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101 Meadows of Heaven

Amazing song. I cannot BELIEVE it's last! It must be a trick of my eyes, because I seem to remember this song being absolutely spectacular. Should be within the top 20. Totally. What in the world is it doing at number 103 of 103 songs?

Great, great, great... This song is so Beautiful, anette olzon's sweet voice fit perfectly with the beautiful melody (nightwish's best ballad).

Last but worth a listen, very good

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102 The Crow, the Owl and the Dove

Love It! When I first heard it I completely fell in love with was almost like it was telling me a story or the meaning behind birds and such

This one of the best acoustic songs of nightwish!

Me and my girlfriend 's song. Love it.

103 Swanheart

Sincerely, how can this song be the penultimate? Are you realizing that this song is one of the most poetic music pieces ever written ( in my opinion )? Seriously, guys, don't be blind or slack till the end and make this song rank up.

Why the fvck is this not in the list? It's one of the most beautiful. The flute playing in the beginning is heavenly. Tarja's voice... Is just so beautiful in this song.

104 Deep Silent Complete

Beautiful song, one of my favorites. Tarja's voice is like a siren

A very beatiful song

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