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21 Last Ride of the Day

Last Ride Of The Day has such a dark and gothic melody. The vocals are fabulous. Listening to the music, I feel giddy with all the eerie sensations. The metaphorical lyrics are really something. I could ponder their meaning for hours at a time! This song is an epic piece of music.

I don't see the reason why its not in the top ten. this song simply lifts my spirit! Thank you Nightwish

Epic, optimistic, makes you want to live, fight, run!

I love this song!

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22 Sahara

This should be WAY higher. Amazing intro riff.

First Nightwish song I have ever heard. It got me into Nightwish, so I love it.

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23 Creek Mary's Blood

Love this band -- and love this track most of all. Dripping in atmosphere, building up to a fantastically powerful finale

This song deserves a better place... father gorgive them for they know not what they do... very good song a top 5 for me. Beautiful and brilliant song.

24 Sleeping Sun

This is the most awesome song of Nightwish, epic, solemn and touching. An eclipse shows us what we truly are in times of darkness and how we can be the best and fight for what is right.

Sleeping sun is the most beautiful and emotional song I have ever listen to. Sad that it is 15. That person have a heart of stone.

How this song is as low as number 26 will always remain a mystery to me.

The lyrics are very calm, neither happy nor sad, and the melody is very soothing. Tarja's voice really shines on this track, especially at the end of the song when she so perfectly reaches the high notes.

The most beautiful song of Nightwish by far!

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25 The Greatest Show On Earth

Leave your opinions about preferred singers aside, this is undeniably nightwish's most ambitious song to date. What to know what makes this song so superior? If you listen to the instrumental version, it can still stand as a fantastic instrumental, and yet the vocals add so much more. it is a quintessential classic.

I've always thought "Ghost Love Score" was the best song anyone, let alone Nightwish, has ever come up with. Then "The Greatest Show on Earth" came by and totally blew me away. This song is truly second to none.

"We were here..."

Every time I listen to this I feel like a small and insignificant piece of the universe and I start questioning my existence. No other song affects me in the same manner. A true masterpiece.

Hands down the best thing Nightwish has ever done.

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26 End of All Hope

I see that there's better songs than this but for me this is the best of nightwish

Surprised this song isn't higher actually. I loved the entire Century Child album especially this and Bless the Child. Tarja has one of the best voices and most beautiful faces ever

27 Beauty of the Beast

This song wasn't even on the list?

Beauty of the Beast is my favourite Nightwish song, for many reasons. It's hard to choose a favourite Nightwish song, because almost all of their songs are of comparable quality, but there is something about "Beauty of the Beast" that raises it above the rest for me. Nothing can tarnish how much I love this song. I hate to attribute adjectives to a song, because it can't adequately express my true thoughts, but I will say this: this song represents so many wonderful things at once and it is the reason why Century Child is my favourite album.

If only Nightwish realised this and started playing it live again...

This song's complexity and the powerful voice of Tarja on this song should boost it very high, I am quite disappointed that this song is so low in the list. It should be the highlight of the songs that don't have the symphonic part recorded when played live.

Outstanding song. It is a masterpiece.

My favorite Nightwish song, and I love that it's overlooked so it will never be overexposed. Complex, dark, atmospheric and incredibly beautiful. It's almost funny how much of nothing the 1st part looks like until the 2nd part starts and you feel like drowning in a maelstorm after sailing a calm sea. I've always stuck this song into the face of any person who said that Tarja can't do emotional singing.

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28 Last of the Wilds

Brilliant instrumental, the one only Nightwish can do! A proof that even without the vocals the band has some sharp music skills. Personally one of my favorites by Nightwish.

This was the first Nightwish song I had ever heard and what began my love for gothic metal. Amazing melody...

For me one of the best instrumental song that I love the combination of the instruments

It must be in no1 in my view no one can hate it..this is the most amazing music I have heard in my entire life

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29 Song of Myself

This song is just too good for words. The heavy intro and powerful melody which leads into the outro at 76. Then a bunch of people telling their stories one by one. " Ever seen the lord smile? All the care for the world made beautiful a sad man? Why do we still carry a device of torture around our necks? Oh, how rotten your pre-apocalypse is All you bible-black fools living over nightmare ground. I see all those empty cradles and wonder If man will never change" that's just gold right there

Song of myself is one of the best ever, especially the 6 minute poem. Poet and the pendulum is still one of the best along with beauty of the beast and ghost love score but this one is a masterpiece.

Such an amazing, powerful song. Each of the four parts complements and contrasts each other perfectly. And the poetry at the end is divine...

The fact that this song is like 21 ranks lower than amaranth gives me a hearthache

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30 Edema Ruh

This is like the Come Cover Me of Endless Forms Most Beautiful.

Transquil music with inspiring lyrics. Almost 80s rock influence with impressive vocals and guitar solo.

31 The Siren

A great song. Every time I listen to it it gives me chills.

Probably their most progressive work ever. Should lead the poll.

I agree, this song should top the list.Epic. Awesome. Haunting.

I just love the spirituality of this song so much.

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32 The Kinslayer

Such a fast driving song, almost Iron Maiden sounding with the riff. Catchy, powerful, best Nightwish song.

The guitar riffs in this song are insanely good.

33 Escapist

What's this doing way down here? This at least should be in the top five...

This song is just too good to be a just bonus track on Nightwish album ( Dark Passion PLay )

Just give it a listen. Really good.

This is one of the best of nightwish! :O listen to it and vote! This is just so underrated! Should be in top 5!

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34 Gethsemane

Very very beautiful and powerful song :) everyone should listen to it and it's very metallic and hardcore if you ask me and anyone who listened to it

My all time favorite song by Nightwish :) Just a masterpiece. I still get goosebumps while listening to this awesome song. - julianclaussen

The first Nightwish song I'd heard with Tarja was this one. It's a masterpiece that I love.

35 Nightquest

What, this song is awesome to not even be mentioned. The piano rhythm of holopainen combined with the fast paced guitar riffs will surely drive anyone nuts. Probably unknown because it is only a bonus track on Oceanborn. Please listen to it )

36 Dead Boy's Poem

The most beautiful Power/Symphonic metal song ever written and played, deserves to be number 1. Tarja's voice is absolutely brilliant!

This one is the #1 by far.

The most wonderful song I have ever heard from them! Makes me want to fly! :-)

One of most beautiful songs in any genre, really needs to be at least in top 10

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37 Dead to the World

Can't believe the best song of Nightwish ranks number 33 =/

I am really confused! This is maybe ine of their best songs... Why is so down at the list... Vote people!

Marco's and Toumas's contributions to the song make it one of their best.

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38 Ghost River

I only ever listened to this by accident, just leaving my phone to shuffle through songs. It's now my favourite song not just by this band, but out of anyone who ever wrote a tune. The chorus caught my ear 3 beats in, this song is incredible...

I voted this not because it's the actual best (I think that's ghost love score) but because this other ghost song deserves better than the very last place. at least top 10. peace!

My jaw dropped the first time I heard it. It's flawless! I can't believe it's the LAST of the list! This deserves to be on the top 10! It's a masterpiece!

This song is so brutal that it gives me joy ahaha. one of that weird nightmarish treasures hidden in imaginaerum

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39 The Riddler
40 She Is My Sin

This song is so epic. Very good drums job

Hard to believe this epic metal with lot of pop elements at a place #37 I got deeply offened with such lyric with opera vocal & enthusiatic drum with smart brass everything is prefect It is supposed to be a namecard masterpiece with no doubt...

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