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21 Bang Bang Bang Bang

This song is very catchy, it was played at my school dance.

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22 HOV Lane HOV Lane V 1 Comment
23 I Lied I Lied

It's a deep song, But True One of my favorites

24 Bottoms Up Bottoms Up

Nicki Minaj's verse in this song is exciting and fun!

I only listen to this song to hear the verse that nicki manaj sings, other than that the song is okay, I guess, go Nicki!

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25 Dear Old Nicki Dear Old Nicki

I love this song. It told me that if somebody is not there for you, doesn't mean they don't love you.

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26 Did It On'em Did It On'em

Nicki brings the heat in this song. Arguably, her best rap track to date. There are no lullaby vibes or "girl power" themes, just straight, plain, rap music.

Really shows her rap skills. Its also more hiphop than most of her other songs. It deserves mo.

I think its one of her best rap songs, sick beat and no girly barbie things

First of all I like Nick she is the best rapper in the World actually I like this song and I like all her songs.Nicki keep on doing that has long has
am supporting you.a specially that song that says a moment for Life.

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27 Automatic Automatic

If the music video of this song publishes, it is going to be a massive hit. The problem is most people watch songs on YouTube and if there is no video.. The does not gets much views. But it is a fact that the song deserves credits and the electronic style sound design is son amazing that keeps you in a loop.

This song does not get enough credit. Personally, the best song on roman reloaded and best song of Nicki Minaj. I really hope this will be a single and have a music video. I'll be sad if it doesn't.

I think this is one of the best songs I've ever heard!
this should be number 1!

Best song it's talent by nicki minaj no bad words

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28 Massive Attack Massive Attack

I love this song! I din't like it at first but now I think it's awesome and I don't like nicki minaj, I love her! She's awesome! I also like her song super bass and moment 4 life and check it out and - oh there's just so many good nicki minaj songs!

Nicki minaj is possibly the greastest woman of all time! I love her so much, she just has so much talent! This song is so great and always seems to put me in the greatest mood, TOM TOMS BIGGER THAN A MONSTER!

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29 The Crying Game The Crying Game

This is my favorite song of her. She sounds vulnerable and yet unique. Love her.

30 Beauty and a Beat Beauty and a Beat

Awesome Song! Enough said... This song and Blazin' should be in the Top 10. Please vote :D

The melodyy... Great man
A really good song from nicki minaj..

One of the best duet-song that Nicki has made...

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31 Hey Mama Hey Mama V 2 Comments
32 Here I Am Here I Am

This should definitely be number one. All of the "top ten best Nicki Minaj songs" are the popular ones that are so overplayed. These "fans" only vote because it is the only song that they know, they need to broaden their horizons! This song is so amazing and has a true meaning behind it saying "if you have something to say, come and say it to my face".

This is probably the best Nicki song ever.

33 Whip It Whip It

This is amazing! Why isn't it in the top 10?! I hope Nicki makes this as another single!

From nicki's lastest album and out of all the other non official single it has already charted on many charts it is just a fantastic song

Favourite song of her's! Why isn't this in the top ten?

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34 Monster Monster

This isn't a good Jay-Z song, or a good Kanye West song, and especially not a good Rick Ross song. This is a good Nicki Minaj song. Her verse is an absolute fleet of wordplay with some of the most demonic and aggressive flows I've ever seen. I just complimented Nicki for her rapping skills...

Nicki alone brought this from a half-star/5 (only saved by Kanye being somewhat decent) to a strong 4/5. Bravo, Nicki, you managed to make one of the best rap verses of all time. - WonkeyDude98

32nd place? Are you kidding? Nicki Minaj sang that flow like a real monster. Maybe composition and idea belong to Kanye West, but it's singing is the best at Nicki Minaj's part.

Nicki's verse in this is one of the sickest rap verses ever. Should be in the top 10.

Her verse is the only part worth listening

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35 Save Me Save Me

Easily her most intimate song to date.

It features her singing which is sometimes hard to appreciate with Nicki, but she does it perfectly on this track.

Vote Save me!

Definitely should be like number one or two!

It is the worlds best song. How it is not in top 10 songs.

36 Autobiography

For me it's her best song because it actually tells her life story. It's very touching, emotional and personal but also catchy at the same time. It has the rap beat that all Nicki's songs have but there is just something more about this song - the truth in it - that makes it stand out.
I love Nicki!

Why isn't this song in the top 10? This is Nicki Minaj at her best!

This song shows Nicki's struggle through life.

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37 The Boys The Boys

This is the best song ever! I can't believe it's here. Why are they so cruel - BFF

I don't think I should say more.
But really you must try it once and if you don't like it them kill me! - skwow

The best but anaconda is the real deal

Amazing Song... Amazing Work Nice

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38 Stupid Hoe Stupid Hoe

Its quite profane, but you cannot deny it is really funny with the lyrics. Lil kim can eat her heart out laugh out loud

Humour... When did it become so darn sick? The lyrics are terrible and meaningless, not to mention quite unfunny. When I first read the lyrics, I wanted to just kill myself the same way Kurt Cobain did... - LostDream258

Seriously? This is the worst Nicki Minaj song, whoever put it on this list must be a fan of Adult Party Cartoon and Dora The Explorer

Stupid hoe is awesome and it should be in the top ten

No. It should not. The lyrics are absolutely horrific and meaningless. I would never let my child listen to this song which is also why I introduced my siblings to Iron Maiden. - LostDream258

The song is bad but I feels it fun. - BeaM456

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39 Touchin, Lovin Touchin, Lovin
40 My N**** V 1 Comment
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