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1 Super Bass Super Bass Cover Art

Probably the best hip hop song by a woman. She truly is amazing. She has proven the world that rap is not only a guy thing

Yeah! Shy guy fall in love with mee. It's a real great concept. I am a part of it. Keep going like this girlz, catch the shy guys. Hahahhaah

So your in love with a shy guy from Super Mario Bros? Yeah sorry, that won't happen.

One of the coolest songs in the world!
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Boom badoom boom boom badoom boom bass!

Superbass is the absolute best song in the world. I love the part when she goes "excuse me you're a hell of a guy You're like my my my my you're like Pelican fly" I certainly hear that boom badoom boom boom badoom boom bass. You go Nicki!

2 Starships Starships Cover Art

Nicki Minaj has the worst lyrics ever written in the world, probably the universe. In a billion years when humans are long dead, aliens will come and find a cd of nick minaj, they will be like "what is this strange creature. Our universal translator can't even translate what it is saying. Humans must have been monsters."

Yeah hopefully Nicki Minaj will be a has been before our extinction

I have never listened and liked nicki Minaj. But this Starship is really making me fly high. Its mind blowing song and listening it on Dr. Dre Beats is out of the world. Nicki Thumbs up for this song...
Cameran from Karachi Pakistan

This is one of the best songs I've ever heard,
And she has an amazing voice in this song,
How can anyone dislike this song? It's not annoying, like some of her songs can be inappropriate, while some of them can appropriate:) So...this song has inappropriate language but...I'll listen to the clean version instead

I wanna clear one thing first: I hate Nicki Minaj. But this song is really very good. It is the only song of hers that I like. And I adore it. It is so great. It should be number 1.

3 Turn Me On Turn Me On Cover Art

Go! Nicki go! This song s worthy of being number one please people see the light of this awesome song

Wait what how is check it out, fly your love and right thru me ahead of a song with so many votes now this is confusing
Turn me on is top ten worthy

Best song by nicki because it has a great beat plus she has a really good voice in the song but if you love nicki rapping there is a tapping part in it too all in all this is a top ten worthy song.

This is her ONLY good song. And the only reason it is good is because of David Guetta. ( yes, I hate nicki minaj)

4 Pound the Alarm Pound the Alarm Cover Art

RedOne's songwriting is definitely shown in Pound the Alarm. It should have charted higher than Starships. I love the House influence and Nicki's raps. But all of Nicki's stuff is amazing.

This has been like number 1 on the charts its very catchy song and should be in top10

Love this song and it's so Rio styled and I love the style of the cloths and all the feathers its got some great lyrics and its by Nicki major what's not to love.

Society sickens me, you call that songwriting?! Any old fart could write the meaningless repetitive "stupid hoe" lyrics in her over-produced washed up songs

5 Moment 4 Life Moment 4 Life Cover Art

I love the combination with nicki and drake, they go good together. they can do a song and it will be amazing. You go Nicki keep doing your thing in a while you'll be number

This song is catchy! You can listen to it 100 times and you'll still want more!

I am a barb and to this day Moment 4 life is still my favorite. The queen of rap has plenty of lyrical megahits, however this song is truly a classic. It has such a timeless feel, a great chorus, and some of Nicki's best lyrics along with great verses by Drake. Though Nicki is full of megahits and classics, this song proves Nicki is and will always be the queen of rap.

Hi niki you are my role model I always wanted to be like you love olivia your big fan

6 Fly Fly Cover Art

The lyrics are awesome...
"I am not a word, I am not a line
I am not a girl that can ever be defined
I am not fly, I am levitation
I represent an entire generation"

So for one time that we have a good Nicky minaj song you still complaining? And Rihanna is famous for her music.

One word for the song "SMOOTHY"

Nice song guys please vote

The lyrics are super empowering and Rihanna's voice adds a great flare. One of the few Nicki songs I like

7 Grand Piano Grand Piano Cover Art

Easily the best song on The Pinkprint, which is honestly a decent album. Great lyrics and amazing vocals.

Her most emotionally involving songs ever. This song can make me cry, really wasn't expecting it from Nicki but now it's hear, it's everything to me.

Grand Piano is absolutely incredible. Blew me away. Nicki is truly evolving and it's a very vulnerable and emotional side of her. If you haven't heard this song yet it is a must have.

Amazing vocals, amazing lyrics

8 Va Va Voom Va Va Voom Cover Art

Its just great. I listened to the songs for hours and still didn't got bored.

It's a cool song!
people gotta listen and vote for it!

It's so catchy and I am in charge of selecting songs for the disco and this has got to go onto the list!
All the Nicki songs are Awesome!

Best song with the 70s vibe very sexy and sensual perfect blend of rap and pop very catchy and a great house party song

9 Roman's Revenge Roman's Revenge Cover Art

I love Eminem's verses of this song, its her best and most addictive song ever besides super bass. Nicki Minaj and Eminem go great together!

I honestly doubted that a Nicki Minaj and Eminem collab would work because 1 is an aggressive rapper and the other is more of a mainstream rapper but the 2 have chemistry and it made the song go well. GOod flows too.

The way she slays all of her opponents in this song with adding Eminem to the mix is fantastic, probably her most underrated song

This song is the key track of the album! It's just great.

10 Pills N Potions Pills N Potions Cover Art

easily one of her best songs, I love the vulnerable, emotional side of her!

This song unleashes a brand new side of Nicki. She looks so good without all that makeup and wigs in the music video. This song also has a message- don't do drugs. Flow is great, lyrics are smooth, it's just an awesome song. Pills N Potions forever!

