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41 Come Cover Me

How can this song be at this place? It deserves much better.

One of the most catchy Nightwish songs, no question about that. Should be head-to-head with Nemo.

Its a easy 10 in my books

42 Scaretale

The opening sets the mood incredibly, and then the band comes in to truly kick off this thundering roller coaster ride through a dark, dark fantasy land filled with carnival horrors. It goes from slow, dark and terrifying to lightning-fast at the start, culminating in an absolutely life-changing riff that starts at 2:07, and from there it continues at incredible speed until the lengthy breakdown. Listening to that part of the song is like taking a step out into the scariest, darkest fantasy wasteland you can think of. And then, of course, Marco has to introduce images of a circus of monsters and tormented souls, putting on a show to save themselves as the pendulum of fate swings ever closer. Then, at the end, the rest of the band reprises the more apparent heavy metal theme from the beginning of the song, before ending as the song begun - with the disturbing sound of children chanting to the haunting tune of an orchestra whose music makes them feel as if their song encompasses all of ...more

I love this song. It's so spooky and creepy! It made me laugh, and gave me a serious face at the same time!

Anette's chance to shine. she did a spectacular job in this song. and at the end when they sing together with marco like "FALLEN MIRRORS ALL KINGDOM IN CINDERS! "
then, the creepy sounds from the background...
AHAH this song makes me murder my brother (if I had one)
this is a good thing, I AM NOT A PSYCHOPATH

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43 Elvenpath

Love this song to bits. I used to listen to it in the background a lot when playing video games so I have a lot of amazing memories with this song~

44 I Want My Tears Back

Great song, great melody, great lyrics... My favorite out of the old nightwish album Imaginaerum it's really good

This song is amazing. I'm surprised it isn't in the top ten... One of my favorite songs from Nightwish. The lyrics are great!

This song is great. It immediately starts strong and then it stays beautiful. I absolutely love the solo.

Again this my favourite among many

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45 White Night Fantasy

This song is made in a way that sounds so pure and I think Tarja sings it beatifully, silent parts, amazingly made chorus powerful and quiet at the same time, meanwhile comforting and feels magical as well.

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46 Beauty and the Beast

We live in a world where some people are able to create that wonder, this ten minutes masterpiece (not to be confused with The beauty and the beast, be careful).
Please just listen to it, listen to it once... Just listen, and feel it inside yourself...
Let us recognize that in these poor times for well-build music, we are very lucky to have Nightwish, and specially Beauty of the beast, Ghost love score, etc.
Hail to them for that.

Masterpiece and unlike other longtracks it is really ONE song

47 Shudder Before the Beautiful

This might be a new song, but once you listen, you won't stop. The Instrument, Fluor voice, the mix of dark metal and symphonic opera style. This is new, and already show its Dark wings to all old song. Deserve to be in Top Ten.

There is no band like Nightwish and this is just pure bliss. It really soothes my soul and I shudder before the beautiful.

This is my favorite song. It's the greatest piece of music ever written.

The best choir ever

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48 Astral Romance

What a great song... Just blows you away big time! Definitely one of their best songs. Should be higher on the list.

2001 Remake it's just perfect, my favorite Nightwish song =)

49 Elan

Awesome song, sounds better every time you listen to it.

Amazing Floor, flutework was incredible...

50 FantasMic V 3 Comments
51 Moondance

I am devastated by seeing this unbelievably good instrumental in last place in a list of best Nightwish tracks of all time.

It should be number one, so vote with me and push this song to the top 10!

52 10th Man Down V 1 Comment
53 Crownless

The guitar work in this song should automatically place it in the top 10.. Seriously guys...

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54 The Cadence of Her Last Breath

I can't believe this song wasn't on the list until now. Annette's vocals are spectacular and this song is so emotionally powerful. Definitely one of my favorites. This song is very underrated.

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55 Sacrament of Wilderness

It's one of those rare songs that actually sounds better live than in studio. It has so much power with the double kick drums with the guitar and emotion with one of Tarja's harder songs to sing.

56 Alpenglow

Such a complex song. It really runs the gamut of styles.

57 Swanheart

Sincerely, how can this song be the penultimate? Are you realizing that this song is one of the most poetic music pieces ever written ( in my opinion )? Seriously, guys, don't be blind or slack till the end and make this song rank up.

Why the fvck is this not in the list? It's one of the most beautiful. The flute playing in the beginning is heavenly. Tarja's voice... Is just so beautiful in this song.

58 Deep Silent Complete

Beautiful song, one of my favorites. Tarja's voice is like a siren

A very beatiful song

59 High Hopes

My best Pink Floyd song ever, and I am so glad for this version, too! I can listen both over and over again. Marco is absolutely fantastic!

60 The Crow, the Owl and the Dove

Love It! When I first heard it I completely fell in love with was almost like it was telling me a story or the meaning behind birds and such

This one of the best acoustic songs of nightwish!

Me and my girlfriend 's song. Love it.

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