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101 I Wanna Be with You

Guys, Nicki's verse in this song is one of her dopest! In fact, I assure you that her verse is better than her 'Monster ' verse!

102 Freaks

An original true song for all those out there

103 Muny

How come it's not in the List?
I Just Love This Song, It Has Such A Great Tune.

Best Song..
<3 The Tune.

104 Four Door Aventador
105 Big Daddy
106 Put You In a Room
107 Mona Lisa
108 I Love My Range Rover
109 Encore '07
110 Fire Burns

I don't know why but this is my fourth (I think) favorite Minaj song.

This is my favourite one. Just really gets to me

111 The Creep

"don't forget to smile" this song is too funny

112 Want Some More

This is just the best song in Pink Print with Foor Door Adventador

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113 I Endorse These Strippers
114 Booty Going Crazy
115 Get Money
116 Light My Body Up
117 Bom Bidi Bom
118 Dance (A$$) V 1 Comment
119 Throw Sum Mo
120 Only

I love the raps no kidding and I love how powerful this song is and how its fun at the same time, cause drake will always stare at nicki's tits

I mean, just... Let it soak in, like seasoning! Great collaboration!

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