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61 Eva

I don't see how it's not that popular. It has deep lyrics and what a beautiful melody!

One of the few songs (if I cried in 10 songs, 8 of them are nightwish songs by the way.) that made me cry.

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62 Angels Fall First

Such an emotional song... the lyrics combined with the background music (flutes) make ma cry

63 Slaying the Dreamer

Not necessarily my favourite song, but this is Nightwish at its most aggressive and raw. This isn't Tuomas during his angsty, self-pitying years (Dark Passion Play) - this is just pure emotion, and quintessentially Nightwish. I'm stunned it's so far down the list.

With that guitar riff, it needs to be way higher

This one should be in top 20 at least!

You think this is 85, so gather your precious glitter and leave me be because I! TRULY! HATE! YOU! AAALL!
got the reference?
got it?
please say I got it

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64 Astral Romance

What a great song... Just blows you away big time! Definitely one of their best songs. Should be higher on the list.

2001 Remake it's just perfect, my favorite Nightwish song =)

65 Feel for You
66 Walking in the Air

This not being in the top 10 is giving me cancer

The fact that this is number 60 is criminal.

One of my favorites from the early days.

Easily the best melody of the all.

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67 Wanderlust

For me this is the best song from Nightwish, should be at least in the top10.

How is this so low! Best song on wishmaster album by far!

This song should be in top 10!

One of the best outro (the song's own ending, the operatic part) nw has ever created

68 Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean
69 Arabesque


70 Return to the Sea
71 Ocean Soul

So low? Ocean Soul is such a emotional masterpiece, it directly describes Tuomas' personality. One of the most beautiful songs nightwish ever made

Best song without doubt, so emotional and dark

This is an extraordinary song. It is in my top 10.

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72 Turn Loose the Mermaids

One of the best ballads of nightwish with soothing vocals (can't top sleeping sun, but it's also stunningly beautiful in its own way) and relaxing&sad lyrics

What! I think this deserves to be at the top 20 at least... Incredible lyrics and melody of the piano.. I really like this one

This song deserves to be waaay higher. The melody is incredible and the lyrics are plain awesome

73 Tutankhamen

How is this not in the top 20? One of Nightwish's earlier greats!

This is one of their songs that I listen to the most. Great song.

Underrated as hell. Should be way higher...

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74 Shudder Before the Beautiful

This might be a new song, but once you listen, you won't stop. The Instrument, Fluor voice, the mix of dark metal and symphonic opera style. This is new, and already show its Dark wings to all old song. Deserve to be in Top Ten.

I really don't get how this is so far down the list. It has one of the most amazing choruses ever, and I think it's the best song Nightwish has ever written (considering Over the Hills and Far Away is written by Gary Moore).

There is no band like Nightwish and this is just pure bliss. It really soothes my soul and I shudder before the beautiful.

The best choir ever

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75 Dead Gardens

Dead gardens was one of the heaviest songs that defined nightwish's legendary album "once". It starts with it's creepy symphonic element with some nice chords then it turns into some really heavy metal.

76 Two for Tragedy

Such a beautiful masterpiece, Tarja's voice is just spellbinding and the solo is just perfect; not too fast or over complicated. Have no idea why this isn't in the list.

77 Endless Forms Most Beautiful

I'm amazed this is all the way back at 79. Any Nightwish fan I talked to said they loved it.

This is their latest album title song by far... as the song kicks in it straightaway gets your mood into it. The vocals and the feel is incredible along with the video of the song. The chorus is incredibly awesome along with the lyrics.

78 Beauty and the Beast

We live in a world where some people are able to create that wonder, this ten minutes masterpiece (not to be confused with The beauty and the beast, be careful).
Please just listen to it, listen to it once... Just listen, and feel it inside yourself...
Let us recognize that in these poor times for well-build music, we are very lucky to have Nightwish, and specially Beauty of the beast, Ghost love score, etc.
Hail to them for that.

Masterpiece and unlike other longtracks it is really ONE song

79 Slow, Love, Slow

Are you guys serious? How could this song not have been on here already? It is incredible.

Well.. this is beautiful song.. just listen and you'll love it

80 Yours Is an Empty Hope

And everyone's still crapping on the latest album. 77? Come ON.

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