What?! I'm shocked! Amaranth in third place? Is it a joke? Storytime thirteenth? They are the most awful songs in this world!

I can't believe Dark Chest Of Wonder, Fantasmic, Walking In The Air and the most beautiful songs are not on the top of the chart! Every song with Tarja is just amazing, Tuomas is a fuc***g genius and his songs are not for one like... Anette... Just say.

As far as I'm concerned Anette can't sing. Or better, she cannot sing in a metal band, not after Tarja! 2006-2012 the worst years for Nightwish... Luckly, Tuomas and Marco are there... infact, While Your Lips Are Still Red is awesome, just thanks Marco and Tuomas. If Anette would sing this song would be a nightmare

I guess this chart is completly wrong... Last songs must be Bye Bye Beautiful or Storytime or Amaranth... and the first Dark Chest Of Wonders or any songs with Tarja.

Nobody compares to Tarja. Nobody.

I miss old Nightwish... when Tarja, Marco, Tuomas, Jucca and Emppu were the most wonderful metal band...