder...he is trying

Make u no 4get that chinko na baba I like him, he is good rapper he alway killing the beat

The baadest guy

Gbayi rapper nla

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17 Wizkid
18 Younglexxy

He is a very nice rapper with EMG

19 Chris Emmanuel

Ice prince is also good in rapin. But I salute neoto'c

20 Miki Opara
21 Falz

King of freestyle!

Watch this is Nigeria then we talk

22 BadeyB

This guy gives me inspiration

His guy breaks it down

Albert BadeyB is awesome 👍

Bro u do good

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23 Erigga
24 Little Cake

D guy is very good in rapping is upcumin but his tryin is best

25 Rhoadust

This guy is so dope.

26 Yung6ix

His my mentor my and I think his a great dude no doubt about that...

Oh my god,dis guy is too much

27 Skidoo
28 Davido

HE IS THE ONLY NigeriaN RAPPER I've HEARD OF - venomouskillingmachine

29 Legit

This guy is so dope. Go get his new release called the game. Best rapper ever. Love ya bro.

30 Icon

The guy rap like dagrin na dagrin second

31 DJ Erstwhile

Dj erstwhile is a very good rapper cause he's exposed to a lot of musics, lyrics and instrumentals. He freestyle without writting a verse down. you need to hear this dope rapper spit.

32 Akins

The grin is d best.

33 Sijiana

Well, olamide I love guy buh still saying this the grin need to be number 1 in Nigeria.


Name speak for his self lyrically dope with his team mate Yung6ix, SD, Percy #KKTBM# new sign drop EP revelation 50:50

35 Classiq

Great artist yea know doubt about it but u still need to be school up..

He is very talented

He is the greatest rapper in Nigeria.
The way he rap in hausa and English combo

36 young6ix

He's a good rappper I lik he's rap

37 Zaish Baba Nla
38 Peace B
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