This is one of my favourite Nicki songs because she is very humble in this song. In Anaconda and Starships I thought she could act a bit fake but in Pills N Potions I felt that she was real.

Nicki shows a very emotional side in this song, as she confronted by her anger and her love. And a great way to start off her new album.

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11 Beez in the Trap Beez in the Trap Cover Art

Bees in the trap is the coolest song ever

I like bezz in the trap my sister likes the song

The bit of this song is very awesome. I love it. Nicki in this music video I very hot!

How is this 33? I mean super bass is an ok song, but seriouly?! It gat annoying in the secong verse. Starships, beez in the trap, all theese new songs are great

12 Check It Out Check It Out Cover Art

This is my favorite song.. You all folks should listen to it. It will make you go crazy

If you don't think it's the best, check it out (everyone needs a pun once in a while)

My fvrt song ever I have heard!

It's a good song

13 The Night Is Still Young The Night Is Still Young Cover Art

This is a 2010 styled song from Nicki Minaj, it does have Pink Friday vibes and yeah, pretty enjoyable.

Are you kidding me? Great piece! Should be higher

This is the best song I've ever listened from Nicki Minaj.

It such a wonderful song and it's friendly unlike most of her others.

14 I Lied I Lied Cover Art

It's a deep song, But True One of my favorites

15 All Things Go All Things Go Cover Art

This is easily 1 of her more emotional songs. While I generally don't like emotional songs, Nicki seems to be really good at those and it's genuine. Nicki Minaj's less popular songs are her better ones and this is a good example.

This song made me not hate The Pinkprint. The album was actually decent.

This song is so beautiful, and may not be a popular single, but within her whole pinkprint album, one of the best. It tells about her past life and the struggles she has been through. And she transfers those situations into amazing analogies and metaphors. This is also one of the first songs she has recorded involving so much about her life and her emotions. Including a very tear jerking chorus. Every thing in this song is beyond real and one if her best in all of her rap career.

All Things Go shows a different side of Nicki Minaj, beyond her alter ego. The lyrics are about her struggles through abortion, marriage, and more. After I listened to this song, my view on Nicki changed dramatically. This song deserves to be higher.

16 Save Me Save Me Cover Art

She has so many good songs that I understand why this isn't higher although this might be my choice if I had to choose. It's hard to pick because she has many great tracks.

Easily her most intimate song to date.

It features her singing which is sometimes hard to appreciate with Nicki, but she does it perfectly on this track.

Vote Save me!

Definitely should be like number one or two!

It is the worlds best song. How it is not in top 10 songs.

17 Your Love Your Love Cover Art

My day wont just pass without listening to this song. It is a slow poison which makes you addicted to it. You would enjoy it by listening lot lot more.

This song is really one of a kind. Compared to her other music, it really is something special. The beat and simply tone make it even better. I love the message and the chorus always makes me want to sing a long. A very great love song.

Nicki's old stuff is the best. This is the stuff that needs recognition. Your Love isn't even that old but still a million times better than shot like Starships and Anaconda. Your Love is amazing, Moment For Life is too.

I loved the old Nicki. After her album Roman Reloaded came out, she changed. There are a few songs I like on that album and only a couple on the Pink Print. But her album "The Re-Up" was good. But Pink Friday killed.

18 Bed of Lies Bed of Lies Cover Art

It's a shame how underrated this is. Great lyrics, nice delivery, over an emotional beat, and the vocal talent that is Skylar Grey

This songs is great and very emotional, I live this song a lot, so great try it out

This song is my best and it's every emotional

Beat is sick and her flow is on point plus skylars verse and bridge are really well done

19 Side to Side Side to Side Cover Art

This song shouldn't be here since she is only featured in the song. The main singer is Ariana.

Best song eeevveer

Best song eeever

20 Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe Cover Art

How is Superbass and Fly better than this song? I usually don't like Nick Minaj but this is a really cool song

A bubblepop song from Nicki Minaj. The first time I've heard her sing a sentimental song! It is great! Should be in a higher rank. Maybe top 2 or 3.

Its not any normal Nicki Minaj song it doesn't have any rap but it is pretty up beat..Mostly something Selena Gomez could sing but its pretty good and catchy even without any rap and its nice to have a tribute to a awesome artist

A tribute song of Nicki for Marilyn Monroe.
Beautiful song.

21 Bang Bang Bang Bang Cover Art

When Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande join up, you get a hole new Bang! Bang Bang and Side Too Side is just Bang!

This song is very catchy, it was played at my school dance.

This is the first song that I actually became a Nicki Minaj fan. ❤

Top 10 Nicki Minaj Songs

Pills N Potions
Bang Bang
Super Bass
Beez In The Trap
Right By My Side
Check It Out/Va Va Voom

It's mix mysato it's riz in a bottle it's Nicki full throttle it's oh oh

22 Freedom Freedom Cover Art

35? This is one of her bests. this needs to be higher.

This song needs to chart higher!

Waitt.. But I think this is the best Nicki Minaj's songs and I can't stop listening to it! This should be in the top 10!

Great beat in the song.

23 Right Thru Me Right Thru Me Cover Art

How can you not like this song. I listened to this for hours just today

I like this song very math it is amazing

I love d music especially when I wants to sleep

24 HOV Lane HOV Lane Cover Art

! This song is awesome!

25 Bottoms Up Bottoms Up Cover Art

Nicki Minaj's verse in this song is exciting and fun!

I love this song its the best

I only listen to this song to hear the verse that nicki manaj sings, other than that the song is okay, I guess, go Nicki!

Love dis sing

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