Best Nightmare (Naitomea) Songs

Nightmare is a Japanese Visual Kei rock band it has done the themes for the widely popular Death Note and Claymore series and other Animes.

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21 Hate
22 Be Buried
23 Cloudy Dayz
24 Dasei Boogie

I love dasei boogi and the music video GO NIGHTMARE - HitsugiFan4ever

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This is a very mellow song that is very gentle.
Written By: HITSUGI and SAKITO - Jrock-LOVE

26 Jishou (Shounen Terrorist)

This song is so awesome cause the tone of YOMI's voice changes a lot and in parts and he makes funny noises LOL!
BTW my Japanese isn't very good!

27 Anang Ibrani
28 Can You Do It?

This should be top 5, I don't get it why it's #25

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29 I'm Not
30 Mimic
31 Ray of Light
32 Isolation
33 To Be or Not to Be
34 Crevasse

This might be first

35 404

At first I didn't really like it, but now I do. It's very different from Naitomea's normal style, but this is just as good. Very fast song and great. (BUT Nothing You Lose is still better. )

Umm... different, I'd say. Faster, and with more punch, than most of the other songs I've heard by them. But good! Different in a good way.

A new song, so has less votes, but nonetheless great. - dearut

36 Sekishoku
37 Kami to Bara
38 Last Show
39 Tokyo Shounen
40 Byebye
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